I gonna to let you know some suggestion about choosing wedding tent for your big day as the wedding tent manufacturer. You can control the wedding theme, wedding location, wedding decoration and other plenty of conditions. But the weather you will not have any idea to control. So please don’t miss this most important situation on your wedding checklist. You may have a backup plan for the rain condition. One of the most reliable solution is setting tent for an outdoor wedding venue. How to choose the tent in the easy and affordable manner? Keep reading, you will find out many things you need to know.

When to Rent the Wedding Tent?

If you want to rent the satisfied wedding tent, you need to decide you need outdoor wedding tent or not in the early. You won’t want some of the guests will get wet on the rainy day because you have no size option when you rent the tent too late. When you decide the wedding venue, you need to ask whether any indoor venue option for you or not. If not, you have to put “renting a wedding tent” on your to-do list. Sometimes, renting wedding tent will increase the budget for your wedding plan. You may consider the budget first before you choose the wedding venue you want.

Choosing Which Type of wedding tent you want –
Frame Tent VS. Pole Tent

There is number of tent type are available for rent. Among of them, pole tent and frame is the most popular option. You make may the decision depend on the logistic, location fixation, size option, and of course budget.

Pros & Cons of Frane Tent


  • Frame tent can be erected on any surface like asphalt, grassland, sandland, and even hard cement land;
  • Frame tent can be combined by rain gutter. In the case, you can set up a mixed tent with high peak or bellend side. Also, you can make multi-purpose spaces connection like walkway for ceremony and reception hall for leisure;
  • Without any interior pole and obstructions, there will be more options of accessories, seat arrangement, and decoration;
  • Better windload function up to 120km/h. Your wedding ceremony will be smooth both on rain day and wind day;
  • Frame tent has wide width range option from 3m to 60m (10ft to 200ft).


  • Frame tent will spend higher cost than pole tents;
  • Compare with pole tent, frame tent always creates a cool frame structure. And you have to decorate some top lining to cover the roof frame;
  • Requires longer setup time.

Pros & Cons of Pole Tent


  • Pole tents will create a casual atmosphere by its cover fabric which like drape;
  • Pole tents always set up under budget – less expensive;
  • Pole tents can be assembly in a short time;
  • No frame to support the tent, not need to cover the structure by liner;
  • Easy in transport with fewer component.


  • Pole tents will have inside pole and obstructions;
  • Bad performance in wind load;
  • Limited in ground surface option, pole tents must be staked into the grassland;
  • A pole tent required clearance on all sides for stakes and anchor ropes.

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