Temporary Clear Span Building – Create All-weather Protection for Logistics Industry

With the rapid development of e-commerce and global business, more and more logistic enterprises are facing a large demand for logistics and warehousing. Expanding the storage space in a short time will help you to handle plenty of goods and other facilities. Shelter, the leading industrial tent manufacturer is determined to developing and designing different sizes prefabricated structures to meet all requirement from logistics industry.

Multi-purpose Temporary Building Cover All Application in Logistics


Temporary loading bay canopy helps you to create more indoor space for goods loading and truck parking. Consider protecting the goods and vehicles from snow and rain conditions. The effectiveness of loading and unloading will speed up whether in any weather.

The main feature of loading bay canopies:

  • Clearspan design will help the truck parking and forklift driving flexibly inside the tent.
  • The eave height could up to 6m (20ft) to suit every size truck. [standard eave height: 4m (13ft)].
  • Thanks to the modular construction, the length of loading bay canopy can be expended by adding unit bay without limitation.
  • Using expansion bolts to fix the temporary loading canopies on hard ground without groundwork.
  • All of the canopies is durable enough to be the long-term weatherproof building solution.

Temporary building for logistics industry - loading bay canopies


As the logistics supplier, how to expand the storage for short-term use? The temporary warehouse will be the ideal solution to handle the seasonal or overflow demand like the Black Friday after Thanksgiving Days and Double 11 from Alibaba. There will be a large commodity reserve during this global purchase.

The main features of goods warehouse:

  • The prefabricated industrial tent is designed into modular parts to help you erected the building under a couple days or a week.
  • Without any interior obstruction, the goods could be stored flexibly and managed easily.
  • Not only easy in installation but also convenience in storage. After the huge demand, you can dismantle the whole structure into the transportable component for the next season. Of course, long-term built could be available also.
  • The wide range of size to meet the different capacity of warehouse: 4 – 6m eave height; 3m – 60m width with unlimited length.

Temporary building for logistics industry - goods and equipment warehouse


Generally, the permanent building will be built into individual and without walkway connection. That is the considerate solution to the fire condition. Linking the building with temporary tunnel will help to protect the goods, equipment, and staff from rain during loading procession.

The main features of relocatable walkway:

  • The covered membrane of PVC fabric in Shelter meet the Euro (DIN4102 B1 M2) and American (NFPA 701) fire retardant standard.
  • The eave height can be customized depending on the entrance height of the building door.
  • Dismantling and storage easily after the rain and snow season.
  • Two or more temporary building can be linked by rain gutter.

Temporary building for logistics industry - temporary walkway, tunnel with building


Facing the large procession of logistic working, you may need the temporary control room to manage the goods and truck in job-site. Also, the workshop to pack the goods and equipment.

The main features of the temporary workshop:

  • Increase operational capacity in less than a week and under budget.
  • All-weather protection by its hardpressed aluminum frame and waterproof PVC covered fabric.
  • Accessories option of inside HAVC (Heat, air-conditioner, ventilation and cool).

Temporary building for logistics industry - temporary workshop

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