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Lean To Pool Enclosure
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Lean-To Pool Enclosure

A Lean-To Pool Enclosure is a pool structure that leans against an existing building or house. It typically features a sloping roof. This design is well-suited for pools near properties as it maximizes space efficiency and often requires less construction than standalone enclosures.

Space-Saving Design

Lean-To Pool Enclosures are a space-efficient choice, utilizing the existing structures of a home or building. This design saves space and integrates seamlessly with the property, enhancing aesthetic harmony and functional utility.

Weather-Resilient Construction

These enclosures offer robust protection against weather elements like rain and high winds, making them suitable for regions with challenging climates. Their attachment to sturdy buildings provides additional stability, ensuring they stand firm in adverse conditions.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Private

Lean-To Pool Enclosures can be custom-tailored to complement the architecture of the attached structure. They enhance the overall appearance of the outdoor area while providing privacy from the outside world, turning your pool area into a secluded oasis.

Clean and Hygienic Environment

Like other pool enclosures, the lean-to variety maintains a clean pool area by preventing the ingress of debris and insects. This barrier maintains water quality and reduces the need for frequent cleaning, offering a hygienic swimming experience.

Height Considerations

Proper height planning is crucial for the comfort and functionality of Lean-To Pool Enclosures. Adequate height ensures easy access and ample headroom and enhances the overall swimming and relaxation experience within the enclosure.

Domed Pool Enclosures Specifications
Profile Aluminum Alloy Profile 6061-T6
Profile Span Profile U2 (8-10m): A15 (10-20m)
Surface Treatment Electrophoresis (corrosion-resistant, colorfast) | Anodization (strong weather resistance) | Powder Coating
Wind Load 0.5KN/m2
Snow Load 0.3KN/m2
Material Options Polycarbonate Sheets, Tempered Glass, Laminated Tempered Glass, or Insulated Tempered Glass
Features Intelligent opening and closing, translucent, flame retardant, strong weather resistance, waterproof, sound and heat insulation, UV-resistant (PC board)
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Sun room accessories structure


Enhanced Track

Advanced Track Design

The sophisticated track design ensures fluid operation, built to withstand deformation and ward off any derailments. Each track spans a width of 10cm.

Sound and Heat Insulation Main Board

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Main Board

By harnessing a 4mm polycarbonate endurance board, it boasts a superior light transmission rate, and stands firm against aging and deformation. The impact resilience is elevated to 20 times that of glass, ensuring safety and reliability.

High-Strength Main Frame

High-Tensile Main Frame

The foundational frame is meticulously constructed using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy profiles, exhibiting a load-bearing fortitude rivaling that of steel, significantly bolstering its defiance against wind and snow.

Patented Internal Drainage System

Innovative Internal Drainage System

With a patented active internal drainage system in place, it offers a dual layer of protection against water intrusion and effective leakage prevention.

High-End Sunshade System

High-End Sunshade System

Featuring an integrated sunshade curtain, the overall system exudes a high-end and grand aura. Both brightness and color can be customized to meet individual needs.

Safe Built-in Power Supply System

Safe Mobile Power Supply System:

Showcasing a plethora of mobile power supply designs, it's capable of meeting electrical demands at any given location, while providing effective lightning and leakage protection for secure usage.

Technology-Driven Intelligent Drive System

Cutting-Edge Intelligent Drive System

Housing a manual-automatic blended drive motor, this system delivers stable, safe, and whisper-quiet superior performance. It accommodates remote control and intelligent sensing control, epitomizing technological sophistication.

Intelligent Wind and Rain Sensing System

Luxurious Sunshade System

Featuring an integrated sunshade curtain, the system exudes a luxurious and grand vibe. There's room for customization in brightness and color to suit individual needs.

Patented Sealing System

Signature Sealing System

Employing high-grade architectural EPDM rubber sealing, our uniquely patented development effectively secures insulation during winter and proficient leakage prevention during rainy seasons.

Patented Pre-stress Technology

Patented Pre-Stress Mechanism

Effectively thwarting structural deformation and amplifying load-bearing capability.

Integrated Lighting System

Streamlined Lighting System

The embedded lighting design renders the system neat and visually appealing, with a range of customizable control options.

Customized Doors and Windows

Customizable Doors and Windows

Facilitates the placement of doors and windows at any juncture within the entire structure, offering enhanced flexibility for diverse usage scenarios.


Space-Efficient Design

Lean-To Pool Enclosures attach directly to buildings such as homes or garden walls. This design utilizes the existing structure for support and extends over the pool, maximizing available space. Such integration ensures the pool area is seamlessly connected to the home, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Versatile and Stable Construction

Lean-To Pool Enclosures are celebrated for their versatility and stability. They are designed to be structurally independent, allowing for installation without additional supporting structures. Available in various styles, these enclosures can be fully enclosed or partially open to accommodate different weather conditions and user preferences.

Sleek Aesthetics with Durable Materials

25mm thick multi-wall polycarbonate roof glazing in Lean-To Enclosures offers a sleek and modern look while providing durability. This material choice minimizes the need for extensive aluminum framing, often seen in glass-roofed enclosures, thus offering a cleaner and more streamlined appearance.

Material of Gabled Pool Enclosures

Durable Materials

Lean-To Pool Enclosures are built from robust materials like aluminum alloy and stainless steel. They often include polycarbonate and glass, ensuring the enclosures are robust, withstand the elements, and last for years.

Integrated Roof Design

The roofing of Lean-To Pool Enclosures typically attaches to the house's exterior, presenting a sloped design. This seamless integration enhances the property's visual appeal and ensures efficient water runoff.

Cutting-Edge Glazing

SHELTER provides advanced options like multi-wall polycarbonate roof glazing. These sturdy materials are extruded in lengths up to 39 feet, reducing the need for excess framing and offering a sleek, modern look.

Cost-Effective Solutions

These enclosures offer a cost-effective solution for pool protection. Their design simplicity allows for easier installation, making them a budget-friendly option compared to other types.

Wind-Resistant Structures

Lean-To pool Enclosures are designed to withstand high winds, making them ideal for areas prone to intense weather conditions. They provide a secure, sheltered pool space, even in challenging climates.

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A Polycarbonate Pool Enclosure is a structure that surrounds the top and sides of a swimming pool. It acts as a barrier to keep out natural elements and unwanted visitors while keeping the water cleaner. This type of enclosure often includes windows or hatches that allow air in, helping maintain a cool temperature inside even on hot days.

Flat Pool Enclosure Flat Pool Enclosure

A Flat Pool Enclosure, also known as a flat pool cover, is a type of pool enclosure that covers the pool with a flat surface. Manufacturers can make it from various materials, such as rigid polycarbonate or glass panels.

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Gabled Pool Enclosures are structures made from reinforced glass or plastic. They form a gabled shape over outdoor swimming pools. They feature a sloped roof that facilitates drainage, reducing water accumulation and simplifying cleaning efforts.

Domed Pool Enclosures Domed Pool Enclosures

Domed Pool Enclosures consist of structures made from reinforced glass or plastic materials. These structures form a dome or dome-like shape over outdoor swimming pools. Domed Pool Enclosures feature a sloped roof that facilitates drainage. This design reduces water accumulation and cleaning efforts.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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