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More Than The Shelter For Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor swimming pool provide climate-friendly environment for swimmers to have the flexible, convenient and year-round swimming experience. Shelter Structures specializes in all sports shelters, as well as the tents for swimming pools, which are temporary, semi-permanent and even permanent. Our swimming tent solution provides the sheltered space for your outdoor or temporary pool, making it the perfect solution to shield from external harsh environment.

Moreover, our high-end renovated solution, named Intelligent Movable Natarorium and combined with our retractable enclosure structures, achieves the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor swimming pool settings. In terms of functionality and aesthetics, it is more than the shelter for indoor swimming pools.

Shelter Structures Indoor Swimming Tent Solution Benefits

Effective shelter solution for indoor swimming pool - To protect against external elements
Large span for standard swimming pool dimensions - Span achieves up to 60m
Clearspan structures - Ensure clearance and max interior space utilization
Premium fabric structure design - Ensure natural lighting
Intelligent Movable Natarorium solution - Free transition between indoor and outdoor swimming experience

Integration of Versatility And Aesthetics For Indoor Swimming

Premium Fabric Roofing & Various Wall Solution

Fabric roof panels are utilized for our swimming pool tents. To achieve brighter interior environment for swimmers to have the better view in the daytime, our fabric roofing package has translucent PVC and even fully transparent PVC for specific needs. Additional to the brighter natural light penetration, on gable and side wall, we can implement canopy-free design, as well as glass wall package, and other amenities. All of these are for the enjoyable experience for swimming and water-related activities.

Clearspan & Large Span Structural Space

Commercial swimming pools are commonly of 25/ 50 meters in length. At Shelter Structures, we specialize in clearspan structures which applies to swimming tents. No interior unobstructed columns guarantee the whole cover for swimming pools, and also at least 5-meter buffer zone around the pool for people access. Our span can achieve up to 60 meters, the robust structural design and premium materials in use achieve the durability against external elements and feature the protection for the swimmers.

Customized Solution For Versatility

Shelter Structures provide the turnkey solution for swimming tents. The emphasis on versatility provide the possibility not only for temporary use but also for permanent circumstances. Mechanical ventilation system can make the fresh air into the tents under fully enclosed structures, while canopy-free wall design achieve the fresh air penetration without else amenities. Our insulation packages can be implemented on wall packages, lighting packages can make bright swimming environment during nighttime. We provide tailor-made swimming tent solutions to cater all your needs.

Advanced & Innovative High-End Retractable Enclosure

One of our unique advantage lies in that we integrate functionality with aesthetics. Using advanced technological design, our high-end Retractable Enclosure can automatically open and close, which can be made of PVC cover, or glass cover or with other materials. They guarantee the swimming activities in all seasons, achieving the effect of indoor and outdoor swimming experience. Meanwhile, applying our swimming retractable enclosure in certain circumstances, like in hotels and resorts, can extremely enhance sophistication and achieve excellent aesthetics.

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