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Tent products are very mature and have the perfect tent ancillary facilities and other ancillary services, has formed a complete industrial. Learn tents of installation, use and maintenance of knowledge allows the canopy to get more long-term applications.

Canopy installation, use and maintenance of knowledge

1. Read carefully before installing the support method, so as not to affect the results improper installation;

2. Avoid sharp scratch tent, affect the results;

3. Tent after use, all parts should complete collection for re-use;

4. The load on each bracket shall not exceed 200KG;

5. In the process of handling should be handled, packaging to prevent breakage, to avoid loss of accessories;

6. Such as the use of electrical appliances in the tent, please note that the wire and iron scaffold should have good insulation, otherwise there will be the risk of electric shock;

7. Before the installation, we must be carefully survey the terrain, above the camp do not have the Rolling Stones, bowls and weathering of the rocks;

8. Do not build tents near the river bank and dry river bed;

9. To prevent lightning, do not put the tent in the top of the mountain or open field;

10. When installing in mud or sand land, you can dig ditches in the surrounding areas to ensure the dry of the ground inside the tent;

11. If the fabric of the tent is not flame retardant products, when you cook in the tent, make sure to keep the flame away from the tent fabric and the flame of isolation of fire prevention board, cooking when people can not leave the tent, usually do a good fire plan and install the exhaust fan to remove oil fume;

12. Predict local winds of more than eight level and above, please remove the tent in advance.

13. Cotton tent storage must be dry tarpaulin until the recovery and dried, and then folded to keep, Buddha not tarpaulin is cool and dry, remember must not be stored for a long time, in order to avoid coloring and mildew.

14. Depending on the local climate and humidity, regular dry cloth to prevent the breeding of bacteria, the destruction of rain proof coating tent.


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