Protection Shelter Solution for Large-Scale Equipment and Operation

Protection Shelter Solution in Construction & Industrial Storage Use

The construction & industrial sector prior focuses on portability, flexibility and large span space solutions which need to be easy and efficient. With decades experience in construction & industrial field, whether it is a permanent facility or a temporary warehouse building, Shelter Structures can be tailored according to your needs and provide the solution of utmost structural integrity and durability to shelter your personnel, large-scale equipment and industrial operation.

Main Benefits

Tailored Solutions: Meeting Your Specific Demands

Flexible and Cost-Efficient Foundation System

Shelter Structures can accommodate various foundation options, for example, independent and strip foundation, for better erection and fixation.

Clearspan Structures for Exceptional Height and Wide-open Space

For construction purpose, large vehicles, machines and other tall equipment need to be stored and parked. Shelter Structures provides a generous amount of height and space, especially with our tensioned fabric structure (TFS structure), which does not have any internal support columns and two gable walls are open through.


Modular Unit Structure Style

Large vehicles, machines, cranes and other large goods and facilities have the needs to be stored or sheltered against external elements. For fully enclosed structures, we are able to enlarge height to 8m and even customize higher structures for specific needs. Our modular unit structure, make extending possible that allows you to have larger space.

Multiple Door Solution and Wall options

Shelter Structures provides a variety of hangar door solutions which can be customized to be adapted for various size and opening specifications. Our door solutions guarantee the accessibility and inner security for different aircraft, as well as operational requirements.

Functional Lighting System

For nighttime operations, we provide various lighting system, as well as anti-explosion lighting system for the cases under blasting scenario.

Industrial Supporting Ventilation System

Setting up ventilation is crucial, as industrial exhaust gases need to be treated before being discharged. Shelter Structures provides ventilation facilities such as explosion-proof fans, passive air ducts etc to enhance the safety of personnel and stored goods.

Effective Fire Safety System Design

In order to ensure the safety of your personnel, goods, and operation, we offer fire safety system design, with safety as our top priority.

Structural Data

Frame Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6

Roofing Material: 650g/sqm White PVC or 850g/sqm Block-out PVC, Optional thermal roof system

Components: Superior Enclosure with Hot-dip Galvanized Steel.

Features: Waterproof, Sun-blocking, Flame-retardant, Anti-tearing.

Gable Distance: 5m or Customized

Length: Unlimited by Adding 5m Units.


Recommended Series





Diverse Application


Wall Panel Options

Industrial Door Options

Other Accessories

Lighting Package

Fire Extinguishing Package

Temperature Control System

Humidity Monitoring System

Shelter TechCraft System


  • 1.Needs Analysis
  • 2.General Solution Design
  • 3.Structural Design
  • 4.Detailed Segments Design
  • 5.Design Output and Feedback
  • 6.Design Modification
  • 7.Final Output

Material Quality Control

Aluminum: 6061-T6/ 6082-T6/ Other Structural Material; Strictly raw material control.

Membrane: Utilizing Automatic Scanning Machine to examine blemish; Fire retardant, UV proof, Self-cleaning, Customized Color.

Manufacturing Control


Automation Production Line

ISO Standard

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety System

Quality Control

ISO Standard

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Internal Quality Control

  • IQC - Incoming Quality Control
  • IQC - Incoming Quality Control
  • IPQC - In Process Quality Control
  • OQC - Origin and Quality Control
  • QE - Quality Engineering
  • QS - Quality System

Delivery & After-sales

  • Professional Packing and International Shipment
  • After-sales Consulting Support & Technical Support
  • After-sales On-site Technical Support
Material Quality
Quality Control
Delivery &

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