Extended Height Atrium Tent
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Oextended Height Atrium Tent
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Shelter Structures Extended-height Atrium Event Tent

The Extended-height Atrium Event Tent redefines luxury. Skillfully crafted by artisans, it combines strength and elegance. Tailored for grand events, it ensures a stylish and sheltered experience, from opulent weddings to corporate galas.

  • Elevated Design: The Extended-height Atrium Event Tent series merges the robustness of its hard-pressed extruded aluminum alloy T6061/T6 with the elegance of its unique ornaments.
  • Unyielding Weather Resistance: Built to counter wind speeds of up to 115mph, ensuring events remain uninterrupted.
  • Prioritized Safety: The Option1 PVC fabric stands as a beacon of fire safety, ensuring utmost protection.
  • Flexible Structure: With a 5m bay distance, the tent offers adaptability, catering to diverse event requirements.
  • Diverse Accessory Options: Choose between the 950g/sqm double-coated clear PVC with black trim or the avant-garde horizontal glass wall.
  • Adherence to Global Standards: Precision-crafted with a keen eye on international quality benchmarks.
  • Party & Events: The Extended-height Atrium Event Tent's versatile design caters to a spectrum of events, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations.
  • Commercial Events: An emblem for corporate showcases, suitable for expansive trade exhibitions or global conventions.
  • Festivals: Craft the ambiance for cultural extravaganzas, be it soulful music festivals or vivid art showcases.
  • Weddings: An idyllic setting for couples to embark on their journey, making every moment resonate with joy.
Gable Span: 3+9+3m, 5+5+5m
Eave Height: 3m/4m
Ridge Height: 6.92m/7.92m
RoofPitch: 18°
Overhang: 500mm
Bay Distance: 5m
Max windload: 115mph

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A Fusion of Luxury and Versatility for Every Occasion!

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Because our tents are custom made, you can click the Get Quote button to customize the size you need.

These series may make it easy for you to quickly choose the type of tent you want, for example, the L\M\S series is differentiated by size. You can contact us and get your own suitable tent.

Covers are supplied using the latest in low wick, anti-fungicide high gloss white, flame retardant translucent or Opaque PVC in accordance to international standards including DIN 4102 B1, NFPA 701.

Sure, you can put your logo on the cover of the tent and anywhere around it.

Of course, we can cooperate with so many well-known manufacturers because we meet their needs for different sizes of tents, you can click Get Quote to talk to us, we will help you choose the most suitable tent for you.

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