Arch Movable Pool Canopy
Arch Movable Pool Canopy TENT
pool canopy
Arch Movable Pool Canopy TENT
Arch Movable Pool Canopy TENT

Arch Movable Pool Canopy

The curved integrated design makes the installation more convenient, the curved visual design gives a simple and generous aesthetic feeling, and the transparent design makes the corridor in front of the villa have a large range of lighting area, the vision is wide, and the natural landscape in front of the villa is in front of the eyes, so that you can also have a good interaction with the outdoors, creating a kind of elegant and comfortable feeling!

High-Quality Material Application: This movable sunroom utilizes aluminum alloy profiles along with high-quality imported polycarbonate sheets (PC boards) from Germany's Bayer, ensuring structural stability, durability, as well as excellent light transmission and thermal insulation properties.

Safety Verification: We can provide wind resistance level reports verified by professional institutions, offering robust safety assurance to users and alleviating concerns regarding environmental factors.

Innovative Drainage Design: The Saer corridor movable sunroom features a patented built-in drainage gutter system, effectively preventing rainwater infiltration and automatically diverting excess rainwater outdoors, ensuring a dry and comfortable indoor environment.

Additional Cooling Facilities: Equipped with external cooling devices, this movable sunroom provides a comfortable and cool indoor environment during hot summer months, enhancing user experience.

Professional Technical Support: We provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales service, ensuring users receive professional and timely guidance and assistance throughout the product installation, usage, and maintenance processes, achieving worry-free utilization.

Swimming Pool: 

  • This movable sunroom is suitable for swimming pool areas, with its high-quality aluminum alloy profiles and imported polycarbonate sheets providing excellent shading and thermal insulation. The patented drainage system effectively manages rainwater, keeping the pool area dry and comfortable. The external cooling device offers a pleasant pool environment during hot summer days.


  • The movable sunroom provides an elegant and comfortable dining environment for restaurants. Its transparent PC boards allow natural light to filter through, creating a pleasant dining ambiance, while its robust structure and safety features ensure the safety and comfort of the patrons.


  • The Saer corridor movable sunroom, with its built-in drainage gutters and additional cooling facilities, offers weather protection and a comfortable passage environment in corridor areas. Its high-quality materials and structural design ensure long-term durability and ease of maintenance.


  • This movable sunroom is an ideal choice for balcony spaces, offering a sheltered, rain-protected, and natural light-filled comfortable space for users. Its professional technical support and safety verification ensure user comfort and safety under varying weather conditions.

Flame retardant:
PVC Fabric Fire Retardant, certified by DIN 4102 B1,M2; USA NFPA 701

Premium grade, high gloss white, thickness > 0.65mm

Main frame construct by hard pressed extruded structural aluminum T6061/T6 feature with stainless finish

All covers are made of double coated synthetic fiber with the best peformance in breaking strength

Snow resistant:
Average snow load up to 0.1kN/m2

Wind resistant:
Fully open & Half open Max.Wind load up to 74km /h, Fully closed Max.wind load up to 100km/h

Profile Aluminum alloy profile 6061-T6
Profile Span Profile A5(2-7m); U2(4-5m)
Surface Treatment electrophoresis (corrosion resistance, not easy to change color); Fluorocarbon (weather resistance); Powder coating; oxidation
Wind Load 0.5KN/m2, Conventional resistance to 10-12 strong winds
Snow Load 0.3KN/m2
Material 4mm polycarbonate cool board
Germany Bayer, add double UV material
Features Waterproof, beyond the safety factor of glass, resistance to g8% UV
Service life more than 10 years

Available 24/7

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Breakdown diagram of large tent


Enhanced Track

Refined Tracking Mechanism

The refined tracking mechanism promises a seamless operation, structured to resist deformation, thereby averting any derailments. A single track measures 10cm in width.

Sound and Heat Insulation Main Board

Acoustic and Thermal Insulation Main Panel

Employing a 4mm polycarbonate endurance panel, it showcases a high rate of light permeability, standing strong against aging and deformation. Its impact resistance is 20-fold compared to glass, marking it as safe and dependable.

High-Strength Main Frame

Robust Principal Framework

The primary framework is crafted using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy profiles, boasting a load-bearing prowess on par with steel, markedly amplifying its wind and snow resistance.

Patented Internal Drainage System

Exclusive In-Built Drainage Scheme

With a patented active internal drainage scheme, it provides a dual shield against water seepage and leakage prevention.

High-End Sunshade System

Premium Shading System

Integrated with a sunshade curtain, the system radiates a premium and majestic ambiance. Customization in brightness and color is available to cater to individual preferences.

Safe Built-in Power Supply System

Secure Integrated Power Supply Framework

Encompassing a broad spectrum of mobile power supply designs, it caters to electrical needs at any locale, efficiently offering lightning and leakage safeguard for secure usage.

Technology-Driven Intelligent Drive System

Technology-Infused Smart Drive System

Incorporating a manual-automatic unified drive motor, this system flaunts stable, secure, and quiet superior performance. It supports remote and intelligent sensing control, showcasing a technologically advanced demeanor.

Intelligent Wind and Rain Sensing System

Smart Meteorological Sensing System

Offering real-time wind and rain discernment, with automated sensing for opening and closing. Integration with fire linkage systems is available, ensuring peace of mind.

Patented Sealing System

Proprietary Sealing Technology

Utilizing top-tier architectural grade EPDM rubber sealing, our exclusive patented development effectively guarantees insulation during winter and leakage prevention during rainy seasons.

Patented Pre-stress Technology

Patented Pre-Stress Innovation

Effectively counteracts structural deformation and bolsters load-bearing capacity.

Integrated Lighting System

Unified Illumination System

With an inbuilt lighting design, the system presents a tidy and aesthetically appealing appearance, with customizable control options.

Customized Doors and Windows

Tailored Doors and Windows

Accommodates the installation of doors and windows at any position within the entire structure, lending more adaptability for varying usage scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions OF Military tent

The Arch Movable Pool Canopy can be engineered to be manual and also to be automatic. By utilizing the Technology-Driven Intelligent Drive System, It is retractable and be movable from the middle automatically.

The main frame of this pool canopy is made of hard pressed extruded structural aluminum T6061/T6, together with the 4mm polycarbonate endurance panels, which showcases a high rate of light permeability, standing strong against aging and deformation.

Yes, the pool canopy can be fully customized, in terms of shape, size, amenities like lighting system, wind & rain sensing system, power supply system and more.

Our pool canopy is also prefabricated with modular design, which indicates the feature of easy installation. Comprehensive installation manual and instructions are provided.

Besides using it for swimming pools, it can use for restaurant canopy, balcony covers and more. It creates a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere, suitable for canopy environments that require natural light and a connection with the natural ambiance.

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