Throwing Your Backyard Party with These Parties Theme

Summer is already reached, you can’t wait to get summer parties in your yard. For graduation, wedding, weekend gathering. WHATEVER! Summer is the best season for outdoor entertainment. Many important occasions take place in late spring and early summer when the weather is cooperative and guests are in a more celebratory mood. Some occasions might be obvious, while others are a bit more unusual. The next time you have a special occasion, check out this list to see if there might be a theme or reason to party outside, under the sun, and later, moon and stars.

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The grill or barbecue is outside, so it’s only natural to hold the party outdoors too. There’s something about the delicious smell of meat on the grill, the heat, the cool beverages, and the informal atmosphere that makes barbecues one of the most enjoyable of all outdoor entertaining experiences.

Cocktail Party
There’s no better place to hold a garden party than outdoors, in a garden. This may seem obvious, but there’s more to it. The garden should be inviting, beautiful, enchanting, and well tended. While it is more formal and elegant than a picnic or barbecue, a garden party does not have to be expensive. Special attention needs to be paid to the menu — leave the sloppy joes for another occasion — along with details like table settings, tablecloths, napkins, centerpieces and presentation.

Backyard Campout
Does your child have a summer birthday? How about inviting a few friends over for a backyard campout, complete with roasted hot dogs, s’mores, ghost stories, tents and a neighborhood nature walk?

Even if there are no summer birthdays or even a backyard, a small patio or balcony will suffice. One of the best times to camp is during the National Wildlife Federation’s annual Great American Backyard Campout.

Holding a wedding in a well-maintained yard with a blooming garden is a lovely solution for a bridal couple on a budget. It can be a warm and intimate setting, with no concerns about renting a facility by-the-hour.

True, it takes lots of planning, some garden know-how, and enlisting the help of friends and family members, but an outdoor, home-based wedding can be much nicer and more intimate than a local country club or restaurant.

Just think about the possibility of props a house and yard with vintage patio furniture would present for pictures and selfies–you wouldn’t have to rent anything and it would make the occasion even more special and charming.

Luau or Tiki Party
A longtime fascination with the tropics has made luaus one of the hands-down favorite themes for outdoor parties. Decorations are available at party stores and online, and guests are usually more than willing to get into the mood by wearing Hawaiian shirts, dresses, leis — maybe even a coconut bra.

A barbecue, exotic tropical beverages, Hawaiian music, and tropical plants help everyone get that relaxed, festive, “island” vibe.

Whether the guest of honor is graduating from preschool, high school or college, most commencement ceremonies occur in May or June, when the weather is warm. Guests may include family members of mixed ages, along with friends of the honoree who may want to swim, dance, eat, toast to the future, or simply hang out until the wee hours. A festive backyard during early summer is the perfect setting for a party.

Pool Party
Lucky — you have a backyard swimming pool that you (hopefully) keep clean and maintain regularly. Any occasion — a birthday, a graduation, the 4th of July, or a casual get-together — is the perfect reason to make the party a pool party. Just make sure your guests have a place to change their clothes, are familiar with safety rules, and that a designated water watcher or lifeguard is on board to make it a safe celebration, especially if children are in attendance.

Hot Tub Party
If you have a party-sized spa — usually a six-or-more seater — and guests who are comfortable wearing swimsuits around one another, then a hot tub party can be a fun way to entertain a small group, anytime of year.

Tea Party
An outdoor tea party can be kind of like a garden party with a few differences: the menu is tea — usually hot — along with small tea sandwiches, fruit and desserts. Ladies love tea parties, and that includes young ladies. If guests are under age 10, include charming touches like child- or doll-sized tea sets and child-sized patio tables and chairs. It doesn’t have to cost a lot — it just takes some planning to pull it off and make it special.

Outdoor Movie Party
Some people have fond memories of piling in a station wagon and going to a drive-in movie theater when they were younger. During intermission, some of these outdoor theaters even had children’s play equipment, allowing you to swing while Dad stood in line for hot dogs and popcorn.

Recreate the thrill of watching a film on a big screen under the stars in your own backyard. You can use a plain white wall, sheet or, if you have the resources, an actual screen and modern-day projector.

Invite family and friends over, serve a simple dinner and popcorn, and start a new tradition.


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