The Perfect Indoor Tennis Building

Perfect Environment For Tennis Activities

The key points for indoor tennis activities rely on the brighter, ample and climate-controlled environment for elevate tennis training & matching experience and preventing athletes from injuries. Shelter Structures indoor tennis facilities is the premier solution for indoor tennis activities, whether for professionals or communities. Our standard sports shelter series, as well as our advanced special retractable tennis closure, with premium designs and robust frame structures, provide durable environment & max space utilization that is best suit for athletes’ needs.

Shelter Structures Indoor Tennis Solution Benefits

Effective insulation package utilization - To isolate external heat
Mechanical/ Natural ventilation system - Remain fresh air for athletes inside
Clearspan structures - Ensure clearance and max space utilization
Various wall packages - Achieve aesthetics and sound insulation
Premium fabric design - Ensure natural lighting & prevent risk of athletes injuries

Providing Perfect Environment For Indoor Tennis

Clearspan & Large Span Structural Space

The special feature of Shelter Structures indoor tennis shelter solution is our clearspan structures which has unobstructed columns/ posts inside, ensuring the wide range of movement of athletes. Whether with competition or community tennis activities, or from single court shelter to multi court shelter, we consider the spacious area from design to every details, for instance, the adequate peripheral buffer zone is taken into consideration.

Ample Horizontal & Vertical Spaces

Athletes needs to have a wide range of movement and the height of the tennis trajectory normally achieves from 2.5m to 3.5m vertically. Our various shelter series are utilized for ensuring the horizontal and vertical spaces for indoor tennis. Our 18°for roof pitch is applied for our M & L series which lead to premium waterproof function as well as the ample ridge height.

Customized Solution For Various Needs

For different purposes, such as day-time operation tennis court, or nighttime operation tennis court, or competition/ training tennis court, Shelter Structures provide tailor-made solutions for your specific needs. Flooring from synthetic materials, natural grass, and soil surface can be customized, ventilation and insulation packages can also be customized. Meeting customers’ needs is always our priority.

Advanced & Innovative High-End Retractable Enclosure

One of our unique advantage lies in that we integrate functionality with aesthetics. Using advanced technological design, our high-end Retractable Enclosure satisfies athletes visually, at the same time, guarantee the tennis activities in all seasons, achieving the effect of indoor and outdoor tennis experience.

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