Shelter’s New Trail of Triple Decker Tent

Shelter Tent Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is one of the largest and most professional tent manufacturer over China, we are dedicated to developing all kinds of event marquees in order to best satisfy you.

We had a test of constructing triple decker tent on the basis of our double decker ones, and with the efforts of our professional team, we finally made it a success.

Structural Features of the Triple Decker Tent

Compared to double decker tents, triple decker ones enable more space and capacity, but at the same time, require stronger aluminum alloys and the most reliable structure. Due to its lightness, main profiles of the triple decker tent could be handled easily during transportation, installation and removal, so that cost and human power would not be wasted. Because of its indeformable feature, the whole structure could be used for a long time and meanwhile without worrying about quality problems.

Shelter’s Materials for Attachments

To match this kind of event marquee, we have many kinds of materials for walling, flooring and railing systems as well as for the roof, for example, the triple decker structure could be installed with ABS walls and doors, carpets and steel rails; you can choose glass doors and walls, cassette floors and rails from composite materials; and even the whole tent could be covered with white PVC coated fabrics. With the help of our professional team, it would be totally reassuring to build such structures.

Shelter’s Hard Work and Service

As a top tent manufacturer, we are still working hard on making progress on our various kinds of products, and are testing new structures in order to reach high achievements. The triple decker tent, as a new trial, is defined as a success, and this success would inspire us to move forward.

We Shelter, to maintain brand reputation, is working on whatever we can to satisfy our customers, and event marquees would be representations of our fame.

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