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Slop Roof Truss
Slop Roof Truss 1
Slop Roof Truss 2
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Slop Roof Metal Truss

The Slop Metal Roof Truss Structure provides a functional and robust service for both residential, commercial and industrial applications. Including high-performance metal roof trusses, our structures are available in a series of metal truss prices to suit various budgets.

These series are crafted utilizing sturdy metal web floor trusses, guaranteeing a light-weight yet solid structure. The flat roof layout, an entry-level system, is straightforward to construct and available in three sizes: 12x10m, 10x8m, and 8x6m, offering a selection of structure choices. In addition, the system is conveniently expanding to a pitched roof setup, enhancing its versatility and ease of use.

Ease of Installation:

The design of the Slop Steel Roofing Truss Structure allows for fast and reliable installment. Making use of standard prefab metal trusses and modular components suggests that assembly is straightforward, reducing labor expenses and building time. This streamlined setup procedure is perfect for tasks needing quick development without compromising architectural integrity.

Environmental Sustainability:

Making use of light gauge metal trusses in the building of these structures reduces the environmental effect contrasted to typical products. Steel trusses are not only recyclable , but additionally require less energy to produce, supporting sustainable building methods and minimizing carbon footprint.


Offering competitive metal trusses prices, Slop Metal Roof Series provide an economical remedy without compromising on top quality.


The flat roof metal trusses can accommodate different architectural styles, making them ideal for a vast range of structure kinds.


Built with metal stud trusses, the Slop Metal Roof Series are developed to endure severe climate conditions, making sure durable efficiency.

  • Commercial Events

    The light-weight yet robust design of the Slop Steel Roofing system Truss Structure makes it an exceptional option for short-lived or irreversible event venues, such as exhibits and conventions. The modular nature of the metal trusses permits fast assembly and disassembly, helping with efficient configuration and teardown , which is critical for emergency events.

  • Temporary Warehouses

    These metal stud trusses are especially appropriate for warehouse building, where sturdiness and huge, open spaces are needed. Metal trusses give the required stamina to support hefty roofing materials and insulation, necessary for preserving temperature control and shielding saved products. The versatility of truss spans also allows for customization based on storage space requirements and device dimensions.

  • Shelter for the Spectators at the Outdoor Ballpark

    For outdoor sports facilities, the Slop Metal Roof Truss Building provides a reputable shelter remedy for spectators. The metal roof trusses are made to stand up to numerous weather conditions, making sure of the safety and security and convenience of participants. The ability to expand to a pitched roof system also gives extra insurance coverage and rainwater management, boosting spectator experience during negative weather condition.

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Towers F34P
Main Grid F34P
Size 12x10, 10x8, 8x6m.
Options PA Wings
SL-10 Sizes & Loading Metric
SL-10 Saddle Roof 12x10 m 4 pillar with 1 ton hoist 12x8 m 4 pillar with 1 ton hoist 8x6 m 4 pillar with 1 ton hoist
User Load Grid TTL: 2900 3000 3100
User Load Width TTL: 1600 1600 1700
User Load Deep TTL: 1300 1400 1500
*TTl (total loading)in kg l**Walls (side/back) must be removed if Wind Speed exceeds 72 km/hrs (9bft).


1/How to build a metal truss?

To build a metal truss, assemble the metal components according to the design specifications and secure them together using welding or fasteners.

2/How many kinds of metal trusses roofs are there?

Five. They are Arch, Saddle, Slop, Tunnel and Flat roof. You can choose the form of the metal trusses roof according to your needs.

3/What height should I order for my metal truss carport?

Order the height of your metal carport trusses based on the size of your vehicles and any additional clearance needed for overhead storage or activities.

4/Are metal trusses roofs cheaper than wood?

This depends on the actual situation of the project. Metal roof trusses are generally more expensive than wood roof trusses, but they last much longer than wood and require little maintenance.

5/Can you provide a custom product with non-standard spacing of trusses for metal roofs?

Yes. At Shelter Structures, our options and capabilities are almost limitless. We strive to say “yes” to our clients as often as we can when custom options are needed to meet local codes or to accomplish a certain design element.

6/ What kind of buildings are metal trusses used for?

Metal trusses are most often used for large buildings such as riding arenas, storage or agricultural facilities, gyms, pole barns, outdoor stages or shops.

7/ Do I need a permit for my metal truss buildings?

You will need to contact your local building inspector to inquire about getting a permit for your truss building, as it varies based on location. Shelter Structures offers various types of steel buildings that are capable of meeting all local codes and regulations.

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Flat Roof Trusses 1 Flat Roof Metal Truss

Flat Roof Metal Trusses Buildings give precision-engineered support tailored for flat roofing systems, perfectly integrating with frameworks such as post barns. These trusses belong to easy-to-install packages that supply strong assistance, made for a range of roof kinds.

Tunnel Roof Trusses 1 Tunnel Roof Metal Trusses

Tunnel Roof Metal Trusses provide top-quality, engineered toughness for a variety of structures from retail canopies to huge agricultural structures.

Arch Roof Truss 1 Arch Roof Metal Truss

The Arch Roof Series Mental Truss integrates metal roof truss technology and ceiling design components to develop visually appealing and structurally solid arcs.

Small Saddle Roof Truss 2 Large Saddle Roof Metal Truss

The Large saddle roof metal truss structure is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof, a design which guarantees optimum strength.

Small Saddle Roof Truss 1 Medium Saddle Roof Metal Truss

Medium Saddle Roof Series supplies an innovative option, flawlessly blending effectiveness and visual allures. By including clear period truss style, these structures maximize area use, getting rid of the demand for indoor aid columns. Crafted with precision design, our pole barn metal trusses ensure durable assistance for hefty lots, fitting a varied series of applications.

Large Saddle Roof Trus Product Small Saddle Roof Metal Truss

Small Saddle Roof Mental Truss Structure utilizes innovative metal truss services tailored for optimal performance and visual appeals. Our precision-engineered metal building trusses are created with clear span truss modern technology, eliminating the demand for inner assistance columns and making the finest usable space.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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