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Flysheet Army Tents

Flysheet Army Tents

Unveiling the Flysheet Military Tents, your swift shelter solution by Clearspan Structure Systems, a name synonymous with superior design and manufacturing. Crafted to cater to a diverse range of operational scenarios, these tents stand as your bulwark against environmental adversities such as rain, sand, snow, and solar intrusion. The array of deployment shelter systems spans from temporary dwelling spaces to semi-permanent aircraft hangars, workshops, and storage facilities. Each variant of the Rapid Deployable Shelter systems is meticulously fashioned to cater to both individual and collective operational needs, ensuring a safe haven for personnel and essential equipment.

Unmatched Rain Defense: The flysheet layer unfurls a sturdy barrier against rain, ensuring a dry enclave, a cornerstone for preserving the morale and wellbeing of personnel amidst damp conditions.

Swift Deployment Mastery: The architectural finesse aids in rapid erecting and dismantling, an indispensable trait amidst the flux and urgency of military terrains.

Compact Yet Resourceful: Despite their modest footprint, these tents harbor a plethora of functional boons, standing as a reliable refuge across diverse operational spectrums.

Solid Craftsmanship: The diligent construction defies the harsh onslaught of field conditions, encapsulating a durable shelter haven.

Transport Ease: Their lightweight and collapsible design underscores effortless transport, marking them as quintessential gear in mobile military endeavors.

Broad-Spectrum Military Engagements:

  • Their nimble setup and rugged build earmark them as a fitting choice across a broad spectrum of military field engagements.

Individual or Cohort Shelter:

  • The tents unfold a cozy and safeguarded haven for individual soldiers or small cohorts, catering to the fundamental need for respite and recuperation amidst demanding terrains.

Vital Equipment Safekeep:

  • Offering a shielded berth for crucial equipment, these tents are instrumental in upholding operational readiness.

Emergency Readiness:

  • The swift deployment facet is a blessing in emergency scenarios, unfurling immediate shelter and aiding in adept crisis navigation.

 Training and Exercise Arenas:

  • The superior rain shield and nimble setup features bolster their utility in outdoor training drills, nurturing a conducive learning ambiance amidst nature’s whims.

Flame retardant:
PVC Fabric Fire Retardant, certified by DIN 4102 B1,M2; USA NFPA 701

Premium grade, high gloss white, thickness > 0.65mm

Main frame construct by hard pressed extruded structural aluminum T6061/T6 feature with stainless finish

All covers are made of double coated synthetic fiber with the best peformance in breaking strength

Snow resistant:
Average snow load up to 0.1kN/m2

Wind resistant:
Fully open & Half open Max.Wind load up to 74km /h, Fully closed Max.wind load up to 100km/h

Profile Aluminum alloy profile 6061-T6
Profile Span Profile A5(2-7m); U2(4-5m)
Surface Treatment electrophoresis (corrosion resistance, not easy to change color); Fluorocarbon (weather resistance); Powder coating; oxidation
Wind Load 0.5KN/m2, Conventional resistance to 10-12 strong winds
Snow Load 0.3KN/m2
Material 4mm polycarbonate cool board
Germany Bayer, add double UV material
Features Waterproof, beyond the safety factor of glass, resistance to g8% UV
Service life more than 10 years

Available 24/7

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Military Canvas Tents for Army | Shelter Structures

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Frequently Asked Questions of Flysheet Army Tent

The Flysheet Army Tent can be used for military accommodation for troops, command and control centers, military medical centers and more. The Flysheet Army Tent is not the small military tent for single use and is widely used in military camps and army barracks.

A wide rage of variations and configurations is available to choose from, including different types of doors, windows, flooring systems, lighting units, room air conditioners, heating systems and more.

This type of military tent is not limited by terrain and can be set up on various surfaces such as grass, sand, concrete, and more. We provide you with complementary anchoring methods for different types of terrain.

The standard span of the Flysheet Army Tent is 6 meters and with the standard ridge height of 3 meters.

Yes, our Flysheet Army Tent can be customized according to clients’ requirements, in terms of size, fabric covers, amenities and more.

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