Car Brand Tour Show? Lead The Venue Relocatable to Any Location!

What is Making The Tour Show Tent in Relocatable & Reliable?

If you are planning for a brand tour show, which factors you will be concerned? Event venue? Date? Location booking? Interior decoration? Among them, the venue will be the most important part of tour show. What is the most flexible event venue? The answer will be tour show tent! Maybe you will be worried about the safety of holding brand show under temporary structures. Please read on the following advantage about tour show tent.

  • High-quality Material You Can Count On

    All of the tent frameworks are made of hardpressed aluminum alloy which is in 250+ Mpa hardness. In addition, we provide the supporting connectors and base plates for different span size. How about the cover membrane? High-density PVC polyester fabric creates the perfect function in waterproof, UV resistance, and heat-blocking.

  • Relocatable to All Over The World

    Thanks to the modular construction, the tour show tent is easy in transporting, installing, dismantling, and storing. Also, the fixation method is flexible in hard cement surface, grassland, sandland or even snow condition. No matter where the tour show will be held, Shelter always has your cover.

  • Put The Brand Visual Identity into Tent Design

    Shelter provide customized tent interior design option for our clients including the color of framework and PVC fabric, lining, and carpet. Choosing the themed color for your tour show venue will enhance the brand identity.

Shelter Car Show Tent - Customized Tour Show Tent 2

Catch The Eyeball on Outdoor Exhibition? Show Your Brand Indentity!

Shelter Car Show Tent - Show Brand Identity on Tent Design - Promotion Tent Design

Customized Exterior Design to Attract The Crowd

An outdoor vehicle expo is coming soon, you wanna to catch the spotlight during the show? The first thing you need to do is showing the brand logo in eye-catching position. Absolutely, the top banner and rooftop will be the perfect area to present the logo, slogan and event theme. Choosing temporary event tent will make this thing in real, check these customized tent design from Shelter.

  • 360 Degree Brand Presetation

    Generally, using 4 wooden panels to surround the event tent gable to create a 360° banner which is the perfect position to show the brand. You can hang the brand logo or print it on the cover fabric. The visitors will focus the top banner first when they see this attractive tent building.

  • Let’s the Aircraft Catch Your Brand

    Aerial photography is becoming more and more common in the outdoor expo. So don’t forget to decorate the rooftop of the tents for car show. Shelter provides PVC printing service for our clients. Just need to send us the fabric color code and the slogan to us, we will reply you the best rooftop design.

  • Do not Let the Floor Get Broken

    The number of visitors is the unexcepted situation for many event planners. You need to prepare to face the crowd. So, the high-quality floor system will be necessary during the large expo. Considerate the cars laying and the people visiting, Shelter offers customized floor system which creates better performance in weight loading.

Hold Car Expo under Unlimited Space and Unlimited Weather

Unlimited Space for Hugh Car Expo

Holding outdoor car expo also called auto show is the task of the venue, site arrangement, weather, and transportation. How to finish the show perfectly? You could choose temporary expo tent which has satisfied function in size, flexible interior space, weather-protection.

  • No Limitation in Lenght and Customization in Height

    Shelter provides wide span size for car expo tent, the range could be optional from 3m to 60m. And the exterior space can be expanded by adding the length unit. In addition 4m is the standard eave height for car show tent. To Consider the different height of the brand booth, Shelter provides customized height option for our clients.

  • No Pole Inside, Flexible for The Event Plannners and Guests

    As we all know, clear span tent is the modular construction built in self-support structure. Without any obstruction, the interior space can be flexible in separation and arrangement. The forklift, large machine, and air conditioners could be set in reasonable place. And the booth, car and other facilities will find their right position. Also, the visitors will enjoy the show with the broadest view.

  • Face Any Weather Condition without Any Fear

    Outdoor exhibition usually suffers from unexpected weather condition, so the weather-protection function becomes extremely important to tent building. In Shelter, all of the main framework is made of hardpressed aluminum alloy which has the perfect function in wind loading. And the covered PVC fabric performs perfectly in UV resistance, waterproof and heat blocking.

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