Innovating Poolside Comfort: The Evolution of Swimming Pool Shade

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Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor Swimming Pool

On scorching summer days, swimming is a great way to escape from the summer heat. However, when you see leaves and garbage floating on your swimming pool, do you still have the mood to swim? Besides, the temperature of the swimming pool water is as hot as a hot bathtub because the hot direct sunlight, which is a discouragement to swimmer. Not to mention swimming in the sun for long time makes your skin tanned and even sunburned. It is bad for health. But don't worry too much! Let us bring you the best solution this summer - swimming pool tents!

The Best Solution

Our high-end renovated solution, named Intelligent Movable Natarorium and combined with our retractable enclosure structures, achieves the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor swimming pool settings. In terms of functionality and aesthetics, it is more than the shelter for indoor swimming pools.

Shelter Structures Indoor Swimming Tent Solution Benefits

Effective shelter solution for indoor swimming pool - To protect against external elements
Large span for standard swimming pool dimensions - Span achieves up to 60m
Clearspan structures - Ensure clearance and max interior space utilization
Premium fabric structure design - Ensure natural lighting
Intelligent Movable Natarorium solution - Free transition between indoor and outdoor swimming experience

Why Our Clients Think We Are the Best Indoor Swimming Pool Tent Manufacturer:

Good Experience

The most important factor to choose a swimming tent is undoubtedly the good swimming  experience for customer. Firstly, the indoor swimming tent provided by Shelter Structure can offer  more spacious space because compared to conventional commercial tents, Shelter Structure can provide a span of up to 60 meters without the need for internal support so that the pool tent is much more spacious space than others. Besides, the swimming tents are designed for  semi-transparent and clear PVC fabric roofing. So natural light can more easily let in the swimming pool, which can give swimmers a brighter inside environment all over the day and a better swimming experience. More interesting, glass wall packages and canopy-free designs on gable and side walls provide clear views and blend in easily with the surroundings. Therefore, swimmers can stay aware of their surroundings.

Good Experience
Advanced & Innovative High-End Retractable Enclosures

Advanced & Innovative High-End Retractable Enclosures

The indoor swimming tents designed by Shelter Structure adopt to high-end retractable closure systems blend modern technology and visual aesthetics. The special design type features automatic opening and closing and provide a year-round swimming experience. Therefore, customers can enjoy both indoor and outdoor swimming at any time. When used in venues such as hotels and resorts, these systems can add a sense of sophistication for customers and create a distinctive atmosphere for guests. The advantages make every swim become an unforgettable experience.

Fully Personalized Customization

To satisfy the different demands of our clients, Shelter Structure offer customized services. Whether our clients have a specific length in mind or have particular specifications regarding materials, glass, colors, or interior design, we are able to customize our tents to suit their needs. Customers can choose from a range of wall options and facilities to fit the swimming pool tent to their own needs and preferences to ensure that all water-related activities will be enjoyable. Shelter Structure have ability to design a perfect swimming tent relying on customers' thoughts and ideas.

Fully Personalized Customization
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Attentive Service

Shelter Structure have won thousands of clients' trust and respect by offering attentive service. If customers have troubles with their tents, they can contact us, and our team of professionals will handle everything immediately. Shelter Structure attach a great importance on collaborating closely and talking with our clients and consider their needs from their vantage points to ensure that we can meet what they need and provide the best solutions.

Some Excellent Cases

Resorts and Hotels

Resorts and Hotels:

Resorts and upscale hotels choose Shelter Structure's swimming pool tents. The swimming tents give visitors more shade and protection while also creating a cozy rest area and a private feeling, so they are able to relax while swimming. Specially, in hot summer days, visitors have the opportunity to swim comfortably under our tent and totally enjoy in the cool water.

Private Families:

Private Families:

Some people who enjoy swimming and hosting parties usually choose Shelter Structure's swimming pool tents. They carefully use lights and flowers to decorate their tents to guarantee that guests may enjoy fantastic music and the festive atmosphere. Meanwhile, guests can enjoying swimming with each other.

Community Swimming Pools:

Community Swimming Pools:

Community Swimming Pools always prefer our swimming pool tents due to our retractable enclosure constructions and the Intelligent Movable Natarorium allow them to be closed when not in use. In this way, the swimming tents can reduce possible hazards like children drowning.

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