How To DIY A Campsite On Your Land? | Full Guide

Are you going to start the glamping business? Wonder the profit from the luxury camp? Now, you have found the guidance of how to start running a glamping camp by Shelter Dome kits. This checklist will share the step on it.

If you want to be a full-time glamping owner, or just an Airbnb provider for extra income, here you will find the step-by-step checklist on how to transform your land into a glamping site within 3 months.

Please note, each country has its own laws and policy of glamsite planning. It’s necessary to understand the local policy and contact the local authority, getting the building permission and site license in the advance. Otherwise, even if you have fabulous ideas and high-quality dome tents, it will not be realized into a glamping site.

Let’s get started!

7 Things You Need to Considerate

☑ Apply for Permissions

☑ Apply For Site License

☑ Plan the Infrastructure

☑ Purchasing Glamping Dome Kits

☑ Add Special and Extra Factor

☑ Set Up Glamping Site

☑ Promote Your Glamping Site

  1. Apply for Permissions

Contact your local authority and apply for building permissions that you might need before you start the campsite.

Permissions are sometimes required but when you gonna use semi-permanent dome tents for the accommodations, the paperwork should be lighter to pass than permanent buildings. However, you may be concerned that each country may review the site using a different set of criteria. Including type of accommodation, building wind load and snow load, campsite location, road accessibility, traffic flow, topography, the impact of infrastructure, etc.

  1. Apply For Site License

After you successfully attain the planning permission for the luxury campsite, you begin to apply for a site license.

It will depend on the number and type of units, spacing between the units, washing and sanitary facilities, drainage, water and waste systems, gas storage and fire safety, access roads and footpaths, electrical installations.

  1. Create Site Checklist

Enlist and start organizing all the items that are necessary for building a glamping site. This includes electrical installation, sewage disposal facilities, fire safety, gas storage, sanitary facilities, and glamping amenities including furniture, lighting, heating, and curtain.

  • Plan the Infrastructure

Once you bought the dome tents, plan the site facilities and service you gonna provide. Field kitchen, toilets, bathroom, reception area, pantry, game zone, hot tub, swimming pool, meditation room, spa etc.

  • Purchasing Glamping Dome Kits

Shelter recommends 3 sizes of glamping dome tent: Dia. 6m (28 sqm), Dia.7m (38 sqm), and Dia. 8m (50 sqm). Also ,we offer optional accessories:, including platform, wooden floor, stove jack, insulation layer, solar-powered fan, curtain rail, etc.

  • Add Special and Extra Factor

Actually, you already owned the unique dome tent and the land in a fabulous location. If you want to upgrade your glamping site, think about upscale services, competitive discounts, spa/yoga treatments, wedding destinations, etc. Also, purchase all necessary high-end furniture and amenities for your accommodations: a comfortable bed, candle, lamps, chimney, curtains…

  1. Set Up Glamping Site

If you are gonna set up your glamping site in Aisa, the dome tents would be loaded within 14 days. Then you can assemble all the structures on platforms and onsite facilities. Shelter offers an installation guide for you, building up the domes easily. For example, a dia. 6m dome takes 2 hours with a crew of 2 (without internal accessories).

  1. Promote Your Glamping Site

Spread the glamping site you are setting up and making them an offer they cannot refuse. You can build up a website from WordPress, there are many website themes for you to choose from. Create an account and make good use of the online listing sites such as Glamping Hub, Booking, Airbnb, Trivago, Tripadvisor… Promote your site on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Also, you can launch a Google Adwords campaign.


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