About Party Tent

Shelter Party Tent & Marquees in All Size and Style

Shelter party tents are the ideal solution in different occasions like backyard gathering, Christmas celebration, wedding ceremony, birthday party, annual banquet and music festival. We have designed many custom tents for special festivals like beer festival, lights festival and music carnival. The party marquees are available in different sizes and shapes. The span can be optional from 3 – 60m in clear span design. And the length can be increased or decreased flexibly by 5 / 3m (10 / 16 ) in each unit.

Ensure providing safe and reliable party tents for our customers, shelter will take a series of quality inspection for material. Like the hardness of aluminum alloy frame (at least 250 MPa), the thickness of PVC fabric (at least 0.67mm), the fire retardant (meet with Euro standard DIN4102, B1, M2 and American standard NFPA 701). Our party tent has the best performance in any climate including rain, heavy wind (Max. Windload: 120km/h), snow and other worse situation.

If you want an unique party venue, Shelter will provide all kinds of roof system which create an eye-catching festival tent. Including structures tent, curved roof, thermo roof system, mixed party tent and the latest type – geodesic dome series.

In addition, party tent can be set up in any surface, whatever grassland, Concrete, sand land or others. Shelter provides different installation solution and kits for different situation. If you need, we will send our project manager and engineer to you job-site for providing installation guidance. For accessories section, Shelter provide linen, curtain, carpet, floor system, lights and HAVC for the base decoration. Tell us your idea and requirement to this email address admin@shelter-structures.com . Also you can make the size solution by yourself.

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