Outdoor Wedding Tent to Make An Amazing Scenic Backdrop for Your Big Day


Dreaming of a garden wedding? Thrill your guests with an outdoor wedding tent complex as opposed to just a single structure. While the great outdoors can make a stunning scenic backdrop for your big day or reception, if your wedding venue requires a tent (or if you need one for a weather backup plan) your wedding tent costs can add up quickly. There are also easy ways to save A LOT of money when it comes to wedding tent cost, so read on!

The first thing you should know is that wedding tents are basically broken down into two different types: pole tents and frame tents.

While the materials they are made out of as well as their overall shapes/designs can vary widely, you can get a better idea of the style of tent you’re looking for by deciding which one of the two you like better. Here are the basic differences:

Pole tents typically go on grass since they have to be staked. They have at least one center pole but can often have several (which many couples decorate with fabric, flowers/vines, or other materials).

Frame tents, going on multiple surfaces (including asphalt, grass, concrete or a deck), are more versatile and will give you more square footage inside since you don’t have to plan your seating around the poles.

To make the best of all the natural features, we can create a truly stylish and elegant space for your wedding ceremony and evening entertainment. When it comes to the layout, we offer flat white linings for a fresh and contemporary look as well as a variety of lighting options such as shinning lanterns, spot lighting, and string lighting. The dance floors come in standard polished antique parquet or black and white. For the very best tents for weddings.