API RP 756

Oil & Gas Anti-explosion Long-lasting modular structures solution

Protecting Field Operations.

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Shelter Structures Blast Resistant Tent - The Perfect Solution From Industrial Explosions

The oil & gas industry is at the heart of global energy production, however, workers and equipment are vulnerable when facing the various hazards in the industry. It will also cause major loss of human life and from financial aspect.

Blast shock, fires, explosions, chemical leaks and combustible dust are the main hazards in oil & gas, it's hard to eliminate, but a safer shelter can reduce risks and being of protective facilities for our workers. Our Blast Resistant Tent solution (BRT) performs better for
the refinery, oil & gas and mining industries.

Main Benefits

Reduce Explosion Injuries

Reduce Explosion Injuries

  • Shelter Structures BRT solution equips with sturdy sidewalls that effectively mitigates the harm caused by debris.
Isolation of Dust & Gravel

Isolation of Dust & Gravel

  • BRT featuring the sidewall system can block dust and gravel from entering the tent, minimizing the impact.
Protect Hearing & Vision

Protect Hearing & Vision

  • Insulation package is applied to absorb loud noise and isolate dazzling light to protect our hearing and vision ability.
Minimize Secondary Damage

Minimize Secondary Damage

  • Exceptional quality with remarkable resilience ensures stability during ground shaking and shock waves.

Tested And Proven

Enhanced protection for Mining & Refinery

It is widely known that operations for mining exploration, metal refining, gas mining and refinery are always located remote areas. Conventional ways of explosion-proof buildings (mostly of concrete-structure buildings) are impractical to be built on site, mainly due to high cost and time consuming. However, miners and workers indeed need more protective shelter against hazards, like explosion.

Uniquely, Shelter Structures BRT solution has undergone rigorous testing and provides safer protection to minimize injuries.

Enhanced Protection For Mining & Refinery
Engineered By Baker Risk – The Leader In Risk Management

Engineered By Baker Risk - The Leader In Risk Management

We undertook a thorough blast analysis conducted by licensed professional engineer in the United states, on our 20m frame tent. This blast-resistant tent was engineered by Baker Risk, a renowned leader in industrial hazard and risk management. With our skilled staff, cutting-edge research, simulation software system, and full-scale testing capabilities, BRT solution with the utmost quality in technical risk management reports can always empower you.

Complete blast analysis and animation during the development process

Compliance with API RP-756, the engineers conducted the comprehensive assessment with the primary object of certifying the tent's quality for siting at refineries and chemical processing facilities for the use of tents in process plant blast zones. The pressure-impulse curve for high response from explosive sources was generated by the engineers.

The final result indicates that our 20m clearspan tent can be positioned closer to process units compared to conventional tents. Our blast resistant tent is approved for Zone 3 and Zone 2 for most applications. Meanwhile our R&D team is upgrading our tents to fit Zone 1.

Complete Blast Analysis And Animation During The Development Process
2014 Mozambique 35m Hangar

Frame Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6

Roofing Material: 650g/sqm White PVC or 850g/sqm Block-out PVC, Optional thermal roof system

Components: Superior Enclosure with Hot-dip Galvanized Steel.

Features: Waterproof, Sun-blocking, Flame-retardant, Anti-tearing.

Gable Distance: 2.5m

Length: Unlimited by Adding 5m Units.

*Models: Roof shape is optional among “A” frame, Arch, TFS and Polygon and etc


Blast Tent Dimensions

Width Eave Height Ridge Height Gable Distance Longest Part Max.Windload
10m / 33ft 3.95m / 12.96ft 5.70m / 18.70ft 2.50m / 8.20ft 5.60m / 18.37ft 150mph/ 240kmh
12m / 39ft 3.95m / 12.96ft 5.88m / 19.29ft 2.50m / 8.20ft 6.50m / 21.32ft 150mph/ 240kmh
15m / 49ft 3.95m / 12.96ft 6.40m / 20.95ft 2.50m / 8.20ft 8.10m / 26.57ft 150mph/ 240kmh
20m / 66ft 3.95m / 12.96ft 7.25m / 23.78ft 2.50m / 8.20ft 10.70m / 35.10ft 150mph/ 240kmh
25m / 82ft 3.95m / 12.96ft 7.95m / 26.08ft 2.50m / 8.20ft 10.70m / 35.10ft 150mph/ 240kmh
30m / 98ft 4.03m / 13.22ft 9.00m / 29.52ft 2.50m / 8.20ft 10.62m / 34.84ft 150mph/ 240kmh
*Customizable sizes up to 60 meter span

Diverse Application

Oil & Gas

Mining Field

Industrial Storage

Construction Jobsite





Shelter Techcraft System


  • 1.Needs Analysis
  • 2.General Solution Design
  • 3.Structural Design
  • 4.Detailed Segments Design
  • 5.Design Output and Feedback
  • 6.Design Modification
  • 7.Final Output

Material Quality Control

Aluminum: 6061-T6/ 6082-T6/ Other Structural Material; Strictly raw material control.

Membrane: Utilizing Automatic Scanning Machine to examine blemish; Fire retardant, UV proof, Self-cleaning, Customized Color.

Manufacturing Control


Automation Production Line

ISO Standard

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety System

Quality Control

ISO Standard

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Internal Quality Control

  • IQC - Incoming Quality Control
  • IQC - Incoming Quality Control
  • IPQC - In Process Quality Control
  • OQC - Origin and Quality Control
  • QE - Quality Engineering
  • QS - Quality System

Delivery & After-sales

  • Professional Packing and International Shipment
  • After-sales Consulting Support & Technical Support
  • After-sales On-site Technical Support
Material Quality
Quality Control
Delivery &

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