About Double Decker Tent

Double Decker Tent

If you have too limited land area to increase the capacity of you event venue, two story tent (or triple tent) will be the ideal solution. The capacity will increase without expanding outward.

Double decker tent has wide application in any occasion like lounge in sports event, reception hall, long-term office, temporary restaurant and more.

The standard range of 2 story tent is 10m – 30m (30ft to 100ft) width span, unlimited in length (increase or decrease by 5m each unit) and 8m eave height. There are various of roof type for our customers to choose including classic A frame, thermo roof system (flat top) and curved roof.

The main structures of double decker tent is aluminum alloy for frame (stainless, durable, lightweight, 4 channel). The covered fabric has outstanding features: waterproof, UV resistant, fire retardant (Euro standard: DIN4102, B1, M2 and American standard: NFPA 701).

For the completed structures for double decker tent, Shelter provides considerate accessories for it. Stair (exterior or interior), balcony, wooden floor, cassette floor, carpet, glass windows, ABS solid wall and more.

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