Huge Dome in Themed Campsite – THE SEVENTY-SEVEN DAYS Launches

From 1st to 7th October 2017, a large themed camping event was held by Alxa Heros Association in Inner Mongolia, China. At the same time, this is the movie – THE SEVENTY-SEVEN DAYS, China’s first 3D adventure film launching. The movie is filmed depend on a real extreme adventure experience. The story prototype is about the adventure writers Yang Liusong. Yang went through Qiangtang where is the no man living and only animal, magical natural view for 77 days.

The campsite is built according to the movie theme and the main role will spend 5 days with the guests together. Different from the common campsite, there are numerous events on the site, not only providing the accommodation camp service but also film display, pop-up shop, music festival and other entertainment. The stuff of SHELTER also participant to this event. Not only brought the passion but also carried the high-quality dome product to this show.

SHELTER supplied the dia.50m (164ft) huge dome tent structure to be the reception and ceremony hall to this show. Built such a huge geodome tent is the desert space is not an easy task. However, our engineers and workers finished this building within 5 days by their rich experience. Using weight basket to fix the geodesic dome firmly, since building the building in soft sand land. As we all know, the building usually suffered wind resistance in desert area. So, Shelter using one piece of covered membrane to avoid being set off by strong wind and create better performance in wind resistance. In addition, Shelter provided the carpet, light system, stage, projection equipment, and other facilities. During the past few days, there were different themed events being held under this large dome tent including movie launches, photography exhibition, and catering space.

SHELTER Dome Construction - Large Geodome Tent for Exhibition, Reception and Launches - Diameter 50m Dome House with White Cover Membrane -4

SHELTER Exhibition Dome - Spherical Tent for Ceremony, Conference

Dome Construction for Conference Hall - Church Seat in Sphercial Dome Tent - Movie Launch

SHELTER Diameter 50m Dome - Huge Dome Structure for Sale




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