Weatherproof Marquees & Tents for Conference – Reliable, Affordable, Trustworthy

Outdoor event usually suffered from the unexpected weather, a reliable venue becomes extremely important in the outdoor situation. Shelter has over decades experience in designing, manufacturing, and offering the turnkey solution for the outdoor conference, opening, award ceremony and other high profile meetings.

How outdoor event held smoothly under Shelter conference tent?

Top-class Building Material – The prefabricated conference tent is made of hard-pressed aluminum alloy frame and waterproof PVC fabric. The high-density fabric has a perfect function of UV resistance and heat-blocking. Also, its flame retardant feature reaches American (NFPA701) and European (DIN 4102, B1, M2) standard.

Effective Building in Any Location – Thanks to the modular structure system, conference tent can be installed with prefabricated permanent in a rapid manner. Clear span tent can be built without land surface limitation. No matter grassland, sandland, hard cement, we will pack supporting fixation kits for you.

Numerous Options in Size, Accessories, and Decoration – Shelter provides wide span size option for any capacity and different roof type for the different occasion. The width could be optional from 3m to 60m with unlimited length. For tent design option, sidewall, door, floor system and gable can be customized depending on your actual need.

Shelter Conference Tent with Church Seat - Temporary Ceremony Hall

30 by 35m Tent for Conference – Corporation Opening Ceremony

Size – 30 x 35 Tent (100′ x 115′)
Capacity – 700 to 1000ppl in Church Seat
Fixation Method – Wooden Base & Steel Anchor
Accessories – Transparent Glass Wall, Double Wings Glass Door

Shelter supplied our clear span conference tent to be the opening ceremony and meeting venue for a corporation. With the prefabricated construction, the temporary ceremony tent set up within 2 days. For higher wind resistance we installed “X” support brace on the transparent glass wall.

This time, our clients chose transparent glass for sidewall system. The guests can enjoy the natural sunlight and surrounding environment while attaching the ceremony. Glass wall system usually supplied for high-profile events like wedding banquet, Benz exhibition, Audi tour show, temporary store for souvenir retail.

Clearspan structure creates more options in seat arrangement, decoration and facilities layout. At the same time, the guests can watch the stage without any obstruction.