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Shelter Structures' Premium Tents

Custom Canopy Party Tents & Shelter | Multi Sided Series

The Multi-side Series,the elegance of wedding tents to the expansive space of trade show tents, or the festive vibrancy of festival tents, we cater to every need. Whether you desire a pristine white commercial tent for a grand event or a bespoke marquee tent tailored to your specifications, Shelter Structures is your trusted partner. Experience the distinction and explore our curated collection of high-quality tents and canopies today.

Versatility: Suitable for a variety of large-scale events such as weddings, VIP hospitality, festivals, trade shows, product launches, and much more.

Customizable Size: The marquee spans 20 meters, making it suitable for any event size.

Modular Design: Allows for customization to suit your specific needs.

Durable and Safe: The marquee is designed to withstand wind loads up to 100km/h (62mph).

Additional accessories: There are a number of accessories available for our Shelter Large Marquee. These include various of wall, doors and interior facilities.

Events & Festival:

  • Medium-Sized Gatherings: The event or festival tent is perfect for accommodating a moderate number of guests, ensuring a memorable experience. Additionally, the outdoor or vendor tent variant provides ample space for attendees or vendors, enhancing the event’s versatility.
  • Grand Festivities: Tailored for major events or festivals, this tent ensures every guest or vendor has ample space.

Party & Wedding:

  • Intimate Celebrations: Designed for parties or weddings, the tent offers a cozy and festive environment for cherished moments.
  • Lavish Celebrations: Perfect for grand parties or weddings, ensuring every guest experiences the grandeur and elegance of the event in a spacious setting.

Discover our Multi-side Tent: the perfect backdrop for weddings, festivals, trade shows, and more! With robust frame profiles and fire-retardant PVC fabric, we prioritize both style and safety. Built to withstand winds up to 62mph, our tents are as sturdy as they are versatile. From party tents to marquee tents, our range is customizable with walls, doors, and interiors to match any event vibe. Elevate your next event with our standout tents!

Span width 16.00 – 40.00m
Eave height 4m
Peak height 9.45 – 13.92m
Custom Color Yes
Water Resistant Yes
UV Coated Yes
Flame Resistant Yes
Custom Logo Printing Yes
Expandable? No
Clump weight Yes

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Custom Canopy Party Tents & Shelter | Multi Sided Series

Wall & gable options

Door options

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Additional accessories

party tent

Architectural Advantages

The structural style of polygonal tents is their greatest destination. Unlike typical quadrilateral or circular outdoors tents, polygonal tents utilize a polygonal geometric shape that gives more indoor room and higher ceilings, making the room show up even more open and airy. This unique structure not only supplies sufficient space for the occasion, yet additionally produces a distinct aesthetic impact that includes a touch of creative environment to the event.

Unique design, unlimited possibilities compared to traditional quadrilateral or rectangular canopies, polygonal tent stand apart with their non-traditional geometric shapes. This style not only includes visual interest the party, but likewise supplies even more creative design possibilities for the occasion. The polygonal structure permits light to be relayed in a special way, producing stunning light results and bringing extra magic to the event.

The atmosphere for flexible event

The layout of a polygonal tents enables it to blend seamlessly right into its surroundings. Whether it’s a rich yard, a tranquil beachfront or a dynamic cityscape, the polygonal tent assimilate gracefully and gives an one-of-a-kind backdrop for the event. The transparent or translucent material choices of this structure allow natural light to pass through while providing sufficient color to ensure the personal privacy and exclusivity of the event.

Flexible layout for your event

The indoor space of the Polygon tent is designed to be extremely versatile. It can accommodate different sizes from tiny exclusive parties to huge public occasions. The interior is large sufficient to enable a stage, eating tables, bar area or even a lounge location. Whether it’s a formal supper, a dancing party or an informal get-together, Polygon Tent offers the best setup.

Main Applications of Multi Sided Series

Business Event

For corporate events such as item launches, annual general meetings or trade shows, polygon tents give an unique and professional place Its roomy interior is big sufficient to accommodate big exhibit or discussion equipment, while the high ceilings give a lot of space to hang brand logos and aesthetic aspects. The modern look of this canopy immediately attracts the focus of individuals and the media, aiding to boost brand name image and market existence. Furthermore, the versatility of the cover allows the design to be adapted to the needs of the particular event, whether it's setting up a booth, discussion location or networking area.

Weddings and private events

For exclusive events such as wedding celebrations, engagement events or wedding anniversary events, polygon tents give a charming and intimate setup. The unique geometric forms and sophisticated lines create a fanciful backdrop that perfectly matches the atmosphere of these special minutes. The inside of the cover can be enhanced according to the theme, such as exquisite lighting, flower plans and elegant furniture, giving a cozy and comfortable environment for guests. Furthermore, the cover's strong structure provides secure and trusted sanctuary also outdoors.

Art exhibitions and cultural events

The polygonal tents functions as an ideal place to display arts and crafts at art exhibits, social events or craft exchanges, and its open-space design enables site visitors to freely explore and appreciate the exhibitions. The canopy's high ceilings and polygonal framework supply the optimal room for hanging art work and placing sculptures. In addition, its transparent panel style permits natural light to penetrate, offering optimum display of art work.

Songs celebrations and outside performances

For songs celebrations, outside concerts or various other amusement occasions, the Polygon tents supplies a special and functional efficiency phase. Its spaciousness can fit big phases, audio devices and audience areas, while the openness of its structure makes certain excellent visual and audio transmission. The polygonal layout of the canopy not just includes a modern touch to the event, but also gives adequate air flow to guarantee a comfortable checking out experience in all weather conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most distinguishing feature of a polygonal party tents is its unique polygonal geometry. This design is not only visually striking, but also offers more flexibility in terms of interior space. Such tents tend to have high ceilings, which not only enhances the sense of space, but also provides more possibilities for hanging lamps, decorations or sound equipment.

Polygonal party tent typically have a more spacious interior than traditional square or round tents. This design allows for freer layout arrangements to accommodate a variety of events.

The design of polygonal party tents often includes large windows or transparent sections that allow natural light to enter fully, creating a bright and open atmosphere.

Polygonal party tents are designed to be flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of terrain, but the best place to install them should be flat and sturdy. Installation on uneven or wet and soft ground may require additional support and stabilization.

Many polygonal party tents have a modular design, which means they can be broken down into smaller sections. This design makes the canopy easier to dismantle, transport and store. While some components of a polygonal canopy may be relatively bulky or large, they are usually designed to be easy to carry and load into a transportation vehicle. Ideally, the size and weight of the components should allow transportation in a standard van or trailer.

Polygonal party tents are usually designed to be easily disassembled and reassembled, which is especially important in situations where the canopy is frequently moved and stored. After dismantling, the parts of the canopy should be able to be compactly stacked or arranged for easy storage in limited spaces. Modular components also help protect parts from damage during storage.

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