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The Frame mobile sun cover has good spatial expansion, which is mainly suitable for leisure space, commercial space and household space. Its intelligence can make the sun room space live for different functional needs, can provide a variety of options and services for different scenes such as commercial space, leisure space, home space, etc. Smart sun room is a movable fast building, can automatically expand through electric control, can adjust the opening and closing space of the light room at will, simple and convenient installation. It is a novel telescopic mobile top cover product that combines intelligent technology and comfortable living in the current market.

Intelligent Operation:The modular rail design allows for the sunroom modules to automatically open and close according to weather changes. With a motor installed within the rail, users can control the automatic expansion and retraction of modules electrically, significantly enhancing flexibility and convenience during use.

Excellent Ventilation: The semi-enclosed design permits manual module adjustments for ventilation based on temperature changes and air freshness, ensuring a consistent fresh air environment both indoors and outdoors, thus providing a comfortable living and leisure environment.

Efficient Environmental Protection: The double-layer UV material resists up to 98% of ultraviolet rays, and its low thermal conductivity keeps the indoors cool. Additionally, the good sealing performance protects the interior from cold air intrusion during stormy weather, offering a comfortable space throughout the varying seasons.

Space Extensibility: The sunroom design provides excellent space extensibility for leisure, commercial, and residential spaces. The intelligent features allow for versatile use of the sunroom space according to different functional needs, such as extending it into a reading room, gym, reception room, or garden among other multi-functional spaces.

Multi-functional Application: The intelligent design and space extensibility of the sunroom meet various functional requirements, providing users with a customizable multi-functional space, thereby enhancing the diversity and practicality of living and commercial spaces.

Leisure space:

  • The aim is to create a complete dining and leisure space, using light as a visual marker of the space, making it respond to the lush landscape surrounding the building. The leisure space created by the sun room is also a place for people to entertain and relax. It uses a fully transparent design, which is more intelligent and has a wider range of applications than the same type of products, and most of the leisure scenes, such as gardens, restaurants, swimming pools, bar rooms, etc., can be applied. We can provide exclusive design solutions according to customers' site requirements, and create a special outdoor leisure space for customers!

Commercial space:

  • The telescopic mobile sun room has a variety of uses and can be built into a combined commercial space, which can be a combination of supermarkets, hotels and SPA rooms, and become a space for various activities. The electric manhole cover sun room on the roof of the commercial district is mainly for the large commercial top floor, in order to truly enjoy the sun and get close to nature, which fully benefits the space of the roof and makes the light sufficient. With the sliding system of the sun room, the intelligent technology can be modular and mobile to achieve a real living place and a comfortable leisure space.

Home space:

  • Home to build a mobile telescopic sun room, through the wide glass Windows, so that the entire indoor light maximization, highlighting the indoor spacious, giving a sense of openness, for private communities, villas and other outdoor space can also create an outdoor terrace, not only can turn the idle open space into a leisure place, but also in the appearance of a breakthrough. With the patio sun room, you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors, while also improving privacy and enhancing security. You can enjoy the peace of the natural environment without being exposed to the view of your neighbors. Such an outdoor terrace can also be made into a dining area or leisure area, which can not only shelter from the wind and rain, but also be in close contact with people naturally

Flame retardant:
PVC Fabric Fire Retardant, certified by DIN 4102 B1,M2; USA NFPA 701

Premium grade, high gloss white, thickness > 0.65mm

Main frame construct by hard pressed extruded structural aluminum T6061/T6 feature with stainless finish

All covers are made of double coated synthetic fiber with the best peformance in breaking strength

Snow resistant:
Average snow load up to 0.1kN/m2

Wind resistant:
Fully open & Half open Max.Wind load up to 74km /h, Fully closed Max.wind load up to 100km/h

Profile Aluminum Alloy Profile 6061-T6
Profile Span Profile U2 (8-10m): A15 (10-20m)
Surface Treatment Electrophoresis (corrosion-resistant, colorfast) | Anodization (strong weather resistance) | Powder Coating
Wind Load 0.5KN/m2
Snow Load 0.3KN/m2
Material Options Polycarbonate Sheets, Tempered Glass, Laminated Tempered Glass, or Insulated Tempered Glass
Features Intelligent opening and closing, translucent, flame retardant, strong weather resistance, waterproof, sound and heat insulation, UV-resistant (PC board)

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Product details


Sun room accessories structure


Enhanced Track

Advanced Track Design

The sophisticated track design ensures fluid operation, built to withstand deformation and ward off any derailments. Each track spans a width of 10cm.

Sound and Heat Insulation Main Board

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Main Board

By harnessing a 4mm polycarbonate endurance board, it boasts a superior light transmission rate, and stands firm against aging and deformation. The impact resilience is elevated to 20 times that of glass, ensuring safety and reliability.

High-Strength Main Frame

High-Tensile Main Frame

The foundational frame is meticulously constructed using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy profiles, exhibiting a load-bearing fortitude rivaling that of steel, significantly bolstering its defiance against wind and snow.

Patented Internal Drainage System

Innovative Internal Drainage System

With a patented active internal drainage system in place, it offers a dual layer of protection against water intrusion and effective leakage prevention.

High-End Sunshade System

High-End Sunshade System

Featuring an integrated sunshade curtain, the overall system exudes a high-end and grand aura. Both brightness and color can be customized to meet individual needs.

Safe Built-in Power Supply System

Safe Mobile Power Supply System:

Showcasing a plethora of mobile power supply designs, it's capable of meeting electrical demands at any given location, while providing effective lightning and leakage protection for secure usage.

Technology-Driven Intelligent Drive System

Cutting-Edge Intelligent Drive System

Housing a manual-automatic blended drive motor, this system delivers stable, safe, and whisper-quiet superior performance. It accommodates remote control and intelligent sensing control, epitomizing technological sophistication.

Intelligent Wind and Rain Sensing System

Luxurious Sunshade System

Featuring an integrated sunshade curtain, the system exudes a luxurious and grand vibe. There's room for customization in brightness and color to suit individual needs.

Patented Sealing System

Signature Sealing System

Employing high-grade architectural EPDM rubber sealing, our uniquely patented development effectively secures insulation during winter and proficient leakage prevention during rainy seasons.

Patented Pre-stress Technology

Patented Pre-Stress Mechanism

Effectively thwarting structural deformation and amplifying load-bearing capability.

Integrated Lighting System

Streamlined Lighting System

The embedded lighting design renders the system neat and visually appealing, with a range of customizable control options.

Customized Doors and Windows

Customizable Doors and Windows

Facilitates the placement of doors and windows at any juncture within the entire structure, offering enhanced flexibility for diverse usage scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions OF Military tent

The Frame Movable Pool Canopy can be utilized for medium-to-small swimming pools, as well as for some leisure space canopies, such as gardens, restaurants; in the same time, it can be used to some commercial space, like SPA rooms. It creates a special outdoor leisure space for the users.

The Frame Movable Pool Canopy are suitable for the cover for small terrains. The span can reach to 20-25 meters, and the length is also engineered to be specified.

Our Frame Movable Pool Canopy can be equipped with tempered glass on the side walls, instead, the standard roof panels are equipped with polycarbonate sheets.

The Frame Movable Pool Canopy can be fully customized, in terms of shape, size, amenities like lighting system, wind & rain sensing system, power supply system and more.

The pool canopy can have the wind load of 0.5KN/m2, and with the snow load of 0.3KN/m2.

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