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M Series Glass temporary structures

Structures M Series General Vendor tent

The M Series by Shelter Structures, the pinnacle of tent craftsmanship tailored for life’s most cherished moments. Whether it’s a romantic wedding under the stars, a vibrant festival celebrating culture, a grand party that becomes the talk of the town, or events that leave an indelible mark, the M Series is your trusted companion.

Every occasion is unique, and the M Series ensures it shines in its own light. Shelter Structures understands the nuances of each event. From tents that set the perfect backdrop for heartfelt wedding vows, to those that pulsate with the energy of a festival, or encapsulate the essence of elite parties and events, the M Series is where dreams meet reality. Experience the fusion of function and flair with our collection, and let the M Series elevate your event to new heights.

Versatility: Suitable for a variety of large-scale events such as weddings, VIP hospitality, festivals, trade shows, product launches, and much more.
Customizable Size: The marquee spans 20 meters, making it suitable for any event size.
Modular Design: Allows for customization to suit your specific needs.
Durable and Safe: The marquee is designed to withstand wind loads up to 100km/h (62mph).
Additional accessories: There are a number of accessories available for our Shelter Large Marquee. These include various of wall, doors and interior facilities.

Events & Festival:

  • Versatile Gatherings: The tent is tailored for a range of events, from medium-sized gatherings to massive festivals, ensuring every attendee has a memorable experience.
  • Mega Festivities: Designed for the grandest of events, accommodating a vast crowd and ensuring every guest is part of the grand celebration.

Party & Wedding:

  • Festive Ambiance: The tent is perfect for parties or weddings, offering a cozy and festive environment for cherished moments.
  • Grandeur Celebrations: Tailored for lavish parties or weddings, ensuring every guest experiences the grandeur of the event.


  • Multiple Stalls: Ideal for events with a variety of vendors, from food to activities, ensuring a comprehensive experience for attendees.
  • Extensive Vendor Space: Suitable for larger events or weddings, accommodating a vast number of stalls, transforming the space into a bustling market or activity area.


  • Professional Showcasing: The tent is ideal for medium-sized showcases, product launches, or trade shows, ensuring a professional ambiance.
  • Mega Exhibitions: Designed for grand commercial exhibitions or product launches, accommodating a vast number of attendees and ensuring a successful event.

Our M Series Tent is a robust and versatile structure, designed with a sturdy frame and a cover fabric that’s certified for fire retardancy. It’s built to withstand wind loads up to 100km/h, making it a reliable choice in various weather conditions. Plus, it comes with an extensive range of accessories, including various walls, doors, and interior facilities, allowing you to customize it to your needs. Whether you’re hosting a large event or need a temporary shelter, our M Series Tent has got you covered.

Span width 15.00m – 50.00m
Eave height 4.00m
Ridge height 5.6m – 9m
Bay distance 5.00m
Custom Color Yes
Water Resistant Yes
UV Coated Yes
Flame Resistant Yes
Custom Logo Printing Yes
Expandable? No
Clump weight Yes

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M Series temporary structures accessories

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M General Supplier vendor tent

In all sort of outside industrial tasks, vendor outdoor tents has become the front runner of many providers as a result of its distinct layout and practicality. Not just are they structurally steady and very easy to set up, they are also perfect for a variety of sales and show occasions. The following is a comprehensive evaluation of the advantages and certain examples of supplier camping tents in the application situation of suppliers.

Style benefits of vendor camping tents, The camping tent roofing is distinguished by its unique V-shaped roofing design, which not only has a cosmetically pleasing appearance, yet additionally offers numerous sensible benefits:

Why is it preferable to select A-farme tent for vendor scenarios?

  • Flexible sales space: The open-plan vendor camping tent provides adequate area for vendors to display their wares. For instance, at a farmer’s market, suppliers can display fresh vegetables and fruits under their outdoors tents to bring in customers going by.
  • Portability: For suppliers who frequently go to fairs or fairs in different places, the mobility of the vendor outdoor tents is a significant benefit. The quick build-and-tear-down nature allows them to conveniently relocate from one area to another.Personalised display screen: Vendors can enhance their frameworks according to their brand name design, such as making use of custom banners, flags or lighting fixture to boost brand name recognition.
  • Weather flexibility: The style of the Vendor camping tent makes it excellent for all climate condition. On hot summer season days, it gives enough color and protects goods from direct sunshine while preserving ventilation within the area. During the stormy season, the roof framework avoids rainwater from accumulating and shields items and clients from rainfall. This capacity to adjust to all sort of weather greatly raises the usefulness of the outdoor tents, making it optimal for suppliers to use all the time.
  • Cost cost savings: Supplier tent is a much more affordable solution than building set structures. Due to the affordable nature of its materials and building and construction, as well as its reduced upkeep needs, vendors can conserve cash without compromising top quality and performance. This economical option is specifically appropriate for tiny investors who are just starting out or those with minimal budgets.

Particular Application Circumstances

  • Invention markets: Artists and craftsmen commonly use vendor tents to present their job. In this atmosphere, the tent not only offers protection for their job, yet also creates an art gallery ambience.
  • Food trucks and pop-up stalls: Small event caterers such as road food trucks or makeshift food stalls can make use of vendor camping tent as a makeshift point of sale. The camping tent gives a sheltered eating location for clients, while additionally giving an effective display screen and functioning room for suppliers.
  • Exterior exhibitions and business promo: In numerous outside exhibits and industrial activities, suppliers and exhibitors use supplier outdoors tents to present items and marketing information. The outdoor tents not just provides a centralized display screen area, but additionally aids to attract the interest of the passing crowd.
  • Seasonal and joyful markets: At seasonal occasions such as Xmas markets, Halloween markets or spring blossom markets, supplier tent homes provide the ideal area for suppliers to display their seasonal wares. Outdoors tents can be enhanced to match the joyful mood, bring in consumers, and provide an enticing system for seasonal merchandise.
  • Direct sales factor for farming products: The vendor outdoor tents provides an ideal straight sales point for farmers and farming producers. At farmside farms or farmers’ markets in metropolitan locations, these camping tents not only shield fresh vegetables and fruit from the sun and rainfall, yet likewise allow consumers to grab fresh fruit and vegetables instantly.
  • Social and creative occasions: At events such as book fairs, art fairs and cultural events, vendor outdoor tents provide an ideal place for artists and writers to show and sell their work. In this setting, the camping tent not only enhances the ease of access of the event, yet additionally offers the required defense for the works.

Various Other Benefits

The construction innovation of the vendor tent is one of its significant benefits. Considering that the primary elements have actually been set up in the factory, the on-site building is primarily to screw the parts. The simpleness of this building and construction approach not just reduces the trouble of building and construction, yet additionally streamlines the process of building management and quality control.

For suppliers, this means they can start working faster without needing to wait long for construction to be completed.In addition, the modular style of the supplier tent ensures effective installation on site. Via premade huge elements and premade setup methods, the building period of this outdoor tents outdoor tents is reduced by regarding 80% compared with conventional frameworks. This quick accumulation is particularly useful for vendors that require to move areas frequently or attend temporary events.Ease of repair and maintenance

The supplier tent is additionally simple to maintain and repair. Aluminium alloy is the main material and has excellent rust resistance, which suggests that there is little need for comprehensive repair or hefty repair work over the entire life span.

For traders, this not just conserves maintenance costs, but likewise indicates that the camping tent can keep great appearance and steady structural performance for a very long time.

Sustainable power services: In reaction to ecological fads, supplier outdoor tents can be paired with solar panels or other lasting energy devices to provide lighting or power. This environment-friendly service not only lowers dependence on standard power resources, however additionally enhances the ecological account of suppliers amongst the general public.

Customized storage solutions: To improve the performance of space utilization, vendor camping tent can be equipped with customized storage systems and racks. In this way, suppliers can present their products in an organized way while keeping the camping tent clean and arranged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the vendor tent is especially suitable for those vendors who need to move around in different locations. They are designed to be simple and quick to set up and disassemble, making it easy to move and reset.

Certainly. The design of the vendor tent is able to effectively resist wind and rainfall. Its V-shaped top helps rain flow away quickly, preventing water build-up and leakage, while structural robustness ensures safe use in inclement weather.

Of course, vendor tent are more cost-effective than building fixed structures. Not only are they less expensive to purchase and install, but they are also less expensive to use in the long term due to their durability and low maintenance needs.

No, you don’t. Herringbone roofs often use corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum, reducing the need for renovation. The use of this material extends the life of the tent while reducing maintenance costs.

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