Emergency Shelter Wholesale – Temporary Quarantine Tent Rapid Deploy

As the Coronavirus outbreak, many countries are experiencing a difficult time, the demand for emergency shelters has skyrocketed. We understand your event rental business may face huge challenges due to Coronavirus. So we suggest you may shift your event rental to emergency shelters sale or rental. We can support you to try this sector to ease your burden at the moment.

As the clear span tent manufacturer, Shelter team is on hand to rapidly respond to emerging situations across the world, producing a large amount of medical tents inventory during the outbreak. We would support the government, airports, and businesses to relieve the impact of this pandemic.

Our service includes the top-class clear span tent, which can be used as health screening canopy, temporary quarantine area, food distribution center, drive-thru testing, medical supplies warehouse, emergency housing for homeless, etc.

With such a challenging time, we will load and deliver the tents in a very short time.

Inflatable Medical Tent

Shelter offers inflatable medical tent for emergency features. The tent is self-supporting, easy to transport and quick to set up. Once on-site, the inflatable shelter can be standing within 10-minutes. Equally as important, it deflates and rolls up with ease allowing staff to arrive and depart scenes with little effort.


6 x 5 x 2m (20 x 16 x 6.6ft)


160 – 165kg (353 – 364lbs)

Inflation Time

3 – 5mins


110 x 120 x 60cm (7.2 x 3 x 24ft)


1 set    Electrical Pump 1 set
1pc      4 pounds Humme
8 pcs  14mm Nail
8pcs   Ø8mmx4m Ropes


10 sets

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Health Screening & Drive-thru Testing Tent

emergency shelter testing tents 5

A frame tent can be used as a temporary structure for disaster response and rapid deployment for emergency preparedness. The freestanding space is suitable to be the health screen zone, drive-thur testing tunnel and staff resignation center. We supply frame tents all over the world and our products are renowned for their reliability and superb quality.

With the modular design, the clear span is easy to be installed on any surface and transported to any location.

Wide Option:

5m to 30m (15ft to 100ft)


Unlimited by Adding 5-meter Units

Max. Windload:



  • Health Screen Tent;
  • Driving-thur Testing;
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Warehouse Tent for Medical Supplies Storage

The medical and relif supplies are need to be protected carefully. Shelter warehouse tent is the perfect option in such a difficult time. The strong framework and high-quality PVC cover would create the strongest protections under extreme weather. The modular structure would be installed repidly.

Wide Option:

15m to 60m (50ft to 200ft)


Unlimited by Adding 5-meter Units

Max. Windload:



  • Medical Supplies Warehouse;
  • Temporary Kitchen.
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Temporary Hospital

disaster relief shelter temporary emergency shelter for sale field hospital (2) disaster relief shelter temporary emergency shelter for sale field hospital (1)

Shelter is a clear span tent manufacturer that is equipped to help out with quick-deploy medical and hospital tent solutions.

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, we know there’s going to be a strain on our healthcare system, similar to what other countries are facing. Portable testing, relocatable field hospital, and containment tents can help take the burden off of hospital systems while increasing safety, capacity for testing and care

Wide Option:

5m to 15m (16ft to 50ft)


Unlimited by Adding 5-meter Units

Max. Windload:



  • Temporary Hospital;
  • Patient Triage Station.
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Food Distribution Center

food distribution for emergency - emergency shelter wholesale 2

Due to strong virus transmission, we will suggest you install open-air tent for outdoor catering area. The clear span emergency shelter is flexible in long table and chair arrangement.

Wide Option:

10m to 30m (33ft to 100ft)


Unlimited by Adding 5-meter Units

Max. Windload:



  • Catering Area;
  • Food Distribution Center.
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Health Screen Canopy

emergency shelter testing tents (4)_Jc

A large number of canopy tents can be set up in the entrance of the hospital, government, and schools rapidly, building a health screening and registration center quickly. Such kind of gazebo tents are suitable to install in indoor and outdoor.

Size Option:

5*5m, 6*6m 8*8m, 10*10m
(17*17ft, 20*20ft, 26*26ft, 33*33ft)

Max. Windload:



  • Health Screening Center;
  • Registration Booth
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Advantages of Emergency Tent from Shelter

Strong Resistance

Comply with the flame retardant standard of DIN 4102 B2 and NFPA 701. Remarkable performance in high-speed wind withstands and snow load.

Temperature Control

Configurable with air-conditioners or heaters to maintain a comfortable environment even under harsh conditions.

Easy Set Up and Transport

Can be easily crane lifted and installed on any ground surface. Easy and effective to transport as its modular structures.


For highlighting the logo and key message to the people, we can print the icon and text across the tent.

Timely Delivery

SHELTER is open and operating normally since February. Our raw materials are fully stocked. And the emergency order will be prioritized in production schedule.

Worldwide Shipping

All orders shipping and delivery as usual, we promised the medical tent could be delivered to any corner in the world.

Q & A of Emergency Shelter

What’s included in standard package:

Heavy Duty Frame System

Wall System with Zipper Door

Transport Bag

Can I add a logo and/or text to the emergency shelter tent?

Yes. We can print logos and key messages across the tent.

Optional accessories of the medical tent:


Wooden Floor

How long can I get the emergency tent?

We will arrange the shipment as soon as possible according to the order. The sooner you place an order, the faster of the arrangement.

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