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Court Cover Tent Structures offer cost-effective, quick, and relocatable shelter solutions for outdoor sports venues. They provide a safe, durable environment conducive to various sports activities.

Application Scenarios for Outdoor Court Cover

Stadium Court Cover can help you avoid the cold of summer, rain on cloudy days, cold winds in late fall, and the cold of winter.Court Cover comes more and more located in the outdoor good-looking, fun place, in the satisfaction of outdoor interactive needs at the same time, but also as a temporary shelter from the wind and rain purposes. For example, the basketball court, just need to add a cover on this site, you can have a multi-functional building purposes, and beyond the general sense of the sports venues, just find out an empty space can be immediately set up, maximize your time and cost savings. Now there is also a motorized Court Cover on the market, which is more flexible than a normal indoor stadium, with the ability to switch modes at the touch of a button, and the outdoor and indoor modes can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Application Scenarios for Outdoor Court Cover

Benefits Of Outdoor Court Cover

Court Cover Tent Structures significantly contribute to the outdoor sports domain by offering economical and rapidly deployable shelter solutions. Their intelligent design facilitates efficient space utilization, tailored to accommodate a variety of sports events. The modular assembly allows for hassle-free setup, disassembly, and relocation, providing flexibility and ease of maintenance.


Court Cover provides a financially viable alternative to traditional constructions, lowering the initial investment required to establish or enhance outdoor sports venues.

Intelligent Design

With a smart design, Court Cover allows for efficient utilization of space and can be customized to meet the specific needs of different sports, ensuring optimal user.

Modular Assembly

The modular nature of Court Cover ensures quick assembly and disassembly, allowing for flexible usage and easy relocation of sports facilities as per demand.

Easy Maintenance

Due to its modular design and high-quality materials, maintenance of Court Cover structures is straightforward, minimizing downtime and ensuring the longevity of the sports venue.

Safety and Reliability

Engineered to adhere to safety standards, Court Cover structures provide a reliable and safe environment for athletes and spectators alike, irrespective of weather conditions.

Durable and Proven

The durability of Court Cover structures, backed by proven performance in various settings, ensures a long-term solution for outdoor sports venues, standing the test of time and usage.

Integration of Versatility And Aesthetics For Indoor Sports

Outdoor weather is an important factor affecting the outdoor pool experience, and the Pool Enclosures can not only resist wind and rain, but also effectively protect against UV rays, the motorized slide system makes it possible to switch between outdoor and indoor pools, so that the pool combines the outdoor experience with indoor functionality, in addition to customizing the non-standard specifications and styles as needed!

outdoor party tents

Our Pool Enclosures are divided into two categories: tall and short, including single slope, multi-slope and curved series. The mobile pool shed always protects the pool water quality, keeps the pool free from dust, leaves and other contaminants, eases the tedious pool maintenance work and reduces the cost of water treatment. The main frame is made of aviation-grade high-strength extruded aluminum alloy, and the fully transparent design highlights also cater to the current demand for people to get close to nature.

With the aim of creating a comfortable swimming environment, the "high style", heat insulation and heat preservation features can extend the use of the pool season and time, so that you can enjoy a carefree swimming time at any time.

Pool Shelters

The overall frame of the sunroom pool cover is made of aluminum alloy, the plate is made of transparent UV-resistant PC board with good lighting, and the frame is designed with modular sliding rails, which can be opened and closed by electric control, and the area of the pool covered by PC board can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual or weather conditions, which brings a smarter using experience!

For swimming pools, in the application of sunroom pool cover, we have standardized and customized solutions, according to the environmental site conditions to design an exclusive pool cover sunroom, customized range of span 3m-40m, height 0.35m-3.5m, length is not limited.

Indoor Arena

Common Product Types On Sport Shelters

Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosures

  • Pool Enclosures can provide shelter from wind and rain for outdoor swimming pools, reduce the ingress of leaf dust, bird droppings, insects, etc., reduce the use of chemical precipitation disinfectants, reduce the time and energy consumption of pool cleaning, and also have a certain insulation function to reduce water evaporation and Water replenishment, energy saving and environmental protection.
Indoor Arena

Indoor Arena

  • Indoor Arena is a kind of large-scale temporary construction venue for indoor activities, which can significantly reduce the labor cost of construction in terms of the construction process. On the other hand, this new type of building has no construction waste and can be recycled and reused, which is more in line with the concept of environmental protection.
Court Cover

Court Cover

  • Court Cover is a temporary structure to meet the outdoor court shade needs, especially in the summer when the temperature outside is very high and most of the big basketball games will be played indoors, Court Cover can allow users to no longer be afraid of the scorching sun and no need to worry about the interference of torrential rain.

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