We Built Tent for Party in Oman Embassy

Shelter as a tent expert enjoys international fame, and we have sponsored a tent for party to Oman Embassy recently.

The tent we sponsored functions just like a backyard party tent, which could be used for parties, lounge and conference, and of course, a backyard tent does not require large area in general, so that the tent manufactured by us did not span a great width.

Structural Features of the Tent for Party

Shelter’s tents are all equipped with top quality aluminum alloy structures, and so was this tent. Lightweight alloys as main profiles, transportation, installation and removal could be easily effected without costing too much and wasting human power, and in addition, in case of collapsing, those materials could do no harm to human bodies.

Besides low weight feature, our main profiles are durable and indeformable, then each tent we set could have a long life span and could be reused and recycled event if after a long period of time.

Shelter’s Fabrics

The tent for party was wholly covered by white PVC fabrics in order to resist rain and UV, which ensures parties could be held without worrying about weathers. Fabrics we use have great tractility, so that there would be no problems during repeation of installation and removal, and this kind of fire retardant material will eliminate dangers like catching fire, so it would be a totally safe place for parties and other events.

Besides accessories like air-conditioners and ventilators, our fabrics breathe well, so that parties inside would have no worries about fresh air. And the windows of transparent PVC fabrics would make the inner space more bright, so as to enhance the party atmosphere.

Services and Consideration

We have this tent for party, but we have more than this, we provide considerate services and professional assistance to our customers.

We are doing whatever we can to support people from all over the world with all kinds of demands, where there is a temporary space needed, there are Shelter’s tents.

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