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Home - Commercial Use - Shelter Structures Atrium Event Tents for Wedding & Party

Shelter Structures Atrium tent
Atrium event tent
Atrium event tent
Atrium event tent
Atrium event tent

Shelter Structures Atrium Event Tents for Wedding & Party

The Atrium Frame Tents epitomize the pinnacle of tent craftsmanship. Crafted by our seasoned artisans, each tent stands as a testament to our commitment to durability and elegance. Dive into Shelter-Structures' diverse range of sizes tailored for your grand events. From intimate birthdays to lavish weddings, our tents are priced competitively, ensuring your event is both stylish and sheltered. Secure your exquisite Atrium Frame Tent today.

WEATHERPROOF: Our tarps feature advanced anti-absorption technology for superior waterproof performance.
Reusable: Easily repositioned and reused, no cutting or welding required.
Sturdy and safe: Made of aluminum alloy and iron, this tent is sturdy and can naturally adapt to different environmental conditions.
Portable: Quick assembly and disassembly, lightweight materials, factory prefabricated for quick transportation and worry-free storage.
Versatility: This tent can be matched with different tents to suit different event scenarios.


When you want to enjoy the sunshine undisturbed with your friends, Shelter Aturim Tent is the choice you want. You can socialize more attentively, and the customizable size will make the gathering you initiate very special. This is where our value lies.

Span width 3.00 + 9.00 + 3.00m | 5.00 + 15.00 + 5.00m
Eave height 4.00m
Peak height 7.50m | 9.00m
Bay distance 3.00m – 10.00m
Custom Color Yes
Water Resistant Yes
UV Coated Yes
Flame Resistant Yes
Custom Logo Printing Yes
Expandable? No
Clump weight Yes
Available 24 / 7 Online Now

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Structure of wedding party atrium event tent

Wall & gable options

  • 650GSM Translucent PVC
  • 950GSM Transparent PVC
  • PVC french window
  • Transparent glass wall

Door options

  • Single door
  • Double door

Roof options

  • 850GSM Opaque PVC
  • 950GSM Transparent PVC

Additional accessories

  • Enterance ramp
  • Canopy
  • Decorative linings
  • Wooden floor
  • Cassette floor
better than tents events Atrium event tent

Atrium in Wedding Event Party: A Charming Temple of Art

In an once-in-a-lifetime party like a wedding event, the Atrium is not just an area for shade, it is extra like a fantastic art hall. Here, every iron pattern tells an enchanting tale, and every detail is so fragile and elegant. Its framework is not only durable and dependable, but also a properly designed artwork. When night drops, the lighted candle lights in the cover show with the surrounding atmosphere, developing a fanciful and strange environment. In such a scenario, the couple enters the marital relationship hall under the witness of pals and loved ones, and this experience is undoubtedly distinct. Every edge of the Atrium marquee is very carefully embellished to make sure that every wedding celebration is memorable.

In corporate activities, the Atrium brings even more of a high-end organization atmosphere. It is not only a room for product screen, however additionally an extension of brand name picture. Under this type of camping tent, every handshake and every interaction is particularly essential. The distinct layout of the iron camping tent can instantly bring in people's interest, and its exquisite information show the brand's expertise and attentiveness. Whether it's a clear display screen under the daytime sunshine or a brilliant glow under the nighttime lights, the Atrium is perfectly adapted. In such a room, every launch and every exhibition may come to be the focus of the market, bringing more interest and business possibilities for ventures.

Atrium in art event: a platform for social exchange

In the art event, the Atrium itself is a spectacular artwork. It exists not just to display various other art works, but likewise a system for cultural exchange. Every area in the Atrium is created so masterfully and carefully that it completely incorporates modernity and custom, advancement and classic. In such a room, the musicians' jobs are better displayed and the audience can really feel the charm of art in it. Whether it is painting, sculpture or installment art, the iron art tent supplies an unique background that makes every piece of work seem even more vibrant and interesting.

Atrium in specialized marketplaces: a unique purchasing experience

In the Specialized Market, the Atrium offers an distinctive purchasing experience. It is not just a system for displaying merchandise, however additionally an embodiment of a way of living. Under such a cover, each product appears to have an unique tale and state of mind. The style of the Atrium has plenty of creativity and creative thinking, allowing individuals to enjoy an visual and psychological banquet while shopping. The Atrium bring a brand-new sort of vigor and design to the marketplaces, making it a brand-new option for individuals's leisure and shopping.

Overall, the Atrium has demonstrated unparalleled advantages in various activity scenarios due to its unique design and functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Room has plenty of creative style, providing a special visual experience different from standard canopies. It is especially suitable for events that need to add sophisticated ambience, not only for wedding celebrations and personal events, but additionally for industrial events, exhibitions and cultural tasks, revealing exceptional multi-purpose performance. The high class and advanced look of Atrium Event Tent can considerably boost the class and professionalism and trust of any kind of event, making it extra distinctive. The ingenious style of Atrium not only gives indoor and exterior occasion space, yet additionally effectively uses the place, boosting the energy and appearance of the area.

The response is unquestionably that customers can choose the size and shape of the canopy to match various rooms and occasion needs. The style aspects of an Atrium marquee, consisting of patterns, colors and decorative details, can be customized according to the client's taste and occasion style. Certain attributes such as water-proof roof coverings, detachable walls or integrated illumination can be added depending upon the objective of use. Clients can likewise choose from a selection of products and surfaces to make sure the sturdiness and appearances of the cover. Personalization can additionally consist of the selection of furniture, décor and other features that are appropriate for the canopy.

Room are usually developed to be very solid and able to stand up to regular inclement climate such as wind and rainfall. For areas with high wind and snow loads, various profiles can be used to make certain architectural stability and security. This will not have any kind of impact on the general layout.

Due to the top quality steel products and robust architectural style typically used in Room, they carry out well in regards to toughness and appropriate for long-term use. The capability to adjust to a variety of weather, including solid winds, rainfall and other natural elements, makes them an ideal option for long-lasting installations. The suitability of Atrium for long-term setups likewise relies on the location of the setup. In some public places or commercial settings, Atrium can be made use of as a long-term building framework.

As a result of the materials made use of and its building, upkeep and maintenance are usually relatively easy.Atrium Event Tent requirement to be cleansed frequently in order to get rid of dust and stains and to keep their aesthetic and fresh look. Moderate cleaning agents and soft towels can be used for cleansing, staying clear of making use of highly corrosive chemical cleaners. Routinely inspect the structural security of the Atrium Event Tent, especially the connectors and support factors, to make certain there is no looseness or damage.

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Achieving the perfect marriage of aesthetics and utility, quick setup the Square Atrium event tent features robust aluminum frames adorned with intricate embellishments. Tailored for medium-sized events, it's a symbol of modern elegance.

Arcum Atrium Tent Effect Drawing Shelter Structures Arcum Atrium Festival Tent

Compact yet eternally elegant, customizable layouts the M9 Atrium festival tent embodies durability and timeless style. Ideal for intimate gatherings and celebrations, it blends sophistication with functionality.

Front Of Extended Height Atrium Tent Effect Shelter Structures Extended-height Atrium Event Tent

Elevate your occasions with the modular design High Atrium Event Tent. Offering spacious designs that exude opulence, it's the ultimate choice for grand weddings and corporate gatherings.

Shelter Structures Atrium tent Shelter Structures Atrium Clear Span Tent

Indulge in opulent grandeur with the high-capacity accommodation L30 Atrium Outdoor Tent. Monumentally scaled, it is the epitome of luxury, fitting for grand banquets, international expos, and large cultural events.

A Frame Atrium Tent Effect Shelter Structures A-frame Atrium Event Tent

Setting the stage for large-scale cultural extravaganzas, the superior material quality A-frame Atrium Event Tent stands tall with its grand design. Perfect for international conferences and celebrations, it's where prestige meets functionality.

Extended Span Atrium Tent Effect Drawing Shelter Structures Extended-Span Atrium Event Tent

Choose the eco-friendly materials L20 Atrium Large Tent for a touch of elegant grandeur. Its majestic architecture creates an ideal setting for grand music festivals and art exhibitions, making a statement of refined luxury.

Structures G Series tent Shelter G Series Industrial Tent

The G Series by Shelter Structures is a versatile range tailored for diverse needs, from industrial setups requiring robust protection to fairy-tale weddings and lively parties. This series combines industrial precision with event elegance.

12m PVDF Tarpaulin Dome Shelter Structures'12m PVDF Tarpaulin Event Dome

Experience the future of open-air events with the Celestial Dome. Offering 126 sqm of space, a 12.5m diameter, and 5m peak height, it's perfect for corporate gatherings and exhibitions.

25m Glass Event Domes 25m Glass Event Domes

The glass allows light to enter, creates a sense of space.
The entire glass dome structure is made of a light aluminum alloy frame and double-layer laminated glass, which is strong and durable with high aesthetic value. In addition, our team can customize a solution to suit your needs.

30m Public Space Dome 30m Large Event Space Dome

Behold the magnificence of the 30m Event Dome, a testament to professional excellence.
Elevate your event to new heights of sophistication with this remarkable choice.

25m Public Space Dome 25m Large Party Tent & Geodesic Dome Tent For Event

Presenting the impressive 25m Event Dome, a symbol of professional grandeur.
Whether hosting large-scale conferences, extravagant galas, or immersive exhibitions, this dome comfortably accommodates 800 people standing or 300 seated at tables, ensuring a truly impactful experience for your discerning guests.
Elevate your event to new heights with this premier choice.

20m Public Space Dome 20m Large Event Tents & Domes: Your Ultimate Event Space Solution

Introducing the extraordinary 20m Event Dome, where boundless possibilities take center stage.
From grand celebrations to immersive exhibitions, this dome comfortably accommodates 500 people standing or 190 seated at tables, offering an unparalleled setting for your extraordinary event.

18m Public Space Dome 18m Public Event Dome

Unveiling the awe-inspiring 18m Event Dome, where grandeur meets limitless possibilities. Whether it's hosting extravagant celebrations or immersive exhibitions, this dome comfortably accommodates 400 people standing or 150 seated at tables, ensuring an unparalleled experience that leaves a lasting impression.

15m Public Space Dome 15m Sports Dome House & Geodesic Dome Buildings for Any Sport & Event

Experience the grandeur of the 15m Event Dome. Whether hosting large-scale celebrations, exhibitions, or immersive installations, it comfortably accommodates 250 people standing or 100 seated at tables, offering a remarkable space for unforgettable experiences.

12m Public Space Dome 12m Festival Space Dome Tent for Party: Event Space Solution

Discover the 12m Event Dome, a captivating space ideal for gatherings, exhibitions, and celebrations. With its generous floor area and unique design, it promises both style and spaciousness for memorable events.

10m Public Space Dome 10M Geodesic Dome High-End Tents: Ultimate Event Space Solution

Step into the 10m Event Dome with 78m² of space, accommodating both large and intimate gatherings. From lively parties to close-knit events, it's the venue for unforgettable moments.

Shelter L Series tent Shelter L Series Party Tent & Industrial Tents | Large Tent

Shelter Structures' L Series tent offers unmatched quality for significant events. More than a tent, it's a statement of elegance and functionality. Ideal for festivals or corporate events, ensure memorable experiences.

Shelter Double decker tent Double Decker Tent

Shelter's Double Decker Tent maximizes space with a two-tiered design. Built for regional weather resilience and offering diverse rooftop options, it's a versatile choice for events and temporary needs.

Shelter Structures Arch Series tent The Best Waterproof Tent for Party & Event | Arch Series

Embrace every season with confidence with Shelter's Premium Waterproof Tents. Transform any occasion, from grand nuptials to exclusive auto exhibitions, into a paragon of sophistication and durability. Unveil the secret behind the choice of leading brands for flawless events. Act now and experience the Shelter difference!

Shelter Thermo Series tent Shelter Thermo Series Heavy Duty Commercial Tents

Shelter Structures' Thermo Commercial Series offers versatile, safe tents tailored for any event. Beyond just tents, they're experiences. With fire-retardant PVC and 75mph wind resistance, customize for durability and style. Discover our all-in-one event solution today.

Shelter Structures Atrium tent Classic Atrium Tent | Shelter Structures

Shelter Structures' Atrium Series Capsule Tent is a symbol of elegance and functionality for standout events. Offering more than shelter, it's a statement piece for festivals or corporate gatherings, ensuring memorable experiences.

Shelter Temporary tent C Series Temporary Tent Structures for Temporary Buildings

Shelter Structures' C Series tents combine quality and craftsmanship. Ideal for events, they exceed expectations and offer more than just shelter. Experience artful design and functionality in one.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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