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Prioritize the core essence of temporary storage with our temporary warehouse tent solutions, offering more than just frame structures.

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“Shelter Structures turns your
needs into reality”

We have provided space solutions for numerous warehouse & storage projects, big and small. This specific project needed some innovative and structural thinking to present an effective solution. Eventually this enabled the client to achieve the objectives while keeping cost within budget.

“They considered from our perspective, and focused on
providing an appropriate solution to achieve our needs”

“Collaborating with Shelter Structures is truly happy, we are more like partners. They think from our needs, from structure to accessories. During the project duration, their main emphasis was of furnishing us with a comprehensive solution, and they truly delivered. This approach was remarkable and it was eventually proved immensely beneficial for us.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Temporary buildings are typically used for shorter-term needs, especially usage duration within 6 months; while semi-permanent structures offer more longevity and can serve from 6 months to 3 years.

We commonly applied materials including alu alloy frames, PVC or fabric covers, and insulated panels. Clients may need different materials, we always provide customized solutions.

We have comprehensive instruction for clients to install our products, while we also provide professional device for client, such as our Automatic Fabric Pull System. Setting up the structures differs from sizes of the frames, and also differs from our series. Smaller ones only takes half day, while large-scale warehouse tents may take several days.

Our structures are flexible in mobility, providing clients the function of easy build and easy disassembly.

It is feasible to integrate heating, cooling, lighting, ventilating and other utilities into the structure. We provide the whole design to meet your needs, and also can supply the utilities.

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