Wedding & Party


Luxury Tents for Ceremony | Wedding Tent | Party Tent, This is 35*45m clear span tent supplied for a big wedding in China.It is so beautiful with clear roof and decorations.

Projection Show

Geodesic dome is the perfect platform for 4D immersive projection show with its spherical structures.


Shelter Tent is a very professional manufacturer of Clear Span Tents Used For Recreation such as sun shade in beach, Lounge space for hotel and events, also we offer marquees for concert live show and outdoor theatre, and outdoor barbecue party, actually we offer shelters for all outdoor events that you can imagine.

Living House

Glamping Living

Tent structures are becoming the better choice for glamping living because of its easy installation, numerous design option, and flexible interior space. Among of various of tent series, GEODESIC DOME SERIES is the perfect option to be the eco living space.


Shelter offers perfect solution for temporary classroom, conference hall, children recreation, family activities and seminar by our classroom tents. Span from 3 – 60m and unlimited in length.


Fabric Structures Apply to Agriculture

Our aluminum clear span structures can be used as shelters and coverings for poultry farming and plants cultivation. We can offer large space since we can make 10-60m clear span with the robust aluminum profile.

Exhibition & Fair

Car Show

Without doubt this is a tent. This is a fully customized tent made exactly for the Audi new Car Launch. This 20mx50m decorated with..

Trade show

Shelter Tent had been the supplier for Canton Fair with three consecutive years. We provide 40m to 60m width tent for the exhibition.


This structures is used as conference programs.
Clearspan Structures for Conference Tents

Fashion Show

More and more designers and brand owners are willing to promote their clothes collection in fashion show which is seasonal and regular. Temporary building with catwalk stage is perfect to be the show venue.

Industrial & Military


Warehouse Structures | Storage Tent

Shelter Tent manufactures large span aluminum structures for storage tents and warehouse with solid walls and steel panels which are weather resistant and relocatable and can be used for ten years.


Shelter’s clear span structures are often used as military aircraft and helicopter hangars, as well as field shelters for undergoing routine maintenance services.


Shelter has supplied our latest application of outdoor industrial tent – loading bay canopy in a logistics center. Protecting the loading under rain and snow condition


This is the largest structures we made for Foxconn Technology Group which is the world largest electronics contractor manufacturer. This structures is used as workshop located in China. Now it has been erected for three years and it stand the test of time and still working without any problem.


If you need car garage urgently, clear span structures will be your first choice. With its installation and remove easily, you can increase your garage in fast way.


Sports Arena

Shelter supplied our clear span structure to be sports arena.

Hospitality Tents

It is the first time that Shelter’s regatta striving on the vastness sea and striding forward. All the tents mainly used are pagoda tents and A roof marquees.

Lounge Canopy

Some of the event planner will provide temporary lounge canopy during sporting games, commercial forum, children carnival, wedding parties and more.

Sports Tents

We successfully become the sole tents supplier for this top international tennis, football games. We mainly offer sports tents and restaurant tent.