Now, more and more manufacturing company is raising in tent industry. However, some factories are using the low-quality raw material for saving the cost. That is dangerous and unresponsible for the clients. How to identify the quality of event tents, please check this article and you will have some idea.

2 Aluminum Clear Span Tent Quality Contrast - Quality of Aluminum Main Profile

Quality of Main Profile

BY SHELTER – We are using premium T6061/T6 hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy to be the main profile of all event tents. The top coat of the aluminum alloy is hot dip galvanized at least 60μm and the hardness is over 250Mpa. That is the reason why our aluminum frame creates the perfect performance in weather resistance, anti-rust and keeping smoothly glossy from the chemical.

NOT BY SHELTER – Using low-quality aluminum alloy without any quality certification and surface treatment. The frame is easily notched during installation by the low hardness. Dark appearance and easy to be rusty as time goes by. And the most important consideration is such kind of structures are unreliable in wind resistance even light.

3 Aluminum Clear Span Tent Quality Contrast - Thickness of Profile

The Thickness and Thickness of The Main Profile

BY SHELTER – Each profile specification is designed to undertake related loading capacity and safety standard by SHELTER. All sizes and thickness are precisely made and the profile is with enforced ribs. The structures create higher loading capacity and wind resistance.

NOT BY SHELTER – Many factories supply profile with the reduced thickness not same as announced. Most collapse is caused by thin (using less raw material in 0.2 – 0.4mm difference) and low-quality alu profile. The structures made by this main profile will be vulnerable to bad weather.

4 Aluminum Clear Span Tent Quality Contrast - Aluminum Connector

Connector Fit The Main Profile Or Not?

BY SHELTER – Shelter’s professional engineers developed our own connecting system which is fully matched and firmly jointed. By the lightweight and perfect fit connector, the structure is easy in transportation and installation. Also, the connector is anti-rust by glossy aluminum alloy.

NOT BY SHELTER – Some of the manufacturers is using rough and unqualified steel connector to be the connection of each component. The structure will be loose by the unfit joint and hard to be installed and removed by this kind of connector. You do not want to get the bad appearance by the rusty steel connector, right?

5 Aluminum Clear Span Tent Quality Contrast - Produce Technology of Aluminum Tent

Produce Technology

BY SHELTER – For the highest accuracy of drilling and cutting, Shelter has introduced the advanced CNC equipment to be the main producing machine. Creating high precision CNC cutting to the whole structure.

NOT BY SHELTER – Manual production is not reliable in the accuracy of the position of the connector and screw holes. Also cutting PVC fabric manually will make the cover is not suitable for the frame.

6 Aluminum Clear Span Tent Quality Contrast - Polishing and Riveting Screw Hole

Polishing& Riveting

BY SHELTER – Our assembly workers polish the screw holes carefully and rivet by high-quality metal tube. Make sure the hole is smooth and perfect to fix the screw tightly.

NOT BY SHELTER – Without any polishing for the screw holes, the structure will be tough and easy to hurt hands. Also, the screws are easy to be loosened in the hole without riveting.

7 Aluminum Clear Span Tent Quality Contrast - Quality of Base Plate

Base Plate Quality

BY SHELTER – We offer base plates in all sizes and shapes (with polished into round corner) for different sizes tent. To protect the builder and stronger fixation by more screw holes.

NOT BY SHELTER – To save cost, some factories use smaller and rough (without polish) materials to be base plates. Such kinds of plates are not safe and stable in wind-loading. And the builders are easy to be scratched by the sharp corner.

8 Aluminum Clear Span Tent Quality Contrast - Event Tent Draining System

Drainage System

BY SHELTER – All of the tent in Shelter is made the effective drainage system by increasing the cross beams on roof and tensioned the fabric tightly ( Tensioning screw bar on eave purlin; Tensioning device on gable side; Tensioning device on sidewall)

NOT BY SHELTER – If you want to save the cost by decreasing the number of roof purlins, that is a bad option to save your tent’s drainage system. The rain water will pond on the roof top, the fabric will shake terribly in wind and easy to break.
9 Aluminum Clear Span Tent Quality Contrast - PVC Fabric Quality

PVC Fabric Quality

BY SHELTER – Shelter is using premium PVC polyester fabric (650g/sqm, 850g/sqm) which has the perfect performance in UV resistance and heat-blocking to be the cover of all event tents. Also, our PVC fabric has international fire retardant certification (US: NFPA 701; EUR: DIN4102, B1, M2). With the careful surface treatment, the fabric will keep glossy white appearance over 5 years and has strong tear resistance. Anti-mildew and anti chemical corrosion are the base features of a high-quality cover fabric.

NOT BY SHELTER – Low-quality PVC fabric is bad in UV and heat resistance which is the risk of being melted by strong sunlight. Without any standard fire retardant certificates, the structures will be dangerous and not be approved by the government. Also, the glossy white surface will fade away in a short time and corroded in the damp weather if the fabric without any protection treatment.

10 Aluminum Clear Span Tent Quality Contrast - High-quality ABS Solid Wall

ABS Sidewall Contrast

BY SHELTER – The ABS solid wall is widely used in industrial and exhibition industry by its outstanding features. With the professional surface, our ABS wall has the perfect function in anti-yellowing, anti-deformation and temperature insulation from outside. Also, the sidewall can be perfectly fit in the standard tent frame by the precision cutting equipment.

NOT BY SHELTER – Using low-quality ABS Wall is not the sustainable sidewall solution for any occasion. WHY? The solid wall will become yellow in the short time, easy to deformation during installing and without temperature-controlled.

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