As Coronavirus outbreak in China, the Chinese government conducted strict health checks and ID registrations all over the country nearly every entrance of the road. Millions of duty officers working outdoors desperately need some shelter to get them covered. SHELTER company realized the need and supplied lots of canopy tents as quarantine tent to help.

Obviously, the modular tent is the most cost-effective option for the temporary venue in such a hard time. The tent could play an important role for health checks area, temporary hospital, office, and other facilities. Shelter prefab tent structures are easy to install and dismantle by the modular design.  So such kind of structure is convenient to transport by container and flatbed truck everywhere. The whole tent is made with a hardpressed aluminum alloy framework, facing the 100km/h windload. Also, the high-quality PVC fabric has the perfect performance in waterproof, UV resistance and heat-block.

quarantine tent testing tent wholesale ready to ship Medical supplies storage tent

Also Shelter large clear span tent structures can be used as temporary hospitals. During a pandemic, it is very necessary to set up a quarantine room or tent to isolate the sick, and our modular tents in all styles and sizes can perfectly meet this need.

Airports around the world are increasing health screenings and implementing new quarantine procedures as officials race to slow the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus. But that’s not enough, we also need deploy more temporary security stations or quarantine tented offices to do strict health screening in highway even street entrances.

Shelter as the largest tent structure manufacturer based in China, is making every effort to continue producing and supply more quality quarantine tents and relief tents to the world. Shelter is always here with you to fight against the virus in our own way.

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