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30x40 Frame Tent

30x40 Frame Tent

The 30×40 Frame Tent is a multifunctional and practical structure,ideal for various outdoor activities.The tent is 1,200 square feet wide,provide enough space,no internal brace,creating a open area for all kinds of layout.Built with high-quality materials,can accommodate for different weather conditions,ensuring the durability and dependability .

  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of events such as weddings, corporate gatherings, exhibitions, or as a temporary shelter.

    Easy Customization: The  structure allows for flexible layout designs and easy customization with decorations, lighting, and equipment.

    Durability and Stability: Made with high-quality materials, it withstands various weather conditions, ensuring reliability for outdoor use.

    Easy Assembly and Transport: Designed for straightforward setup and dismantling, and can be transported easily due to its compact packing size.

    Sufficient space:Provide 1,200 square feet of space, ideal for medium-sized events.The deficiency of internal poles allows entire area is used uninterrupted.

    Multi-function use:Suitable for all kind of activities as a temporary shelter.

    Easy to customize: structure allow flexible design  and custom decorated,such as lighting and equipment.

    Durability and stability:Made from high-quality materials,tolerance to various weather conditions,ensuring the dependability.

    Easy for assembly and transportation:the design set up and disassemble directly,due to the compact packing measurement,can easily transmit.

  • Event and Wedding Planners: This size tent is perfect for medium-sized weddings, celebrations, and other special events. The clear view and open space provide a unique experience for clients.
  • Corporate Event Organizers: For company construction, product launches, business exhibitions, and other company functions.A30x40 space is big enough and conducive to a professional atmosphere.
  • Outdoor Event and Music Festival Organizers: This tent is suitable for medium-sized outdoor music festivals, cultural festivals, and other amusement activities,providing spacious shelte and nott blocking the line of sight.
  • Community and School Organizers: School, church, or community center to have gatherings, celebrating activities, and other activities also can find this size of tent is very practical.
Details & Features

The 30×40 Frame Tent is suitable for mid-sized party,such as wedding ,company activities and community activities.In addition,it’s design permit easy custom decoration ,lighting and other accessories,make those people who pursuing a functional and elegant outdoor space become popular choice.

  • Sturdy frame structure and no centre poles.
  • Weather-resistant canopy for rain and UV protection.
  • Versatile for various events
  • An unobstructed interior.
  • Customization decorations
Tent Size 30x30
Tent Style Frame Tent
Tent Top Weight 211
Longest Pole 16’1”
Color White
Tent Top Piece Count 2
Fabric Translucency Blockout
Tent Top Material 16 oz PVC vinyl
Commercial Grade? Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Total Square Feet 1200
UV Coated Yes
Flame Resistant Yes
Height at Highest Peak 12
Expandable? No
Custom Logo Printing Yes
Best For Grass, asphalt, concrete.

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Our diverse product range ensures that you will find the right tent system for your needs.

A Fusion of Luxury and Versatility for Every Occasion!

We provides the best atmosphere

30x40 Frame Tent


30x40 Frame Tent

Elegant Under the Stars

Transforming outdoor weddings with its majestic canopy, the Frame Tent offers a romantic, fairy-tale setting.

30x40 Frame Tent

Festival Gathering Hub

At the heart of every festival, this Frame Tent stands as a bustling center for socializing and celebration.

30x40 Frame Tent

Rustic Market Charm

Under the Frame Tent's shelter, vendors and shoppers mingle in a vibrant, rustic-themed market atmosphere.



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Additional accessories

Main Applications of 30x40 Frame Tent

Wedding and reception

this size of tent usually used in wedding and banquet,providing an elegant and opening space for ceremony and activities.

Business activity

it provide a professional and strong adaptability setting for ideal business activity ,such as meeting,seminar and trade exhibition.

Outdoor party

No matter the birthday activities,anniversary activities or other special occasion,30x40 in a frame tent provide sufficient space for outdoor gathering.

Festivals and fairs

The activity organizer usually use this size of tent as the outdoor festivals ,cultural fairs, food festivals, and music events,and provide a shelter and create a centre gathering location.

Emergency Response and Relief

In the condition of emergency and disaster relief work,these tents can be used as temporary shelter and commander centre.


Q: What size of events is this tent suitable for?

A: Our 30x40 Frame Tent is ideal for medium-sized events, accommodating approximately 150 people standing or 75-100 people seated. The specific capacity depends on the layout and additional equipment arrangements.

Q: Is this tent suitable for outdoor events? Can it withstand different weather conditions?

A: Yes, this tent is well-suited for outdoor events. It is constructed from high-quality materials with weather resistance, capable of withstanding moderate wind and rain. However, we recommend taking additional safety measures in extreme weather.

Q: How is this tent transported and installed?

A: The tent can be easily transported in standard vehicles, and setup typically requires a small team. The installation time depends on the site conditions but is generally relatively quick. We provide a detailed installation manual and can offer training and support if needed.

Q: Can this tent be customized with branding or specific designs?

A: Certainly! We offer customization options, allowing you to add your company's logo, colors, or specific designs to the tent fabric to meet your event needs and enhance brand recognition.

Q: Is the tent's design suitable for special decorations and lighting?

A: Yes, the design of the 30x40 Frame Tent is highly versatile and accommodates various decorations and lighting setups. You can easily customize it to create a unique atmosphere for your event.

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