Maximize Space Utilization And Storage Safety

Essentials for Industrial Manufactured Goods Space Storage and Transport

Industrial manufactured goods typically refer to the products that have completed the manufacturing process and are ready to be used or for sale in different industries. They can be of machinery and equipment, automotive parts, electrical products, chemical and petrochemical products, consumer goods and more. They need to be protected from inclement weather conditions and have the effective access for pickup and transportation.

Efficiently managing inbound and outbound industrial products can be the difference between profit and loss. However, whether the warehouse building is cost effective and can be utilized/ built during their time frame become the prior to solve.

Key Solution Factors We Care

Shelter Structures is the best choice for temporary/ semi-permanent warehouses, as well as for industrial goods. We have over 20 years experience in aluminum structures designing, manufacturing and selling. We focus on solution providing, including our clearspan structures for an open interior free from obstructive columns, and our insulation packages for various need of temperature-sensitive products, and cargo door system for quick inbound and outbound, and wall solutions for reinforcement of the structures and protection of the industrial manufactured goods.

Storage Capacity

Industrial manufactured goods have specific features and requirements in terms of storage. Some may be in bulk, heavy and with big sizes. So they need abundant space and we consider the max utilization of storage space, while our clearspan structures are the best option that there are no obstructive column internally in these industrial canopies.

Our warehouse tents also focus on the utilization of vertical space. We can tailor design and supply customized cargo shelf heights and types based on the warehouse type and series, further maximizing space efficiency.



Easy access to store, pickup and transport items is essential. Thanks to our clearspan structure and supporting solutions, retrieving items quickly and without hassle can effectively achieved.

Tailored Solutions: Meeting Your Specific Demands


Our warehouse tent building constructed with anodized aluminum alloy, connected with galvanized steel, engineered to rigorous standards. They are weather tight and can be insulated and withstand winds at the speed of 100+ km/h.

We reinforce the structures with different methods. Including but not limited to our side wall package, colored composite steel wall panel, PVC wall panels and even ABS composite wall panels are the best appropriate for industrial finished goods storing.

Compliance and Safety

We consider not just about the safety of the structure but also ensuring the safety of the goods and the personnel inside.

Besides our HVAC System, Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System and Monitoring System can be complied to your needs, our unique Anti Collision System can prevent collisions or impacts by operational vehicles, which reduces the risk of personnel injuries and damage of the cargo and goods.

Ease of Installation

Compared to brick and mortar warehouses, our temporary warehouse/semi-permanent warehouse tents can be installed very quickly. Depending on the size, installation times range from 2 days to 2 weeks. By making efficient use of our accessories, such as our Automatic Roof Fabric Pulling System, installation times can be significantly reduced.


When your existing warehouse space falls short of meeting your storage needs, we can rapidly supply a temporary storage space and design a tailor-made solution based on the features of the industrial goods you intend to store.

Cost Reducing

Compared to permanent buildings, our temporary warehouse structures, including our tailor-made solutions, due to rapid assembly speed, from the aspects of labor cost, construction cost, it could result in cost saving of up to 70%.

Tailored Solutions: Meeting Your Specific Demands

Shelter Structure Industrial Door system

We offer a variety of industrial door options that can be used not only for the entry of forklifts and operational vehicles, but also can act as door for the loading bay for container trucks.

Shuttle Racking System

Shelter Structures’ shuttle racking system is an automated warehousing solution that aims to maximize storage space and increase efficiency by using shuttle cars to move and store goods within high-density racks. We offer custom design solutions and can supply for our clients to implement shuttle racking systems tailored to their specific needs.

Bridge Crane System

The bridge crane system is a lifting device that spans an area using parallel runways and a bridge beam. It makes material handling more efficient and we offer designing for space structure and more.

Structural Data

Frame Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6

Roofing Material: 650g/sqm White PVC or 850g/sqm Block-out PVC, Optional thermal roof system

Components: Superior Enclosure with Hot-dip Galvanized Steel.

Features: Waterproof, Sun-blocking, Flame-retardant, Anti-tearing.

Gable Distance: 5m or Customized

Length: Unlimited by Adding 5m Units.

Recommended Series




Diverse Application


Wall Panel Options

Industrial Door Options

Other Accessories

Lighting Package

Fire Extinguishing Package

HVAC System

Bridge Crane System

Temperature Control System

Humidity Monitoring System

Monitoring System

Anti Collision System

Shuttle Racking System

Shelter TechCraft System


  • 1.Needs Analysis
  • 2.General Solution Design
  • 3.Structural Design
  • 4.Detailed Segments Design
  • 5.Design Output and Feedback
  • 6.Design Modification
  • 7.Final Output

Material Quality Control

Aluminum: 6061-T6/ 6082-T6/ Other Structural Material; Strictly raw material control.

Membrane: Utilizing Automatic Scanning Machine to examine blemish; Fire retardant, UV proof, Self-cleaning, Customized Color.

Manufacturing Control


Automation Production Line

ISO Standard

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety System

Quality Control

ISO Standard

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Internal Quality Control

  • IQC - Incoming Quality Control
  • IQC - Incoming Quality Control
  • IPQC - In Process Quality Control
  • OQC - Origin and Quality Control
  • QE - Quality Engineering
  • QS - Quality System

Delivery & After-sales

  • Professional Packing and International Shipment
  • After-sales Consulting Support & Technical Support
  • After-sales On-site Technical Support
Material Quality
Quality Control
Delivery &

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