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Arch event tent
Arch event tent
Arch event tent
Arch event tent

Arch Clear Span Tent

Elevate your occasions with the 30X30 Arch Series by Shelter Structures – a meticulous design crafted to meet your unique needs. Whether you're hosting a grand event with our pristine white commercial tents or requiring a custom solution, our ensemble is perfect for you. At Shelter Structures, each tent transcends mere shelter; it makes a statement. Unveil the perfect blend of style and functionality with our 30X30 Arch Series – where your event becomes an unforgettable experience. Explore our tent collection today.

Unique Design: Elevate your event with the distinctive curved or arched structure, providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance that stands out.

Stability: Experience unmatched stability as the arch shape distributes weight evenly, ensuring resilience against strong winds and heavy rain.

Spacious Interior: Enjoy a spacious interior with the arch shape maintaining height throughout the tent, creating a roomy atmosphere.

Expandable: Tailor your space with unlimited expansion possibilities, adding modular extensions in 5.00m increments for a custom fit.

Safety Standards: Rest easy knowing the cover PVC fabric meets stringent safety standards, certified for DIN4102 B1 M2 and NFPA 701 fire retardant.

Durability: Built to withstand the elements, our tents are manufactured to endure wind loads up to 120km/h (75mph), ensuring durability in any conditions.

Variety of Accessories: Customize your experience with an extensive range of accessories, including various walls, doors, and interior facilities, for a personalized touch.

High-Quality Materials: Crafted from a combination of high-grade anodized aluminum and corrosive-resistant galvanized steel, our frame ensures lasting quality. Covers are supplied using the latest in low wick, anti-fungicide high gloss white, flame retardant translucent, or opaque PVC for a premium finish. Choose the 30X30 Arch Series – where sophistication meets strength for an extraordinary event.

Party & Wedding: Create unforgettable moments with the 30X30 Arch Series Tent tailored for both intimate gatherings and grandeur celebrations. Experience a cozy environment for cherished moments in smaller parties or weddings, or elevate the atmosphere for lavish celebrations where every guest is part of the grand spectacle.

Commercial: Set the stage for success with our tent ideal for various commercial events. From professional product launches to medium-sized exhibitions, it creates an ambiance that speaks of professionalism. For mega events, the tent is tailored to accommodate large-scale commercial exhibitions or corporate gatherings, ensuring seamless arrangements for a vast number of attendees.

Events & Festival: Infuse a festive atmosphere into local events with our festival tent, designed to enhance the experience for attendees at local festivals or events. For mega festivities, our tent is customized for major festivals or public events, creating an immersive environment where every attendee is an integral part of the grand celebration. Choose the 30X30 Arch Series – where versatility meets the unique requirements of your event.


Experience versatility on a grand scale with the 30X30 Arch Series Tents by Shelter Structures. These tents are not only expandable with a variety of frame profiles but also adaptable with the option to add 5.00m extensions. Crafted from fire-resistant PVC fabric, they assure safety while withstanding winds up to 75mph. Elevate your event's style with our customizable options and a range of accessories. Choose the 30X30 Arch Series – where adaptability meets resilience for an unparalleled event experience.

Span width 30.00m
Eave height 4.03m
Ridge height 8.25m
Bay distance 5.00m
Custom Color Yes
Water Resistant Yes
UV Coated Yes
Flame Resistant Yes
Custom Logo Printing Yes
Expandable? No
Clump weight Yes

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Waterproof Tent for Party & Event | Arch Series

Wall & gable options

  • 650GSM Translucent PVC
  • 950GSM Transparent PVC
  • PVC french window
  • Transparent glass wall
  • Sandwich panel
  • Glass hung window

Door options

  • Single door
  • Double door
  • Sliding glass door
  • PVC door with zipper

Roof options

  • 850GSM Opaque PVC
  • 950GSM Transparent PVC
  • Double-layer thermal PVC roof

Additional accessories

  • Enterance ramp
  • Canopy
  • Reinforced beam
  • Decorative linings
  • Wooden floor
  • Cassette floor
  • Ventilation fan
  • Air conditioner

Frequently Asked Questions

Because our tents are custom made, you can click the Get Quote button to customize the size you need.

These series may make it easy for you to quickly choose the type of tent you want, for example, the L\M\S series is differentiated by size. You can contact us and get your own suitable tent.

Covers are supplied using the latest in low wick, anti-fungicide high gloss white, flame retardant translucent or Opaque PVC in accordance to international standards including DIN 4102 B1, NFPA 701.

Sure, you can put your logo on the cover of the tent and anywhere around it.

Of course, we can cooperate with so many well-known manufacturers because we meet their needs for different sizes of tents, you can click Get Quote to talk to us, we will help you choose the most suitable tent for you.

About 5 weeks, you can see the specific delivery time through the order number

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