Providing Effective Temporary And Permanent Space Solutions & Protection Tailored To Indoor Multi-Sports

Temporary And Permanent Space Solutions & Protection Tailored To Indoor Multi-Sports

Shelter Structures provide effective space solutions especially for indoor multi-sport characteristics, in terms of temporary and/ or permanent use. Our fabric buildings are engineered and manufactured with premium aluminum alloy, catering to customers’ requirements and providing exceptional height and extraordinary clearance. For specific indoor sports, our ceiling can tailored to the international standard, and our clearspan structures ensure no internal obstructed columns to affect players’ access and movements, leading to a more enjoyable sporting experience.

Shelter Structures Multi-Sport Tent Solution Benefits

Tailored space solution engineered for multi-sport characteristics - Halls for table Tennis/ badminton/ handball/ field hockey/ bowling/ billiards/ croquet/ squash and more
Clearspan structures with large span - No internal columns with span achieves up to 60m
Premium alu & fabric structure design - Portable & easy assembly for temporary alternative and high durability for permanent use
Lower cost per square meter with effective protection against external elements

Versatile, Durable And Spacious For Indoor Multi-Sport

Versatile Turnkey Indoor Multi-Sport Space Solution

At Shelter Structures, we focus on the turnkey space solution for multi-sport occasions. Different indoor sports have different requirements in terms of interior dimensions, insulation, ventilation, flooring, amenities and more. With proven historical projects, we have adequate experience for diverse indoor sports space solutions. For instance, the ridge height for badminton halls need to achieve 9+ meters; For table tennis halls, buffer zones need to be designed at 3-6 meter width buffer zones. Whether for temporary or permanent occasions for indoor sports, Shelter Structures solution is always ideal and effective.

Premium Aluminum Frame And Fabric Structures For Better Durability

With premium alu frame and fabric roofing system, plus steel conjunction parts and diverse amenities, our structure is more than sufficient to serve multi indoor sports in terms of durability. We apply diverse alu profile sizes and anchoring systems for diverse projects, no matter temporary or permanent use, ensuring safety of the sports hall and guarantee players inside are our priority.

Clearspan Structural Design For Spacious Access And Movement

Shelter Structures has the expertise in clearspan structures, which indicates there are no obstructed internal columns. It ensures the free access and movement of the players and we can achieve large span for the needs of specific sports. Shelter Structures makes it easy and seamless to design the best athletic structure for year-round use.

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