Long lasting modular strucutures to protect field operations

The Refinery Industry Needs A Safer Shelter

Shelter Blast Resistant Tent – Protect You From Industrial Explosions

Devastating Explosion happens in industrial plants every day threatening lives of millions around the world, causing major loss of human life and adverse effects on the financial aspects. We need to provide the industry with a safer shelter.

In an explosion, blast shock waves ripple out from the explosion center. The speed of its following wind is the same as the speed of expansion of the initial fireball.

Electrical hazards, flammable liquids, gases, and combustible dust are of the most common causes of industrial fires and explosions.

It’s hard to totally eliminate these hazards, but we could bring in a safer shelter and more protective facilities for our workers. Our Blast Resistant Tent performs better for the refinery, oil, gas and mining markets.

Reduce Explosion Injuries

Shelter BRT structures with solid sidewalls is robust enough to reduce the damage caused by flying debris.

Isolate Dust and Gravel

BRT structures from Shelter with sidewall system block dust and gravel out of the tent to Reduce impact on respiratory system.

Protect Hearing & Vision

We provide insulation solutions to absorb high decibel noise and isolate dazzling light to protect hearing and vision abilities.

Minimize Secondary Damage

Our BRT structures in high-quality and strong resistance can stand still even undergoing ground slosh and shock waves.


Tested and Proven | Blast Enhanced Structure | Blast Resistant Adhere to API 756

With decades of clear span tent designing experience, Shelter provide a durable , fast deployable and cost-effective solution for industrial sites.

Better Protection For Mining & Refinery

It’s well known that operations such as mine exploration, metal refinery, and gas mining are generally located in remote areas that away from urban districts. The problem of long-distance and inconvenient transportation makes it difficult to construct traditional explosion-proof buildings on job site. Paradoxically, miners/workers are in great need of a safer shelter to protect them.
Comparing to most general tents in the market, Blast resistant tent from Shelter has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they can provide safer protection for staff to minimize injuries.

Tried-and-tested Engineered Structures

Engineered by Baker Risk – Leader In The Industry

Blast analysis was made for our 20m frames tent by licensed professional engineers in America. Our blast resistant tent was engineered by Baker Risk – the leader in managing industrial hazards and risk. With experienced staff, leading-edge research and simulation software,  full-scale testing capabilities, we can provide you with the highest quality of technical risk management report.

Complete blast analysis and animation during the development process

The engineers performed blast assessment and the objective of the assessment was to qualify the tent for siting at refineries and chemical processing facilities in compliance with API RP-756 for the use of tents in process plant blast zones. Engineer generated a pressure-impulse curve for high response from explosive sources in any direction.

Based on the analysis presented, the 20m clearspan tent can be placed closer to process units than conventional tents can be placed.

We Bring You A Closer Yet Safer Jobsite

Shelter Blast Resistant Tent Structures are based upon the American Petroleum Institute (API) released Recommended Practice 756 (RP-756), Management of the Hazards Associated with Process Plant Tents. The RP provides the siting guidelines for tents and other fabric sided structures that are to be placed on refineries or chemical processing facilities. The guidelines use the same zone designations that are implemented in API RP 753, Management of Hazards Associated with Location of Process Plant Portable Buildings.The zones are graphically portrayed here. Our blast resistant tent is approved for Zone 3 and Zone 2 for most applications . Meanwhile our R & D team are upgrading our tents to fit Zone 1.


BUILD TO LAST: Highly Durable – Quickly deployable -Costefficient.

Our latest released Blast Resistant Tent Structures can Minimize the quantity and hazard of broken glasses, walls, blast-induced debris and reduce the potential for a progressive collapse that conventional building brings.

Build To Last

Robust Framework +Premium Materials

Frame Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6

Roofing Material: 650g/sqm White PVC or 850g/sqm Block-out PVC, Optional thermal roof system

Components: Superior Enclosure with Hot-dip Galvanized Steel.

Features: Waterproof, Sun-blocking, Flame-retardant, Anti-tearing.

Length: Unlimited by Adding 5m Units.

*Models: Roof shape is optional among “A” frame, Arch, TFS and Polygon and etc

Blast Tent Dimensions

Scroll if dimensions are not fully displayed.

Width Eave Height Ridge Height Longest Part Max.Windload
10m / 33ft 3.95m / 12.96ft 5.70m / 18.70ft 5.60m / 18.37ft 100km/h
12m / 39ft 3.95m / 12.96ft 5.88m / 19.29ft 6.50m / 21.32ft 100km/h
15m / 49ft 3.95m / 12.96ft 6.40m / 20.95ft 8.10m / 26.57ft 100km/h
20m / 66ft 3.95m / 12.96ft 7.25m / 23.78ft 10.70m / 35.10ft 100km/h
25m / 82ft 3.95m / 12.96ft 7.95m / 26.08ft 10.70m / 35.10ft 100km/h
30m / 98ft 4.03m / 13.22ft 9.00m / 29.52ft 10.62m / 34.84ft 120km/h

*Customizable sizes up to 60 meter span

10m blast resistance tent
10m / 33ft

12m / 39ft

15m blast resistance tent
15m / 49ft

20m / 66ft

25m / 82ft

30m / 98ft

Sidewall Options

ABS Solid Wall

Sandwich Panel

Steel Panel

Industrial Door Options

Industrial Sliding Door

Roller Shutter Door

Office Door

Other Accessories






Strong Resistance

Comply with the flame retardant standard of DIN4102 B1 M2 and NFPA 701. Remarkable performance in high-speed wind withstands, snow load, earthquake/ hurricane resistant.

Temperature Control

Configurable with air-conditioners or heaters to maintain a comfortable working environment even under harsh conditions.

Acoustic Isolation

Specially designed acoustic barriers and insulation layers to lower the sound of explosions, and minimize hearing damage to workers on the inside.

Easy Set Up and Transport

Can be easily crane lifted and installed on any ground surface. Easier and more cost effective to transport than blast modular buildings.


Customized solutions can be made on dimensions and additional tent supports according to project requirements and location conditions.

Higher ROI

Comparing to traditional blast building that requires a long time and massive manpower for construction, the blast tent structures it much more cost-effective and time-saving.


Blast Resistant Tents are available in a range of designs with a variety of uses.

Temporary workshop at oil field, Warehousing/Storage in Mining,

Satellite offices, break shelters, workstations, foundation shelters, accommodation Construction jobsite

Oil / Gas / Coal Mining

The blasting operation played a vital role in the early exploration and production of the oilfield, coal and gas mining. In remote mining sites, where the transportation network is poor, a rapid-deployed blasting tent structure provides a perfect alternative to solid blast building.

Construction Jobsite

Urban infrastructure construction needs to isolate working space from residential area to minimize influences on citizen’s daily routines.

Industrial Storage

Explosive or corrosive industrial waste or raw materials should be kept away from other products and stored separately to avoid material pollution or safety accidents.


24/7 One-On-One Service

Shelter cares about every customers’ specific needs. Our sales have full knowledge of the industry, our engineers will thoroughly study your case and provide professional solutions, willing to make every effort until we find what’s best for you.

Solution Design

Our blast tent specialist and structural engineer will provide professional structure suggestions according to demands.

Advanced Production

State-of-art production: with cutting edge processing technology and CNC machinery, we ensured high precision and proven quality in the past decades. Every blast tent has to go through strict quality tests before shipping.

Timely Worldwide Delivery

Unrivaled advantage in delivery. Scheduled 4 weeks of production. Only 8 weeks from order to shipping to your door.

Installation Guidance

Installation professionals can be sent to your jobsite to fastly get the project done and provide training and maintenance guidance.

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