Sunroom enclosures from Shelter measures 2.5m to 40m in the span with unlimited length. It features automatic retractable, waterproof, wind withstands and fire retardant.

Coming with a polycarbonate cover and automatic shading system, the patio enclosure protects your furniture from getting wet, sun-faded and damaged by mildew or mold.

Besides, Clear glass or polycarbonate screens are able to take advantage of your location’s scenery with clear view sides. It’s also easy to add more seating space quickly and simply with commercial sunroom. So you can add year-round use wit it. Furthermore, Shelter provides flexible installation methods to start a business at any location.


On this page, you will solve three major problems with the sunroom enclosures.

WHAT can Shelter Sunroom Enclosures Use As?

WHAT can Shelter Sunroom Use As? There are many uses for our retractable enclosures attached to a home other than a pool or spa – such as a patio enclosure. Learn more retractable sunroom enclosure design for commercial and residential usages.



Automatic Pool Enclosures

Who doesn’t want to use their pool year-round? Protect your family from all the elements and preserve all the fun! Extend your outdoor pool season to all year with Sunshield Shelter automatic pool enclosures.

With a telescopic pool cover, you can free your pool from debris, insect, and leaves. And a large amount of pool maintenance fee can be cut off as you can save money on water chemical and clean to some extent.

Hotel Restaurant Enclosures

Restaurants, bars, rooftops, and hotels lose a lot of revenue when the weather is inclement unless they have a retractable enclosure!

Retractable patio enclosures for cafes, hotels, and restaurants provide you with variable enclosed space all year round – make the most of your commercial usages. In the Shelter hotel restaurant enclosures, you can add tables, sofas or other amenities, and let your guests mingle in climate-controlled comfort.


Rooftop Skylight Enclosures-Rooftop Patio Sunroom-Shelter Commercial enclosures

Commercial Sunroom

Add functional, beautiful space to your business with a commercial solarium enclosure from Shelter sunroom enclosures. Whether you own a restaurant, commercial building lounge, an event space,farm winter garden or a sports venue, a commercial sunroom can boost your bottom line.

UV resistant polycarbonate sunroom protects for your furniture and décor. Besides, if you own an event venue, it offers your guests a wider range of options — or host smaller gatherings, such as cocktail parties — with ease.

For Club and sports venues operators. Keep your guests happy with a beautiful year-round commercial enclosure that lets them enjoy the outdoors without being cold, wet or uncomfortable.

Retractable Roof Enclosures

Shelter designs retractable roofing enclosures and operable skylights for rooftop patios. They are widely used in large-scale aquatic centers, shopping malls, public libraries, museums, and concert halls, etc, with a span range of 3 meters(10ft) to 45 meters(147ft).

Not only built for a commercial place, but Shelter rooftop patio enclosures are also built for the homeowner. You can enjoy your patio in any weather throughout the year! Besides, If you plan to sell your home, patio enclosures give you a better return on your investment and appeal to potential buyers.

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Specification of Sunroom and Pool Enclosures

  • Types, Colors of Sunroom Profiles and Roof

    A sunroom — also referred to as a solarium, garden room or just an enclosed porch. The colors you choose for it help create a lively, relaxed or sophisticated ambiance.

    For the wall and roof, solid and twin wall polycarbonate panels are available. Besides, there are 5 normal colors for your choice. What’s more, we could use high strength tempered glass as a sunroom wall.

    pool enclosures frames colors-Shelter-sunroom enclosures

    sunroom enclosures roof colors-Shelter sunroom and pool enclosures

  • Sunroom Profiles Details


    Material Hard Pressed Aluminum Alloy 6061/T6 or AA 6065/T5
    Thickness 2-4 mm(AA 6065-T5)or 3-8 mm(AA 6061-T6)
    Weather Resistance Wind load:100 km/h (Hurricane);
    Snow load:0.5 kn/㎡(Snow Thickness 50 cm)
  • ROOF & WALL▼

    Material Roof: 4-6 mm Solid Clear Polycarbonate Sheet with UV Coating;
    Wall: Polycarbonate Panel or Glass
    Features Waterproof, 98% UV Resistance, Fire Retardant(B1, M2)

    SHELTER sunroom accessories- door-shading system

    For a better living experience,Sunshield Shelter Sunroom and Pool Enclosures would offer an automatic embedded LED lighting system and integrated shading system for you to choose. You could also choose a sliding door or folding door if you plan to choose a high height sun house.

    Waterproof Strip EPDM
    Bolts and Nails Stainless Steel
    Inner Connectors Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
    Bolts and Nails Sliding doors or Folding door
  • Customize Your Shelter Enclosures

    WIth prefab aluminum profiles, you can 100% customize your sunroom from design, size, colors and driving mode (manual or automatic operation)

    Sunroom Size:

    Length Unlimited (from 5 m)
    Height 0.35 m (1.15 ft) to 3.5 m (11.48 ft)
    Freestanding Style Width 3.6 m(11.81 ft) to 10 m(32.81 ft)
    Lean-to Style Width: 2.5m to 8m; Available in customizable width

    sunhouse parts-Shelter retractable sunroom

  • Elegant Sunroom and Pool Enclosures Design

    Our enclosures and their design are based on the latest architectural trends. We offer a solution for every outdoor space. There are three sunroom series recently. MARS series is a gable sunroom while the JUPITER Sunroom series is designed with multi-arch shape.

    The rooftop skylight can be designed with SATURN Sunroom Series. Basic flat roof skylight is suitable for commercial shopping malls, porch sunroom, etc.

    Download Shelter Sunroom Catalog

    shelter sunroom design-sunroom ideas

Why Choose Shelter Sunroom?

sunroom benefits-why choose sunroom and pool enclosures-Shelter sunroom

It’s a great idea to set up a sunroom at home as it allows plenty of natural light to enter the room keeping the room fresh freedom. You can enjoy the outside beauty views outside the sunroom while protecting yourself from rain, snow and wind.

  • Don’t Abandon Your Sunroom at Sunset

    Creating your unique sunroom enclosures with lighting that is perfect for the mood. A well-designed light fixture can provide the illumination during the nighttime hours.

    The LED lighting fixtures are mounted on a flexible track with transparent cover. Compared with overhead light, it won’t cause much glare from the windows yet provides enough light for conversation and having dinner.
    Besides, you can adjust the suitable lighting effects and brightness by deciding which activities you’re planning to enjoy there.

    Embed lighting system-Sunroom with light- Shelter Patio Enclosures

  • Block 100% Harmful UV Rays by Cellular Shades

    We offer double-honeycomb cellular shades for your sunroom, patio enclosures, and pool cover. Our shades could block 100% of harmful UV rays protecting you from sunburn and the furniture and flooring from fading. Great for any solarium and pool enclosures.

    Besides, the cellular shades can be mounted on a hidden gear track for beauty. The flexible track is available in automatic operation.

    shading system-retractable sunroom

  • Shelter Sunroom Quality

    Max 40 Meter Large Span


    With high strength prefab aluminum profile, Shelter sunroom enclosures can be customized from 3 to 40-meter large span.

    Drive System


    Sliding motor is used in the automatic retracting enclosure which eliminates the need to manually push the enclosure when opening or closing.

    Waterproof Strip

    Waterproof-Strip--Sunroom Waterproof-System

    Each aluminum profile is covered with waterproof and windproof EPDM strip, Besides, we would use glass cement to insulate the glass for better waterproof.

    Sunroom Screens


    Screens can be made of laminated glass or UV-resistant polycarbonate sheets with a minimum thickness of 4 mm.

Every detail is extremely important. Shelter Pool Cover and Sunroom is made of high quality and durable materials. With our production industrial processes, each sunroom component is thoroughly inspected. This keeps our retractable enclosures consistently superior in performance and reliability, allowing users to use them comfortably

Telescoping System

Open from the side mode is suitable for small span lean-to patio enclosures. All sunroom extension is 100% fully use.

Open in the middle mode is suitable for freestanding large span conservatory space.
It features in greater stability and higher security.

HOW can you Make a Sunroom Enclosures Possible?

How can you make a retractable sunroom or pool cover possible in your home or commercial area? And what to know before building a sun house? Before you sign up with a contractor to have a sunroom or enclosed patio cover, you will want to consider each of these five ideas carefully so that you will be happy with your finished space.

Buy Retractable Sunroom Progress-Sunshield Shelter Sunroom and Pool Covers-HOW can you Make a Sunroom Possible

DREAM written down with a date becomes a goal

Plan your conversions from the beginning to integrate the sunroom addition with the rest building. Consider its use, placement, the temperature, the sunroom view. Consult with Shelter sunroom team about your Design, budget, and needs, etc.

GOAL a goal broken into steps becomes a plan.

Once you have a general idea of your sunroom lounge project, you will want to consider the project feasibility such as the reasonable quotation, site survey. By choosing a high-quality sunroom contractor and premier doors and windows, you will also be able to feel safe, secure and protected in this wonderful sunroom extension.

PLAN a plan backed by action

We would sign a contract with you to ensure the project setting. So before signing up with us to have a sunroom or enclosed patio cover, kindly confirm the sunroom cost, ground treatment, local building permission, and local weather, etc.

ACTION make your dreams reality

After signing up for the contract, we start to manufacture your sun house. Our professional installation team and sales team will follow up on your patio sunroom installation and after-sale service.

REALITY clearly defined acceptance criteria 

Shelter Sunroom promises to ensure project delivery meets quality standards. Besides, we provide unique care from the first contact and long after product delivery. So leave all worries to us.

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