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A 10x20 Frame Tent is a functional and prominent option for outside events, offering 200 square feet of covered room. It is sustained by a tough metal framework, eliminating the requirement for facility poles, which makes best use of the useful area below. The tent's canopy is generally constructed from resilient, weather-resistant product like plastic or polyester, supplying protection against sunlight and rainfall. Its rectangle-shaped shape and size make it ideal for numerous events, consisting of small celebrations, cubicles at fairs or markets, and as a shelter for outside dining areas. The frame tent is relatively simple to set up and can be secured on various surface areas, including yard, asphalt, and concrete, using risks or weights. The lack of interior poles offers a clear, unhampered view, making it excellent for events where exposure is crucial, such as wedding celebrations, events, or exterior markets.
A 10x10 Frame Tent is a distinctively designed outdoor structure, notable for its feature and compact size. The aspect means the tent lacks internal poles or obstructions, providing a fully open and usable 100 square feet area (10 feet by 10 feet). This design maximizes the interior space, offering flexibility for various event layouts and activities. Its 10x10 size makes it ideal for small to medium-sized events, fitting comfortably in diverse settings like backyards, patios, or event venues. The frame, typically made of durable materials like aluminum or steel, supports the weather-resistant fabric, ensuring stability and longevity. This combination of an unobstructed interior and a practical size makes the 10x10 Frame Tent a versatile choice for a range of events, from intimate gatherings to professional exhibitions.
Shelter 10X20 party pole tent can add color to your party. The small and easy to set up design allows you to save time on your party prep. It can also be combined with different party decorations to make it more suitable for the party atmosphere. This tent is also suitable for small family parties and class reunions.The smooth surface of the tarp is easy to clean and the aluminum alloy is corrosion resistant. Ensure that the post-party work won't bother you either.
Shelter Structures offers robust frame tents with unique designs, ideal for weddings, parties, and corporate events. Their spacious, pole-free interiors allow flexible setups and provide unobstructed views, enhancing event ambiance.
Shelter Structures' High Peak Tents feature a striking, pointed design, perfect for weddings, business activities, and festivals. They offer spacious interiors, weather resistance, and enhanced atmosphere, suitable for diverse outdoor events.
Shelter Structures' Pole Tents are traditional, elegant tents utilizing central and side poles for support. Ideal for weddings, fairs, and circuses, they offer spacious interiors, easy setup, cost-effectiveness, and customizable layouts.
Shelter Structures offers innovative inflatable tents, known for their ample interior space, child safety, durability, and easy setup. Ideal for camping and home use, they provide comfort and convenience in diverse settings.
Shelter Structures' Keder Tents offer an innovative, modular design ideal for special events and rentals. They feature quick installation, enhanced weather protection, and a sleek look, providing an elegant and practical solution for event hosting.
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