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Shelter’s arch tent with curved roof is one of the most strongest and well-design tent on the market. Compare with classic “A” frame tent, arcum tent will have a better performance in rainy day by its streamlined design of the roof. The standard span of arch tent is 10m – 60m (around 30ft – 200ft) and customized size are available in Shelter. In addition, the length can be unlimited by adding 5m (around 16.4ft) each unit. In this case, you will get a modular tent with flexible capacity.

Arch tents are popular by its wide application. You can used arcum tent in any industry like luxury wedding hall, shade canopy, commercial event tent, temporary warehouse building, sport lounge tent, swimming pool cover and more.

For installing in any surface, Shelter provide different solution and fixation kits. If you want to hold a wedding ceremony on grass land, steel stake will be the best solution. On cement land, expansion bolt will break the hard land to fix the tent strongly. For sand land or other surfaces you don’t want to destroy, weight basket can be the stable fixation.

For more details, please contact us in anytime: admin@shelter-structures.com . And you can get some capacity solution on Event Planning.

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