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Mining Storage

Explore top-tier mining storage solutions with Shelter Structures. Our custom fabric buildings offer unmatched flexibility, durability, and safety for mining operations. Perfect for equipment, bulk materials, and explosive storage, our structures are designed to enhance operational efficiency and protect your investments. Contact us to tailor your mining storage needs.

Mining Warehouse

Shelter Structures Mining Storage Solutions - Empower Mining Operation

In the mining industry, the storage of equipment and materials plays the vital role for the purpose to ensure the standard progress of mining operations. Sturdy and versatile storage solutions are essential to maintain the efficiency and safety of mining activities, which lead to the fact of reducing associated costs and risks. The flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and versatility of Shelter Structures’ fabric buildings together with our solutions tailored for different mining environments, are the most ideal for empowering effective mining operation and minimize risks.

Shelter Structures Mining Structure Application

Warehouse and Storage tents

Shelter Structures Mining warehouse and storage tents can have the span up to 60m and eave height up to 8m and can be customized higher, diversifying into various types and series, M, L, A series, TFS, domes and more. They are utilized to store machinery, operational vehicles, spare parts, and bulk materials which can offer ample space; meanwhile, customization with lighting, flooring, and climate control systems are always available.

Warehouse and Storage tents
Equipment Shelters

Equipment Shelters

Shelter Structures onsite temporary storage tents are normally applied to smaller fabric shelters which are ideal for protecting mining equipment from external elements, extending their lifespan, and reducing maintenance costs.

Covered Storage Areas

Our temporary fabric-covered solutions, which also indicates those temporary storage cover shelters, can be erected on a variety of base styles, including poured walls, demurrage blocks, pre-cast T-panels, grade beams, concrete piers, and shipping containers. They are set up for short-term material storage, such as explosives or supplies, ensuring they have the rapid availability for mining operations.

Covered Storage Areas
Bulk Material Storage

Bulk Material Storage

Shelter Structures fabric geodesic domes are used for storing bulk materials, such as ore, coal, or minerals, protecting them from moisture and contamination.

Main Benefits

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

  • Shelter Structures mining storage solutions are efficient, typically with onsite attribution, ensuring the equipment is rapid available when needed and contributing to streamlined operation.
Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

  • Our effective solution minimizes the risk of equipment damage and material loss, from the aspects of our technical designing of our structures which making the structures with high stability, and all the necessary amenities that tailored to meet your specific needs.


  • Proper storage not only protects valuable assets but also enhances safety in mining sites. Our special Mining, Oil & Gas Solution maximizes the safety of assets and personnel lives.

Shelter Structures BRT Solution - Enhance Protection for Mining & Refinery

It is widely known that operations for mining exploration, metal refining, gas mining and refinery are always located remote areas. For these onsite circumstances, miners and workers indeed need more protective shelter against hazards, like explosion.

Uniquely, Shelter Structures BRT solution has undergone rigorous testing and provides safer protection to minimize injuries. We care more about SAFETY from our solutions, especially human lives.

Shelter Structures Portable Storage Solution - Maximize Flexibility & Relocatability

For mining projects, one of the most important aspects is the tight deadline. Meanwhile, mining companies are also facing the fact that they need to often relocate, normally to remote quarries. The rapid erection and customized features of our portable mining structures make them highly suitable. Featuring a clearspan open interior, our solutions provide optimal storage for both materials and equipment. Utilizing robust PVC together with other lightweight and tailored materials for wall panels, our fabric storage buildings ensure protection against the elements for your mining facility, regardless of its specific application.

Structural Data

Frame Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6

Roofing Material: 650g/sqm White PVC or 850g/sqm Block-out PVC, Optional thermal roof system

Components: Superior Enclosure with Hot-dip Galvanized Steel.

Features: Waterproof, Sun-blocking, Flame-retardant, Anti-tearing.

Gable Distance: 5m or Customized

Length: Unlimited by Adding 5m Units.

2014 Mozambique 35m Hangar

What Is Mining

Mining is a crucial industry, as well as an industrial operations, that has been fundamental to human civilization, providing essential raw materials for various fields. The meaning of meaning is not complicated to be understood, which is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth. The minerals include but not limit to coal, iron ore, copper, gold, silver and more. These materials are used as fuel, or can be the raw materials for steel manufacturing, or can be used for electronics and as a catalyst in chemical processes etc. They contribute to the continued growth and responsible development of essential industries.

What Is The Mining Process

In brief, mining process involves digging into the earth's crust, extracting minerals such as coal, metals, gemstones etc., and can have various methods. For example, surface mining needs to have the process of removing overlying rock and soil, in order to access minerals close to the surface. In contrast, underground mining involves tunneling into the earth to reach deeper layers. The extracted materials undergo processing to extract valuable elements, which are then used in a myriad of industries.

What Building Elements Need To Be Considered For Mining Camp

When speaking of the detailed mining process, many aspects and operations need to be considered. Integrating with all the necessary processes and operations, we now can see how a mining camp is composed of.

A mining camp normally is structured according to the operations of exploration, extraction and processing of minerals. Therefore, a mining camp has the temporary structures as well as the permanent structures in terms of function. All these structures are for industrial operations and storage.

The exploration tents are temporary structures during the initial geological surveys and in the beginning exploration phase. Flexibility in installation and ease of relocation are the core features which need for the tents, mainly for time and cost saving.

Fundamental-function buildings serve as semi-permanent and/ or permanent structures in the mining camp. Structures for administration, accommodation, dining, medical, process, mining warehouse and storage are in need. Different buildings have different requirements on the buildings. Shelter Structures’ mining space solutions provide versatility for various buildings, especially in mining storage. The basic feature of our mining storage facilities is the clearspan structure, which has no internal obstructed columns, providing the free moving space for personnel, max storage spaces and operational moving. For mining storage, large span and adequate vertical space are crucial. Shelter Structures’ TFS series, due to its peach shaping and max span of 60 meters, provides sufficient vertical space for mineral stacking and also the durability serving as permanent building. These innovative structures, typically made from high-strength fabric membranes stretched over the frame, offer versatile solutions as well as for various mining applications.

Besides the minerals have the stacking needs, for mining equipment, such as conveyors, drilling rigs, and transportation vehicles, the high ridges are not necessarily needed for their moving and storage. Shelter Structures’ M & L series, with A frame, are not only the cost-effective solution, but also durable to protection the equipment against external harsh elements. Additionally, the lightweight nature of our aluminum frames contributes to serve as temporary or emergent storage needs.   

How Shelter Structures'BRT Contributes To The Mining Process

How Shelter Structures'BRT Contributes To The Mining Process

In mining process, especially in mining operations, mining company encounters many fire-related risks. Explosives handling counts highly for the safety of mined minerals, other assets and human lives. Blasting can result in severe damage, under such circumstances, Shelter Structures’ Blast Resistant Tents (BRT) solution can reduce the risks as much as possible. Engineered by Baker Risk, the leader in risk management, compliance with API RP-756, and conduction of the comprehensive assessment with the primary object of certifying the tents’ quality for siting at refineries and chemical processing facilities for the use of tents in process plant blast zones, finally proved to be fit in Zone 3 and Zone 2 applications, our BRT enhances protection for mining process and refinery industries.   

What Is Shelter Structures' Storage Unit For Mining

What Is Shelter Structures' Storage Unit For Mining

Shelter Structures’ mining storage solutions are fit for bulk material storage, mining equipment storage, temporary shelters for mining operations, the sizes and types can vary. Our standard storage unit is in increment of 5 meters, which can be understood as the bay unit. As the mining applications differ from each other, for operations and storage, from small to big, like 5x5 storage unit, 5x10 storage unit, 10x10 storage and more. Alternatively, by customization, the storage unit distance can be as your requirements. The width span and length can be customized as well, the max width span can reach at 60 meters (200 feet), while the length can be unlimited scaled. For example, we had a project in Chile for the diamond mine storage, one of our mining shelters reached 30x100 meters, which was served as the client’s mining equipment storage warehouse. Heights can be customized with Shelter Structures as well, up to 11 meters, our max aluminum profile reaches to 420mm in length for supporting such permanent warehouse storage facilities.  

How Is The Situation Of Storage Rental For Mining

Shelter Structures had many projects in mining industry, not only directly involved for mining projects, but also many projects delivered to industrial rental companies for mining. Industrial storage rental is trending for mining, constructions, agriculture and more fields. Although Shelter Structures not have the business for storage units for rent, we can still provide professional advice for your rent storage business. Our structures, serving as the storage facilities, have the advanced feature of flexibility in scale up and down, due to prefabricated modular, our structures do not need onsite operations, like welding or extra manufacturing for the frames. Together with the lightweight materials, this feature creates the best benefits for storage room renting companies and industrial space renting businesses.  

Recommended Series

Diverse Application

Oil & Gas

Bulk Storage

Bulk Storage

Large Industrial Vehicle Garage

Metallurgical Industry Storage

Metallurgical Industry Storage

Industrial Operation

Industrial Operation

Industrial Equipment Storage

Shelter TechCraft System


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  • 2.General Solution Design
  • 3.Structural Design
  • 4.Detailed Segments Design
  • 5.Design Output and Feedback
  • 6.Design Modification
  • 7.Final Output

Material Quality Control

Aluminum: 6061-T6/ 6082-T6/ Other Structural Material; Strictly raw material control.

Membrane: Utilizing Automatic Scanning Machine to examine blemish; Fire retardant, UV proof, Self-cleaning, Customized Color.

Manufacturing Control


Automation Production Line

ISO Standard

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety System

Quality Control

ISO Standard

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Internal Quality Control

  • IQC - Incoming Quality Control
  • IQC - Incoming Quality Control
  • IPQC - In Process Quality Control
  • OQC - Origin and Quality Control
  • QE - Quality Engineering
  • QS - Quality System

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