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Shelter Horse Arena Tent | A Frame

A Frame (S, G, M and L series) horse arena tents are specially designed for horse racing activities. Its unique design ensures excellent ventilation performance and ensures the comfort of horses; at the same time, the efficient drainage system effectively copes with various weather conditions, allowing horse farm activities to be carried out without fear of wind and rain. Constructed of high-quality materials and highly durable, it provides equestrian enthusiasts with a stable and safe competition space. Light and convenient, it adapts to the needs of different horse farms and is an ideal choice for your equestrian activities.

Spacious space:
A Frame (S, G, M and L series) horse arena tents have spacious interior spaces that provide ample activity areas for equestrian enthusiasts.

These tents are crafted with top quality materials like PVC fabric and galvanized steel frame to withstand harsh weather conditions

Weather Resistance:
These horse arena tents have excellent waterproof and UV protection properties, reliably protecting against rain, sunlight and various other external factors.

Quickly set up:
The installation and disassembly process of these tents is very simple and fast, regardless of their size. Modular layout and clear assembly instructions make configuration handling easier

High-quality materials:
The frame is made of high-grade anodized aluminum and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, and the lid is made of low-core, anti-fungicide, high-gloss flame-retardant PVC material to ensure excellent quality.

Good ventilation:
 It is particularly worth mentioning that the A Frame (S, G, M and L series) horse arena tents have excellent ventilation performance. Unique design ensures air circulation, effectively preventing stuffiness and humidity

Horse leaping: With its protective covering from the sun and weather, horse arena tents offer the perfect indoor setting for jumping events. This ensures a smooth race and frees up the horses and competitors to concentrate on setting new records.

Combined Equestrian Shows:Combined equestrian shows need to show the grace and power of horses, and the horse arena tent serves as a stage backdrop, not only providing a safe space, but also adding a sense of ritual to the performance, immersing the audience in the charm of the equestrian art.

Newcomers: A secure and regulated training atmosphere is offered by horse arena tents for novices. This place is ideal for beginners as they may pick up fundamental abilities, acquaint themselves with horses' routines gradually, lessen outside distractions, and enhance their learning outcomes.

Customized training:Individual fitness instructors might find the concentration and seclusion they need in a horse ring tent. Here, instructors can enhance the quality of instruction by training at their own leisure and with no obligation to adjust as needed.

Regular rivals: The horse arena tent makes sure that the competition is reasonable and fair during the official competition. It gives competitors access to a uniform arena, improving audience satisfaction and increasing the authenticity and dependability of the results.

Professional practice: The training facilities and environment must meet strict requirements, and the horse arena tent can do so. It offers advanced trainers a top-notch training platform with its well-built infrastructure, enabling them to excel and graduate to a higher level of instruction.


The Shelter series tents, with models A Frame (S, G, M and L series), are designed from high-quality PVC and galvanized steel, making them perfect for horse arenas. They offer adjustable sizes and weather resistance, crucial for outdoor equine activities. Their modular design simplifies setup and customization, allowing for varied uses such as training spaces, event hosting, or temporary stables. Easy to install and meeting safety standards, these tents provide a reliable and versatile solution for any horse arena, ensuring activities proceed smoothly, no matter the weather.

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About A Frame (S, G, M and L series) Horse Arena Tent

Resistance to Conditions:

The high-quality PVC material and galvanized steel frames of the horse arena tents offer exceptional resistance to various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and harsh sunlight. This ensures that equestrian activities can continue uninterrupted, regardless of the external environment.

Flexibility and Personalization:

Thanks to their modular design, these tents can be easily adapted and customized to fit specific needs, whether for training sessions, competitions, or as temporary stables. This flexibility allows for a wide range of equestrian activities to be accommodated within a single structure.

Easy Installation and Safety Compliance:

The tents are designed for simple setup, reducing the time and effort required to prepare for events or daily use. Additionally, they adhere to safety standards, ensuring a secure environment for both horses and handlers.

Sufficient Ventilation:

Proper ventilation is crucial in a horse arena to maintain air quality and ensure the comfort of both the animals and people inside. These tents are designed to promote airflow, helping to regulate temperature and minimize the buildup of odors or moisture.

Typically applicable to

Display Leaping:

These tents offer a dynamic and controlled environment crucial for the intricate layout of show jumping courses. Their robust structure and ample space not only ensure the safety of horse and rider but also allow for creative course design, elevating the competitive experience.

Combination Horse Events:

The adaptability of horse arena tents is particularly beneficial for combined equestrian shows, which involve multiple disciplines. Their modular nature allows for quick and efficient changes in setup, accommodating the diverse requirements of dressage, show jumping, and cross-country events within a single venue.


For those new to horseback riding, the enclosed and controlled environment of a horse arena tent provides a safe and focused setting for learning. It minimizes external distractions and helps in creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere for beginners to develop their skills confidently.

Individual Instruction:

Personal training sessions in horse arena tents offer a bespoke environment tailored to the specific needs of the rider and horse. Whether focusing on discipline-specific skills, conditioning, or rehabilitation, these tents provide the privacy and flexibility necessary for effective one-on-one training.

Official Contests:

Hosting official competitions in horse arena tents ensures that events can proceed regardless of weather conditions, offering a level playing field for all competitors. This not only upholds the integrity and fairness of the competition but also enhances the experience for participants and spectators alike.

Higher Training:

For riders aiming to compete at higher levels, horse arena tents offer the versatility to set up advanced and complex training courses. This capability is crucial for simulating competitive conditions, allowing riders and horses to prepare for the challenges of high-stakes competition.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Setup time depends on the size and complexity of the tent. A small tent may only take a few hours, while a large or custom-made structure may take several days. We provide detailed time estimates and installation support.

The DP series horse arena tent has excellent scalability and can be expanded indefinitely in 5.00m increments by adding modular expansion units to meet the needs of different scale horse farm events.

These tents are designed to be easy to set up and take down, but the process will vary depending on the size and model of tent. Generally speaking, installation involves laying the ground cover, erecting the tent frame, installing the tent fabric, and securing the tent. Disassembly is the reverse of this process.

These tents are usually manufactured using high-quality materials such as weather-resistant PVC-coated polyester fabric and are designed to withstand different climate conditions, including strong winds, rain, and UV radiation.

We can provide customization options to meet our customers' specific needs. These customization options may include tent size, color, branding or logo printing, window and door configurations, and additional accessories such as lighting and flooring systems.

Prices vary based on tent range, size, customization options and additional accessories. Generally speaking, small and standard-configuration tents cost less, while large or highly customized tents cost more.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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