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Shelter Temporary tent

C Series Temporary Tent Structures for Temporary Buildings

The C Series tents from Shelter Structures Tent – a harmonious blend of impeccable quality and unparalleled craftsmanship. Whether you’re seeking a versatile frame tent for commercial endeavors or planning an opulent celebration, our seasoned team’s expertise ensures you’re investing in the best. Every tent in this series is designed to not only meet but exceed expectations, making your event memorable. With SHELTER Tent, you’re not just purchasing a tent; you’re acquiring a piece of art. Explore our range of premium marquees and canopies today and experience the Shelter Structures difference.
Sturdy and Lightweight: The canopy tents are built with a robust yet lightweight aluminum frame, ensuring easy assembly and durability against various weather conditions. Protection: The tent cover is made from waterproof, UV-resistant PVC fabric, providing excellent protection against rain and sun. Professional Aesthetic: The sleek and modern design of the canopy tents adds a professional touch to any event, making them ideal for outdoor weddings, parties, and corporate events. Customizable: The canopy is customizable, allowing you to add your logo or branding for a personalized touch. Versatile: Canopies can be connected with other structures, serving as an entrance or lobby area, providing flexibility in event setup. Fire Retardant: All cover PVC fabric is certified for DIN4102 B1 M2 and NFPA 701 fire retardant, ensuring safety. Variety of Accessories: A wide range of accessories is available for all canopies, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Different Options: Various options for frames, covers, walls, doors, and roofs are available to suit different needs and preferences.
Seated Events:
  • Intimate Gatherings: Perfect for small meetings or gatherings, offering a cozy environment.
  • Larger Assemblies: Tailored for bigger events, ensuring a comfortable seating experience for all.
Casual Events:
  • Flexible Space: Offers a dynamic space ideal for casual events where guests might be standing or mingling.
  • Bigger Celebrations: Suitable for events like parties or exhibitions, ensuring everyone has room to move.
Activity-Based Events:
  • Focused Sessions: Perfect for activities involving focused groups.
  • Group Activities: Ideal for workshops or group exercises.
Strategy Discussions or Debriefings:
  • Small Squad Briefings: Suitable for briefings involving small squads.
  • Large Platoon Briefings: Perfect for larger military briefings or strategy sessions.
Sleeping Arrangements:
  • Compact Shelter: Provides a cozy shelter for individuals.
  • Group Accommodations: Ensures a safe and spacious sleeping
Vendor Stalls:
  • Small Vendors: Ideal for local artisans or food stalls.
  • Mini-Market Setup: Can transform into a bustling market area.
Festival Events:
  • Solo Performances: Offers an intimate stage for solo performers.
  • Grand Performances: Designed for larger bands or multiple performers, ensuring a memorable experience for the audience.
Discover the Shelter Structures C Series, a perfect blend of style and utility for all your event needs. With its sleek design, it comfortably hosts a large crowd, ideal for outdoor dining or unique venue events. Experience effortless setup, spacious interiors, and sophisticated design with our adaptable tent, designed to elevate any occasion.
Span width 3.00m – 10.00m
Eave height 2.50m – 2.60m
Ridge height 4.32m – 6.80m
Bay distance 3.00m – 10.00m
Custom Color Yes
Water Resistant Yes
UV Coated Yes
Flame Resistant Yes
Custom Logo Printing Yes
Expandable? No
Clump weight Yes

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Product details

The structural design and shape of C series temporary tent

Shelter Structures’ Pagoda Temporary tents can be used for temporary or permanent occasions, mainly according to what size of profiles you choose. However, the most often cases are that they are used for temporary event and exhibition scenarios. Why are they popular for temporary use? Although one of the reasons is that many events are held for short period, like 3-6 months. On the other hand, it is mainly because of the lightweight materials, modular design and the small size of the structures. These mentioned factors determine that they can be easily assemble and dismantle onsite, no needing for extra welding or heavy duty operations. The erection time does not count for days, but hours for single Pagoda Temporary tent. Therefore, the most unique feature of our C series temporary tent is that they can be portable anywhere, anytime.

Pagoda temporary tents are both fancy and useful for events and hospitality. Their special design, strength, and options to change how they look still really impress event planners and hosts everywhere. They make the experience better for everyone under their cool peaks. For more information, welcome to contact with us for your better understanding.    


C Series Temporary Tent Structures for Temporary Buildings

Wall & gable options

Door options

Roof options

Additional accessories

Temporary Tent, backyard tent

The structural design and shape of C series Temporary Tent

Shelter Structures’ C series temporary tent is one of our popular series of party tents, so called Pagoda tents. With its visual pleasing and aesthetic outlook, together with premium finish quality, our Pagoda is an attractive and popular structure at any locations. It can be used as single Pagoda, like a single stand; or serving as an ensemble of several Pagodas. Shelter Structures’ C series temporary tent, the Pagoda tents, are extremely weather resistant, making them the best option whether for temporary use or permanent structures. That is why they can always be seen at events, festivals, ceremonies and more.

Speaking of the history of Pagoda tents, simply speaking, they are from Asia. Associated with the architectural aesthetic in East Asia ancient time, from the inspiration of Buddhist symbolism. From the look of Pagoda tents, we can tell that their high peak roof are well known as tiered structures. They are interpreted as representing the path to enlightenment, with each level symbolizing a stage of spiritual ascension.

For the modern and single Pagoda tent, our expertise lies in high peaked Pagoda shape. The tents are with tall, pointed peak roof, and four standing uprights, providing the ample space to the interior.

With general view for Pagoda tents, they have their unique shapes, normally these tents have a base that’s either square or hexagonal. And going up to a point in the middle, they seem like the tiered roofs you see on pagodas. This design does not only achieve the aesthetics, but also useful when against harsh weathers, especially heavy rains.

The features of Shelter Structures’ C series Temporary Tent

Fully customization

With various customization options and materials available, Shelter Structures provides amenities and accessories to achieve your requirements, whether for aesthetics or for versatility. Wall packages, door packages, roofing, sizes, profiles and more, Shelter Structures take care of all your needs, we get you covered for what you need.

Easy installation and portability

Although pagoda tents have an impressive look, our Pagoda tens are extremely simple to set up and take down. Thanks to the modular design and lightweight materials, these tents are portable and easy to transport to various event venues.

Weather resistance

Due to the design of our Pagoda tents, no matter with simple structures or elegant outlook, the main function of them is highly resilient to the external elements. They can withstand rain, wind, and even snow, ensuring that events proceed smoothly, regardless of weather conditions.

Practical application and uses

Thanks to the adaptability of our Pagoda tents, they can be used in various applications, whether single tent or an ensemble of Pagoda tents. For example, for hospitality of outdoor dining areas in hotels and resorts, outdoor wedding reception stands and more.

Aesthetic outlook

Due to the design, Pagoda tents originally look really classy and charming, making them visual pleasing at any event. At Shelter Structures, because of the special shape (the high peak shape) of our C series and options to customize the design, you can make unforgettable and super cool setups with them.


Using high grade and premium aluminum frames, together with resistant PVC fabric covers with high tension system, plus the peaked roof design, Shelter Structures’ Pagoda tents provide supreme stability, even in varying weather conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because our tents are custom made, you can click the Get Quote button to customize the size you need.

These series may make it easy for you to quickly choose the type of tent you want, for example, the L\M\S series is differentiated by size. You can contact us and get your own suitable tent.

Covers are supplied using the latest in low wick, anti-fungicide high gloss white, flame retardant translucent or Opaque PVC in accordance to international standards including DIN 4102 B1, NFPA 701.

Sure, you can put your logo on the cover of the tent and anywhere around it.

Of course, we can cooperate with so many well-known manufacturers because we meet their needs for different sizes of tents, you can click Get Quote to talk to us, we will help you choose the most suitable tent for you.

About 5 weeks, you can see the specific delivery time through the order number

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