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Retractable Large Outdoor Tent for Party Use

Retractable marquee tent, a blend of utility and cost-efficiency ideal for hotels and storage needs. Unlike conventional retractable sunrooms and structural tents, it amplifies the elegance of premium venues, while its 360° protection and one-touch mechanism offer a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. Certified for wind, rain, and fire resistance, it stands sturdy against harsh weather. With easy installation and high customization, it adapts to diverse demands, making it a smart, attractive solution for various spaces.

Lower cost:The cost of retracbale enclosure is lower than retractable sunroom and structural tent.

Better venue environment: Improve the venue environment to facilitate the holding of high-class events.

360° protection: Protect the venue and reduce maintenance costs daily.

Free switching: One button to switch between indoor and outdoor sportspace at any time.

100% Weatherproof: No concern of bad weather and season changes.

Sports Halls:

  • Offering a dynamic, weather-protected space for athletic events, training, or leisure activities, facilitating a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor experiences for participants and spectators alike.

Event Venues:

  • Transforming any celebration or corporate gathering into a memorable occasion with its elegant shelter.

Hospitality Sector:

  • Enriching hotels and resorts by extending dining or event spaces, adding a dash of sophistication.

Warehousing Solutions:

  • Delivering an adaptable, secured storage area that can effortlessly adjust to varying inventory dimensions.

Retail Expansion:

  • Providing retailers an exclusive outdoor platform to display products, attracting more customers.

Educational Establishments:

  • Creating conducive outdoor learning or recreational arenas, ensuring safety and comfort.

Recreational Areas:

  • Amplifying the allure of parks, beaches, or other leisure spots with sheltered retreats for visitors.

Seasonal Venues:

  • Catering to seasonal markets or events, with the retractable feature allowing for space versatility during off-peak times.

Exhibition Arenas:

  • Broadening exhibition or trade show spaces, offering a stylish, distinctive setting for showcasing a myriad of goods and services.

Community Centers:

  • Furnishing a multifaceted space for community engagements, local festivities, or as an emergency refuge during unfavorable weather conditions.

Flame retardant:
PVC Fabric Fire Retardant, certified by DIN 4102 B1,M2; USA NFPA 701

Premium grade, high gloss white, thickness > 0.65mm

Main frame construct by hard pressed extruded structural aluminum T6061/T6 feature with stainless finish

All covers are made of double coated synthetic fiber with the best peformance in breaking strength

Snow resistant:
Average snow load up to 0.1kN/m2

Wind resistant:
Fully open & Half open Max.Wind load up to 74km /h, Fully closed Max.wind load up to 100km/h

Main frame Hard pressed extruded aluminum 6061/T6 feature with stainless
Cover PVC coated polyester fabric
Denisity 850g/sqm doubled coated blockout white PVC for roof
650g/sqm translucent white PVC for side walls
Features Waterproof | Snowproof | UV resistant | Fire retardant

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tent structure

Enhanced Track

The enhanced track ensures smooth operation, with a structure that is not easily deformed, preventing derailments. The width of a single track is 10cm.

tent structure

Sound and Heat Insulation Main Board

Utilizing a 4mm polycarbonate endurance board, it has a high light transmission rate, resists aging and deformation. The impact strength is up to 20 times that of glass, making it safe and reliable.

tent structure

High-Strength Main Frame

The main frame is constructed using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy profiles, boasting a load-bearing strength comparable to steel, significantly enhancing its resistance to wind and snow.

tent structure

Patented Internal Drainage System

Utilizing a patented active internal drainage system, it offers double protection against water leakage and prevention of leakage.

tent structure

High-End Sunshade System

Featuring an integrated sunshade curtain, the overall system exudes a high-end and grand aura. Both brightness and color can be customized to meet individual needs.

tent structure

Safe Built-in Power Supply System

Featuring a full range of mobile power supply designs, it can meet electrical needs at any location, effectively providing lightning and leakage protection for a more secure usage.

tent structure

Technology-Driven Intelligent Drive System

Featuring a manual-automatic integrated drive motor, this system boasts stable, safe, and quiet superior performance. It supports remote control and intelligent sensing control, embodying a full sense of technology.

tent structure

Intelligent Wind and Rain Sensing System

This system provides real-time wind and rain detection, with automatic sensing for opening and closing. It can be integrated with fire linkage systems, ensuring peace of mind.

tent structure

Patented Sealing System

Utilizing high-quality architectural grade EPDM rubber sealing, our proprietary patented development effectively ensures insulation during winter and leakage prevention during rainy seasons.

tent structure

Patented Pre-stress Technology

Effectively prevents structural deformation and enhances load-bearing capacity.

tent structure

Integrated Lighting System

Featuring an embedded lighting design, the overall system is neat and aesthetically pleasing, with customizable control options.

tent structure

Customized Doors and Windows

Allows for the installation of doors and windows at any position within the entire structure, providing more flexibility for different usage scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions OF Military tent

The Retractable Outdoor Tent can reach the max span of 30 meters, and the length can be customized but there are limitations based on the overall weight.

The most obvious advantage is the versatility. It can be suitable for various applications, such as pool canopy, outdoor sports tents and the canopy for commercial scenarios.

The Retractable Outdoor Tent can be utilized as sports tents, like basketball tents, tennis tents and more. Thanks to its versatility, it can also be used as event venues, warehousing solutions, retail expansion, exhibition arenas and more.

The wind load of the tent is up to 74km/h when opening, during closing, the max wind load can be up to 100km/h.

The frame is made of hard pressed extruded structural aluminum alloy T6061-T6, and the roof panels are made of PVC fabrics, while the side wall can be selected from glass, PVC and other materials.

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