10,000sqm Hospitality Tent and Reception Hall Set Up by SHELTER

25x100m clear span conference hall - large exhibition tent with glass wall in Zimbabwe (8)

In Oct. 2017, Shelter Structures is very honored to be the reception tent supplier for an official event which host by Zimbabwe Government. The Zimbabwe President also participated in this event.

Shetler provided total 7 sets clearspan frame tent with over 10,000sqm. Four of them is the huge reception tent in 25 x 100m. The capacity of these tents is over 10,000 people inside. The tent can be divided into 4 smaller compartments measuring 2,500 square meters in multi-purpose. Setting glass wall and double wings glass door create open entrance area for the guests. At the same time, choosing french window as sidewall is affordable and allowing enough sunlight come into the interior space.

Apart from them, Shelter also supplied a 250sqm multi-sided tent and two sets 10 x 10m high peak gazebo tent with PVC french window in customized color (the themed of Zimbabwe). Small tents usually used as the private conference hall, reception tent, event registry center.

Shelter’s project engineers have trained twenty Zimbabweans including the structural engineers to install these modular frame tent. The tent is not only used as a conference for the government but also hired for being a church, reception hall, and other applications.

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Tent Structures in This Event

Reception Tent in Zimbabwe - 25 x 100m Hospitality Hall with Glass Wall

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