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Military Canvas Tents for Army

Military Canvas Tents for Army | Shelter Structures

Discover durability and operational excellence in shelter with our Military Tent. Tailored specifically for military needs, this shelter seamlessly transitions from battlefield to rest area. The design is deeply rooted in military-grade standards, ensuring transportation, quick setup and easy installation in the breeze. More than just a tent, it is an extension of the military ethos that embodies adaptability and reliability. The Lightweight Expeditionary Shelter features a practical endorsement, providing a secure shelter for the maintenance and storage of small unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) and military vehicles.

Military-centered craftsmanship: The design echoes the needs of the military market, ensuring that it stands up to the rigors of field conditions.

Simplified Deployment: Easy to transport, quick to deploy, smooth to install – saving critical time where every second counts.

Wide Spectrum of Uses: From command posts to relaxation zones, its adaptability gleams, serving as a sanctuary for UAV and military vehicle upkeep.

Flexible Expansion: The modular blueprint allows the 5.00m segments to be integrated or detached in diverse realms, catering to a myriad of utilizations across various expanses.

Resilient Build: Fortified with robust extruded structural aluminum and enveloped in industrial caliber PVC coated polyester fabric, it’s engineered to endure through trials.

Military Operations:

  • Its robust framework renders it an invaluable ally for an array of military field engagements.

Maintenance and Storage Centers:

  • Ideal haven for drone and military vehicle maintenance, ensuring they remain battle-prepped.

Recreational Space:

  • Its versatility extends to furnishing shelter in recreational domains, melding utility with recreation.

Emergency Response:

  • Swift deployment prowess marks it as a formidable choice for emergency response scenarios.

Training Environment: 

  • Affords a trustworthy canopy during training drills, fostering a secure and orderly milieu.

Flame retardant:
PVC Fabric Fire Retardant, certified by DIN 4102 B1,M2; USA NFPA 701

Premium grade, high gloss white, thickness > 0.65mm

Main frame construct by hard pressed extruded structural aluminum T6061/T6 feature with stainless finish

All covers are made of double coated synthetic fiber with the best peformance in breaking strength

Snow resistant:
Average snow load up to 0.1kN/m2

Wind resistant:
Fully open & Half open Max.Wind load up to 74km /h, Fully closed Max.wind load up to 100km/h

Profile Aluminum alloy profile 6061-T6
Profile Span Profile A5(2-7m); U2(4-5m)
Surface Treatment electrophoresis (corrosion resistance, not easy to change color); Fluorocarbon (weather resistance); Powder coating; oxidation
Wind Load 0.5KN/m2, Conventional resistance to 10-12 strong winds
Snow Load 0.3KN/m2
Material 4mm polycarbonate cool board
Germany Bayer, add double UV material
Features Waterproof, beyond the safety factor of glass, resistance to g8% UV
Service life more than 10 years

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Military Canvas Tents for Army | Shelter Structures

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Frequently Asked Questions OF Military tent

The best feature of Shelter Structures’ Military Tent series is the versatility. Thanks to the adaptive size and A frame shape, this kind of army tent can be of the span from 3 meters to 6 meters, then to 8 meters. The series can be used as single soldier arming housing, to the maintenance and storage of small unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) and military vehicles.

Our fabric covers of the Military Tent series are used of special PVC fabrics, of which are adding double UV material that are resistant to 98% UV, flame retardant and waterproof. They provide sufficient protection against the external harsh weather.

Our Military Tent can be fully customized. The standard span is 6 meters and 8 meters, with unlimited length. For other military scenarios, while larger equipment or more soldiers need to be located, Shelter Structures is able to customize our Military Tent series according to your specific requirements.

It depends on the size of the Military Tent. Take the 6x12m Military Tent for the example, if for accommodation base, around 30-48 soldiers can be fit in.

Our Military Tent can be erected on various terrain, such as grass, sand, concrete and asphalt. Shelter Structures provide turnkey solutions for your military tents and/ or military barracks. Whether the Military Tent is for military accommodation, military vehicle and equipment storage or command center and more, we provide corresponding anchoring for you.

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