Shelter as One of the Top Tent Suppliers Participating IFAI

IFAI as a international textile expo enjoys high reputation and is widely recognized, the expo is supported strongly by U.S. Government and corporations all over the world.

People and firms were flooding to the event, and so was Shelter. As one of the top tent suppliers across the globe, we certainly wanted to get us involved in the big event, to maintain our brand fame, and to know better about the market.

Shelter’s Advantage Over Other Tent Suppliers

Nearly all tents of ours have frameworks constructed by aluminum alloys, containing all sizes and shapes, and due to light weight and durable features of our main profiles, tents we provide could be used for a long period of time regardless of being torn apart and build up repeatedly.

Our mainly covering materials are PVC fabrics which resist rain, fire and UV, and there are still some other materials for covering such as: ABS, glass and sandwich panel, etc..

Our Consideration and Perfect Services

What differs us from other tent suppliers is that we have perfect services and is considerate to our customers, we are offering materials for inside decoration and accommodation, we could support you with whatever you need for your tent, and such fitment as tables, stool and sofa could all be requested from us, we would do what we can to meet your demand.

We Have a Great Sense of Responsibility

Unlike other tent suppliers who turn their back after selling products, to reach customer satisfaction, we provide all around after-sale services, we would be responsible for installation and removal, give best and most cost-effective solution on designing on materials, and the most important is that we provide 5 warrant years to tents we sell.

We are remarkable tent supplier both home and abroad, and we are working to make progress on our products, attending IFAI has provided us a chance to communicate with people in this field, which could benefit us a lot.

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