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Shelter Structures Pole Tent
Shelter Structures Pole Tent
Shelter Structures Pole Tent
Shelter Structures Pole Tent
30x75 Frame Tent
Shelter Structures Pole Tent
20x60 frame tent

Shelter Structures Frame Tent

Our frame tents stand out with their unique design. This special structure easily supports the top and side walls of the tent without the need for intermediate poles, creating a spacious interior with no internal obstructions. This makes our frame tents ideal for a variety of outdoor activities and events. Whether you plan to use it for weddings, parties, corporate events, fairs or open-air markets, we have a tent to suit your needs. Whether it's to ensure participants enjoy a comfortable sheltered space or to add a unique ambience to your event, our frame tents are perfect for the job.

Sturdy Support: The framework of our tent is exceptionally robust, offering unparalleled support to the tent's structure. This means that even without the need for central support poles, our frame tent can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring a secure and reliable shelter for your event.

Spacious Interior: The absence of center poles within the framework creates an expansive and obstruction-free interior. This spaciousness allows for versatile event setups, accommodating various seating arrangements, decorations, and activities.

Flexibility: The framework's adaptability allows for easy customization. You can configure the interior of the tent to meet your specific event requirements, whether it's a wedding, party, or corporate function.

Unobstructed Views: With no central support poles blocking sightlines, our frame tent ensures that all attendees have clear, unobstructed views of the event's focal points, enhancing the overall experience.

Quick Setup: The framework's design simplifies the setup process, saving valuable time and effort during event preparations. This efficiency is especially beneficial for events with tight schedules.

Enhancing Ambiance: The framework's elegant design can contribute to the overall ambiance of your event. It provides a sophisticated and open atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for creating memorable occasions.

Diverse Applications: Thanks to its robust framework, our tent is suitable for a wide range of outdoor events, including weddings, parties, corporate gatherings, trade shows, and more.

Corporate Clients: Companies for exhibitions, commercial events, sales booths.

High-end event planners: organising high-end weddings and corporate events that require column-free space.

Multi-purpose Venue Operators: such as hotels or conference centres that require tents that can be adapted to different events and ground conditions.

Flexibility seekers: Customers with specific needs for space layout and interior setup.

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Our diverse product range ensures that you will find the right tent system for your needs.

A Fusion of Luxury and Versatility for Every Occasion!

We provides the best atmosphere

Shelter Structures Pole Tent

Elegant Under the Stars

Transforming outdoor weddings with its majestic canopy, the Pole Tent offers a romantic, fairy-tale setting.

Shelter Structures Pole Tent

Festival Gathering Hub

At the heart of every festival, this Pole Tent stands as a bustling center for socializing and celebration.

Shelter Structures Pole Tent

Rustic Market Charm

Under the Pole Tent's shelter, vendors and shoppers mingle in a vibrant, rustic-themed market atmosphere.


  • Features / tent type
  • Frame Tent
  • Application scenarios
  • Hard ground or no piling site
  • Advantage
  • No central pillar, flexible layout
  • Size coverage
  • 10-40 feet wide and can be increased in length,usually at 10 or 20 feet as an added unit(10,20,30,40)
  • Concrete purpose
  • Wedding, exhibition, business events
  • Installation requirements
  • Flexible and available for hard ground installation

Main Applications of Frame Tent


frame tents are one of the most commonly used by campers.These frame tents provide a comfortable living environment,ensuring campers far from the effect of weather condition,insects and wild animals.Frame tents usually esay to set up,providing sufficient interior space and ventilation.


frame tents is very popular in hiking travel,because they havelighter weight and easy to carry.Walker can put their frame tents in ther backpack.Then set up quickly when they need.Providing a temporary place of accommodation.

Open-air music festivals and events:

many open-air music festivals and events provide camping area for those participants who need accommodations.Frame tents is a common chioce,because they easy to setup and dismantle.

Vacation camp:

some vacation camp provide frame tent as an accommodation option.These tents usually fully equipped,provide beds and infrastructure,make campers could enjoy outdoor activites and don’t need to worry about setting up a tent.

Catering and reception:

l high peak tent also usually be used as temporary outdoor catering service,such as wedding,outdoor restaurant and reception area for special activities.

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Large Wedding Reception Tent Large Wedding Reception Tent

Large wedding reception tents with comprehensive visitor lists are necessary for hosting grand weddings. They supply a flexible, customizable area that can accommodate many layouts and styles. The wedding party tent can make your wedding more ritualistic and clear the function of the wedding.

40×180 wedding pole tent Small Wedding Pole Tents

Small Wedding Pole Tents present an ageless appeal to wedding celebrations, defined by their high peaks and stylish curves supported by metal poles. These tents do not only supply a standard aesthetic with their festive roofing lines but likewise bring ceremonial splendor to intimate settings. Each tent's peak frequently embellishes a flag or finial, enhancing their picturesque appearance, making them best for photography and including a storybook quality to your big day.

Two Story Wedding Tents Two Story Wedding Tents

Bow fabric tent is a tent with a saddle shape. With its unique appearance and excellent performance, it leads the new trend of outdoor activities and becomes the best partner for the stage and the band. Whether it's a music festival, concert or theater performance, bow fabric tent is ideal for enhancing the stage effect. A perfect fusion of art and technology.

40×200 aluminum alloy pole tent for outside Marquee Wedding Tents

Marquee Wedding Tents are a peak of versatility and design for any outdoor occasion, especially wedding events. These tents are available in various designs—from traditional canvas to contemporary clear marquees—and each style has a unique atmosphere. What sets Marquee Wedding Tents apart is their capability to transform any space into a spectacular venue, whether a farm, beach, or historic estate, providing an ideal background that aligns with your wedding vision.

Wedding Tent Structures Wedding Tent Structures

Wedding Tent Structures revolutionize outside wedding locations with glass or transparent acrylic roofing systems. These structures brighten the interior while offering reliable protection from weather conditions. Known for their sturdiness and performance, Wedding Tents combine the captivating appeal of outdoor landscapes with the convenience and high end of an indoor setting. Readily available in numerous sizes and shapes, these tents are top-rated in square and rectangle shapes, enhancing their architectural symmetry and balance.

Clear Wedding Frame Tents 4 Clear Wedding Frame Tents

Clear Wedding Frame Tents stand out in integrating natural appeal with celebratory spaces. The clear vinyl or plastic roofing product floods the interior with natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. This transparency guarantees that visitors can appreciate the panoramas of the place, making each occasion memorable.

Orangery Wedding Tents Orangery Wedding Tents

Orangery Wedding Tents exhibit modern-day sophistication and stylish elegance. Our design team crafts each tent with a striking layered shape that transforms any event into a glamorous affair. These tents adjust to various area requirements, whether inside, outdoors, or beyond, making them best for weddings, galas, and significant events.

Atrium Clear Span Tents Atrium Wedding Tents

Atrium Wedding Tents, also known as" Conservatory tent," are an elegant option for various celebrations, including glamorous wedding events, exhibitions, and outdoor occasions. Their advanced structure design distinguishes them from traditional tent layouts.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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