Indoor Football/ Basketball/ Volleyball Tent

A Superior Environment For Play, Training and Competition

High Quality Customized Sports Tents For Indoor Football/Basketball/ Volleyball

High Quality Customized Sports Tents For Indoor Football/Basketball/ Volleyball

Shelter Structures' fabric structures are ideally suitable for sports halls of indoor football, basketball, and volleyball. With relatively larger halls for these sports, our collection, especially the tensioned fabric structures (TFS series), are tailored to meet the needs of sports facilities, protecting from external raining, windy and snowy weathers, and providing a versatile and durable option for indoor sports training, gaming and competing. Along with supporting amenities & accessories, like insulation solution, lighting packages, ventilation system etc., Shelter Structures is committed to delivering superior flexibility and durability in temporary and semi-permanent sports tent solutions for indoor football, basketball, and volleyball activities.

Shelter Structures Indoor Football/ Basketball/ Volleyball Sporting Solution Benefits

Short installation time - 2 days to 2 weeks, faster in use
Hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy frame - Various range profiles for durable and long-lasting structures
Versatile PVC roofing - With adequate nature light, achieving warmer in winter, cooler in summer
Sound insulation layer - Prevent noise pollution
Effective mechanical/ natural ventilation - Maintain fresh air for athletes
Low cost per square meter
Temporary or permanent building designss

Shelter Sports Halls Solutions: Achieving Your Specific Demands

Customized Sporting Solution

Shelter Structures sporting solutions are tailor-made for customers, according to your specific requirements. From the design, material in use, to supporting amenities, we prior your benefits.

Customized Sporting Solution
Large Span With Unobstructed Ample Space

Large Span With Unobstructed Ample Space

Premium aluminum alloys are built for our frame with anti-corrosion and durable features, with decades of warranty. Clearspan structures allow unobstructed interior accessible space for athletes movement. Our building solutions can achieve up to 60m (197ft) in width and at any length. Adequate eave height up to 8m ensures the adequate ridge height for indoor football, basketball and volleyball activities.

Ideal Environment With Versatile Amenities

We provide sporting solutions in order to achieve the comfort and ideal environment for athletics. Our durable frames are designed with various profile ranges, integrated with roof and wall packages, ensuring our structures stand robust under inclement weathers. Together with designed ventilation system, insulation system and more functional amenities, achieving environmentally friendly building solutions that anybody can appreciate.

Ideal Environment With Versatile Amenities
Temporary In Nature, Permanent In Durability

Temporary In Nature, Permanent In Durability

Shelter Structures sports halls can have rapid erection, dis-assembly and ease for relocation. Considering one of the needs of being the alternative for existing refurbishing stadiums or arenas, our sports halls save your time and cost for uninterrupted sports schedule. Due to our materials, anchoring system, amenities and more, we assure you the durable sports halls. Whether for short or long term solution, we offer turnkey solutions that achieves your specific demands.

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