20,000sqm Temporary Exhibition Hall Built in 10 days

From 26th to 28th Sep. 2017, The International Low Carbon Expo 2017 was held in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China. As the leading event tent manufacturer, Shelter supplied over 20,000sqm temporary exhibition venue for this show. The whole structure is finished in 10 days perfectly by our experienced project engineers. Among them, the largest building is the main exhibition hall which is in 50 by 215m with 6m height. Without any obstruction inside, the exhibition space was separated into several themed parts flexible. More 260 enterprise attend to this show, sharing the low-carbon idea and products. And the visiting capacity reached more than 3,000 at the same time. Apart from it, the security checking entrance, catering space, staff lounge room are also the temporary structures built by Shelter. During this 3 days expo, Shelter multi-purpose clearspan structures provided the all-weather protection to the exhibitors and visitors. After the expo, the Zhenjiang government and the UN Development Program (UNDP) and other institutions and enterprises, signed nine strategic cooperation agreement for accelerating the global low-carbon development.

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